Trump’s Big Bomb

Well, I take a few brief days off and come back to THIS!

“Donald Trump Apology Caps Day of Outrage Over Lewd Tape!” 


“Donald Trump, Groper-in-Chief”

And several e-mails and Facebook messages asking why I was on hiatus with all this going on.  Sheesh … couldn’t the man have behaved himself for one lousy weekend?  That, by the way, is a rhetorical question that requires no answer.

Okay … here it is … the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I will not quote here from the video, as it is offensive beyond belief, but for any who have not yet seen it, here is a link to both the video and the written transcript:

This should not come as any great surprise.  It merely proves, yet again, what I have said all along:  Donald Trump is a sexist, a misogynist, a chauvinist, a narcissist, a bully, a pervert, and not particularly intelligent, despite his claims to the contrary.  He is not a kind man, not a smart man, and any who cannot see that, must certainly be wearing very thick blinders.  Trump, of course, immediately issued an “apology” of his usual type, the non-apology that means nothing more than “I’m sorry I got caught”.  The New York Times appropriately referred to it as “The Apology that Wasn’t”. Links to the “apology” video and transcript:


So, what does this all mean?  The nation, men and women alike, was upended by the release of this video.  Almost everyone was offended, even the most devoted trumpeters.  But, by Sunday, some were to rally, finding excuses for his brash behaviour, and forgiveness in their hearts.  Maybe.  Or perhaps they were simply determined not to acknowledge that they could have been so wrong about him.  I am not a trumpeter, so I have no idea what is going through their fuzzy little minds.  The meme shown here was posted by a friend (female) whose only comment was “At least Trump loves America”.  WHAT???

The GOP is now looking very much like a ragged old dog chasing its tail, not knowing which direction to take.  Or perhaps a rabid dog, leaving a trail of foamy drool in its wake. Although I rarely agree with the Republican views on virtually anything these days, I admit that most within the party are decent people, people with ‘moral turpitude’, people who ascribe to a certain set of values, and those values have been blown to smithereens by Trump.  All that aside, the party is in a quandary.  If they withdraw their support, as many Congressmen and Governors did over the weekend, it further defines the splinters that began a year ago.  However, to continue to support this pervert may very well cost them a number of congressional seats in the down ballot.  Senator Paul Ryan announced that he will no longer campaign with Trump and would no longer defend him. He did, however, stop short of rescinding his endorsement. Mitch McConnell echoed Ryan’s sentiments, but also did not withdraw his endorsement.

I said quite some time ago that Trump’s self-destructive antics would escalate as we moved closer to election day.  The video is from 2005, so it cannot technically be considered a ‘current antic’, however his response is, and I do think this could be the beginning of the end for the Trump campaign.  Some in the GOP even called for Trump to withdraw from the election and let Pence step into the role, but Trump refused.  His own campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, was struggling to defend him:

In a post-debate interview, Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said she would stick with the Trump campaign “until the bitter end, unless,” then paused.

In the interview, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews immediately asked “unless what?” Conway whispered “who knows?” then said, “I’m sitting here as his campaign manager.”

Trump has “vowed revenge” against those in the GOP who are distancing themselves from him.  According to Steven Crowley, writing for the New York Times …

The Republican Party was at the brink of civil war on Sunday as Donald J. Trump signaled he would retaliate against lawmakers who withdraw their support from his campaign, and senior party leaders privately acknowledged that they now feared losing control of both houses of Congress … In a set of talking points sent to his supporters Sunday morning, Mr. Trump’s campaign urged them to attack turncoat Republicans.

I am actually glad that Trump is refusing to withdraw from the election.  I am not sure how that scenario would play out if Pence were the name on the ballot for president, but I think that some of the fence-sitters might find the calmer, less obnoxious Pence to be a more palatable choice.  On the other hand, some of Trump’s current supporters might bail if their ‘hero’ was no longer on the ballot.  Who knows?

My take is this:  any woman who would still vote for Trump has no self-esteem.  Trump obviously views all women as nothing more than sex objects put on this earth to give him pleasure.  He does not respect women.  He does not believe that women are qualified for anything more than a romp in the hay.  Even his current wife, Melania, said she was offended by his words, but that he had apologized to her and she forgave him.  But of course she forgives him … she likes her lifestyle more than she respects herself.  And any man who would vote for Trump apparently believes that Trump’s words, spoken a short 11 years ago, are okay, thus they would identify with him, and I have no use for anybody who thinks like that, male or female.  Some have tried to brush off the video, saying it was nothing more or less than “locker room talk”.  Included in that number is none other than the UK’s own Nigel Farage.  Mr. Farage has come onto my radar as a potential Idiot of the Week candidate a few times in recent months, but now I am convinced he has earned the award.  Mr. Farage said, “There’s an honesty about Trump – he is what he is. And you know what, he’s not running to be Pope, he’s running to be President – every human being has flaws, and if his flaws are out there.”

It is really too bad that the 2nd debate followed so quickly on the heels of the video release, drawing some of the attention and outrage away from Trump’s lurid remarks.  However, I do not imagine anybody who saw the video will ever forget it.  While a number of trumpeters are still blowing their hot air into their horns, I seriously think some will be offended enough to throw down their trumpets in disgust.  The RCP aggregate of polls has Hillary Clinton now 5.8 points above Trump, up from 4.9 this morning and 3.9 on Friday.  Let us hope that there is momentum behind this trend that can be sustained for another month!

In my next post, I will comment on the debate.  I did not watch it, and have not yet read the transcript, but from everything I hear, it was not a debate, but more of a mud-fest.  Nonetheless, I will write about it for tomorrow’s a.m. post, so please stay tuned!


30 thoughts on “Trump’s Big Bomb

  1. Jill, as you note this is not a surprise, as this is the man’s nature. I was reading two pieces before I read yours. Jill Harth, the person of accusing him of sexual assault on three occasions is asking “will people believe me now?” And, though, The Apprentice tapes cannot be released, interviews with contestants and staff indicate a similar sexual harassing environment behind the scenes. One person said his wife used the phrase “He is creepy” when he is around. Yet, it is far more than this, as he feels he can get his way with everything exploiting people for money on a consistent basis. Keith

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    • He is a clown, a Bozo … but yet, as frightening to those of us who are thinkers, as I imagine Hitler must have been to the thinkers in 1930s Germany. With 27 days remaining, I wonder what tricks he has left up his sleeve, for he is the epitome of deviousness. Yes, he IS creepy … I was thinking the other night that if I ever met him I would refuse to shake his hand, for he is … just dirty. Inside and out.

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  2. I’m glad to see professional athletes stepping forward and speaking out about Trump’s assertion that this was just ‘locker room talk’. I have been in male locker rooms and have never heard talk like this, especially among men in their 60’s as he was at the time. If you are a woman and you don’t find this offensive and you still want to vote for him, then you get what you deserve. It was offensive to me. I will not be voting for him despite being a lifelong republican.

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    • So am I, Don … interestingly, the three most famous evangelists in the country are defending his remarks while the athletes are condemning them. And women who still support him? I just cannot understand that one, but a number of my female friends are still firmly on board the Trumptanic. 27 more days … it will end well … it will end well … it will end well …

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        • It perplexes the heck out of me! I have talked ’til I turned blue, but so many women are still on his bandwagon. Something wrong in this society! And yeah, I’m with you on that last statement. 26 more days now … I think I can, I think I can …

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  3. The amazing thing is not what he said (it does not really surprise me), but how big an effort some people still make to defend him. Is it just so that they need not admit that they were wrong? – As for Nigel Farage… well, you know what I think of him. I really would have preferred it if you kept him in the US after his visit. Put him as far away from Europe as possible. – Back to the trumpet: It would not surprise me if the polls will show him on the up again soon. Some people really have no self esteem. And no sense. And…. sigh.

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    • Heck NO, my friend … we have enough trash of our own … we do not need your Nigel Farage! 😀 Though … I might trade you Trump for Nigel! As to the polls … he is dropping, but may yet rebound. I just don’t know what new disasters will occur in the next 27 days. Holding my breath … sigh.


      • No deal! No trumpets on this continent! We have enough dissonant brass instruments already 😉 So…. you have to make sure he does not get elected, because I definitely don’t want to see him on an official visit here! Yikes!!!

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        • I am working on it! Doing my best! And seriously, I don’t think he will, but … I figure he must have a few more dirty tricks up his sleeve, another rabbit or two in his hat, and those of us who actually think must remain ever-vigilant! Even if he were elected, I suspect some nations would ban him, and heck, he probably couldn’t find The Netherlands if he did want to visit, so hopefully you will be safe. 😀


  4. Dear Jill,

    DT pleased his base big time during last night’s debate while he turned off everyone else. You have to note the visuals as DT looms over HRC invading her space as he fumes away on several occasions. It is not pretty. While he may have motivated his followers to get out to vote, he also did this with all the women who found his bullying stance, unseemly.

    Welcome back, Gronda

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      • Dear Jill, Some women and men do not have enough sense. Fortunately most women do which is reflected in the polls. One TV showed what would happen to the US map if only the women’s vote counted. Only 4 states were red. We shall see.

        Hugs, Gronda

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        • Yes, I saw that map and was encouraged, but I am still disgusted with women who would vote for this pervert. I’m disgusted with men who would vote for him also, but more so with women, especially after last weekend and the release of the now-infamous video tape. Yes, we shall see, but I remain convinced that Hillary will win. According to the RCP map, she only needs another 10 electoral votes. Fingers permanently crossed!

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  5. If Trump cannot be persuaded to abandon ship he will take the Republican Senate with him. I gather that is the collective view of things and the reason why the Republican establishment is trying its best to dislodge him. But he is nothing if he isn’t pigheaded ( I daresay he still thinks he will win). But the Trump faithful will go down with the ship, I fear. As he himself noted some time ago, he could shoot someone dead on the street in front of witnesses and his followers would remain loyal. They must: what else do they have to believe in? It really is a circus (and it is good to have you back).

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    • Thanks Hugh! Always good to come back and know that I was missed 🙂 As re the Senate, my best guess is that the GOP has already lost that. Of the 34 seats up for re-election, we only need 4 to earn a majority, and especially now, I think that is a given. The House is another story, but obviously the GOP leadership is worried. Trump is, as I have said before a trainwreck. And the train is heading down a steep hill with no brakes. And we … we have front row seats. 😀 (At least this is my prediction, but then I predicted they would laugh Trump out of the field 16 months ago, so what do I know?) 😀


  6. Nods, he confessed to sexual assault and not one Trump Supporter, not one, can deal with the issue without diverting to someone who isn’t even running. But wait until the other fallout comes for Trump just before November. Trump is a sexual predator plain and simple.

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