Filosofa Is Taking A Break!

Dear Readers …

hiking-1I am taking a brief hiatus from Friday (today) until Monday or perhaps even Tuesday.  I am going camping/hiking with my dear friend Herb, and will be away from the internet, from news, and from my blog.  I am going to have fun, spend some time with someone I care about and enjoy, and will come back happy, refreshed, and ready to tackle it all again!  That is, if I am not eaten by a bear and don’t fall off one of those big rocks I have been warned about!


camping4I had every intention of writing a regular post tonight for Friday morning, but time is just not my friend today.  I don’t know … years ago, I used to pack for a week long vacation for a family of six in just a few hours, but now … it has taken me the entire day just to get things done and I still have not even packed!  And this for a 3-day trip for just one person … me!  I don’t know what happened to my efficiency, but apparently it took a hiatus!

At any rate, I will be back to writing, opining, and snarking on Monday evening … meanwhile, for all my blogging buddies living in Florida … Don Massenzio, James O’Neill, et al … batten down the hatches and keep safe! The rest of you … have a great weekend.  See you on Monday/Tuesday!

8 thoughts on “Filosofa Is Taking A Break!

  1. I hope you are enjoying your time “off the grid”… It can be so refreshing to ignore the mean big world for some time! Looking at the news, I know there will be some sharp posts coming from your side when you are back!


    • Thanks, Choosing! I had a great time! You can read all about it in tomorrow morning’s post! Yes, I see that I missed some things … but it sure was nice to get away from the daily news trolling for a few days! Planning another jaunt sometime next month 🙂


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