Foolish Friday

As I perused this morning’s news stories, a number of things struck me. First, there was Howard Dean’s wild accusation that Donald Trump showed signs of cocaine use on the night of the debate. Just a day or two ago I cautioned a friend about believing or repeating such obvious malarkey. And then there was the story about Congress, specifically good ol’ Mitch McConnell, having second thoughts about overriding President Obama’s veto of JASTA, saying that they “should have been told” of the potential ramifications. The ramifications have been explained to them over and over, so I had to shake my head at that. At any rate, when I began reading blogs by friends and fellow-bloggers this morning, I found this one from blogger-friend Keith Wilson, and it hit multiple nails right on the head with a single hammer. Please take a few moments to read what he has to say, and drop him a comment to share your own thoughts. Thank you, Keith, for some timely reminders!


After an interesting few weeks of the election season and legislative comments, I feel obligated to note some foolish behavior that we need to highlight and cease.

– I recognize that one of the Presidential candidates is quick with demeaning remarks and labels for people who dare criticize him or are good foils, but that does not mean others should do the same with him. Howard Dean said Trump’s sniffles at the debate may have been caused by his being on Cocaine. We do not need that Mr. Dean. I read an entertaining post where commenters used every bad word to describe Trump. That gets us in the mud with him. Set aside all of his remarks and focus on two things – his history and his economic plan for our country. The former tells you all you need to know about how he will operate. The latter is…

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2 thoughts on “Foolish Friday

  1. Dear Jill, Michelle Obama’s quote comes to mind, “When others take the low road, we take the high road” There are so many proven facts to use to question and challenge his competence to lead this country, why resort to what is probably false?.

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