Idiot of the Week #1 – Dave Daubenmire

Idiot of the Week medal

I wonder how many more times between now and November 8th my jaw will drop and I will say, “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME????”  I have lost count of the number of times this has happened recently, but it is many … too many.  Just this evening, as I was preparing to step away from the computer to fix dinner, this headline caught my eye:

Dave Daubenmire: ‘We Cannot Vote For Hillary Clinton Because Women Are Not To Have Authority Over Men’

My jaw dropped.  I sat back down. I stood back up. Sat back down … stood back up. I not only said “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME???”, but a few other choice words as well.  Then I remembered that the windows were open and there were young children playing in the back yard.  Oops.

I truly did not set out to write an Idiot of the Week piece today … I actually thought that my next IOTW piece would not happen until sometime after November 8th, as I am staying pretty busy just trying to keep up with the election goings-on.  But the more I researched about Mr. Daubenmire, the word ‘idiot’ just kept bouncing in my head like a chant, and before long I was convinced that my mission for tonight (last night by the time you are reading this) was to honour Mr. D with the Idiot of the Week award.

daub-1Though he is not as well-known as most of my prior Idiots, he is every bit as much an idiot as any who have gone before him.  Obviously the above statement by Mr. Daubenmire is one major part of what qualifies him for this award, but after I read that, I knew there had to be more.  In this, the 21st century, anybody who can say and believe what he said has got to have a history of idiocy.  So, I went in search of that history, and my efforts were not in vain.

  • In June 1999, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed suit against the London (Ohio) City School District where Mr. Daubenmire was a football coach. Daubenmire had been “leading the football team in the Lord’s Prayer after games, passing out a scriptural verse to team members, allowing ministers to lead the team in prayer, and to using Bible stories as a part of certain team meetings,” according to the ACLU, and parents had been complaining for years.  The case was settled out of court to the tune of $18,000 and Mr. Daubenmire was relieved of his duties.  Daubenmire filed a libel suit for ‘defamation’ against seven of the parents who had complained. The ACLU defended the parents and Daubenmire lost that case.
  • Daubenmire ran unsuccessfully for the Ohio State Board of Education in 2004. (Gee, I cannot imagine how he lost that one!)
  • In 2010, he ran as a Republican for the House of Representatives seat held by Democrat Zack Space. Thankfully, he lost that bid also.
  • He once said that sports don’t need safety regulations and that ALL kids need to suck it up.
  • In a video, , Daubenmire claims that the root of the anti-bullying movement is “the homosexual agenda,” and that men are being made wimps and whiners as “we are sissifying and emasculating everything tough in our society”.
  • daub-costumeHe stood firmly behind Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson when he was under fire for his anti-gay remarks. Daubenmire even donned a costume for the occasion.



The best way to get to know “Coach Dave”, if you really want to, is to check out his two blogs and two Facebook pages.  I will provide links to all four at the bottom of this post, but here are a few of his most recent blog titles:

  • White Anglo-Saxon Protestants Are Awakening
  • Thank God For Trump – The Mask of Crooks Is Finally Off
  • More Black Than Christian
  • Always Shoot The Dog You Know
  • Hillary Is Toast – People Are Finally Waking Up
  • Let’s Put A Target On Target
  • Americans Are Voting For Manhood
  • The Lying Left
  • The Clintons Must Go

Well, you get the picture.  The man is, at the very least, a homophobe, a misogynist, a xenophobe and a racist. He is a WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) who hates more than 75% of the rest of the world!  I do not understand how this man can even sleep at night! What is disturbing, however, is that he speaks and acts against gays, women and African-Americans and uses his religion as an excuse for doing so.  What is also highly disturbing is that a lot of people are buying into his hate speech, if the comments on his Facebook pages are any indication.  He is praised every time he writes one of his repugnant posts, and much of his praise actually comes from women!

I read several of his posts and was offended by all, but when I followed some of his links, what I found actually made my skin crawl and made me feel … somehow dirty … nauseous. Here is one example “klanned parenthood” .  This was a link in his post  titled ‘More Black Than Christian’ where he says “…black Christianity is the birthing ground of racial prejudice and government dependence, impregnated by those who profit from fermenting racial hatred. The race hustlers’ cry of “racism” will ring hollow when the most powerful position in the world is occupied by a black man.”

I have been doing this Idiot of the Week column for some time now, and every single person I have written about has, indeed, been an idiot in his or her own way.  I have to say, however, that this man is beyond an idiot.  He is a menace to society.  He is a hater and he is evil.  He has 3,087 followers on his personal Facebook page alone, and who knows how many follow his blogs. And I am, once again, reminded of why I do what I do.  If those of us who are thinkers rather than haters keep silent, then men like Daubenmire and his followers grow and eventually are legitimized simply by merit of being the loudest.  So yes, even though some days I am tired of fighting these battles, I will keep writing about idiots and madmen like Mr. Daubenmire.

Mr. Daubenmire – I hope you are properly honoured by your Idiot of the Week award.  God knows you have earned it.

Links to Mr. Daubenmire’s venues (note that ALL links will open in a separate tab):

Freedom Outpost blog

Pass The Salt blog

Personal Facebook page 

Coach Dave Facebook page

16 thoughts on “Idiot of the Week #1 – Dave Daubenmire

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  2. Let’s compare him to another high school football coach who last fall fired his team over bullying of others on campus and not accepting their responsibility to be better citizens. They went to him hat in hand and said we will do better and signed commitments to do so and he reinstated the team. Those bible verses Mr. D handed out have meaning.


  3. We have carried the egalitarian ideal to its extreme when we are reluctant to point out that folks like Mr Daubenmire are marginally insane and should never have been let out of the Rubber Room at the Home For The Bewildered. “Idiot” is too weak a word for the likes of him.

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  4. I have not read any of this mans blogs or post but I agree he is an idiot. Although I am not a Hillary fan that statement is pretty bad. As I always say “you just can’t fix stupid”.

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  5. good choice, Jill…even among the crazies this person is nuts. I often wonder…while he was having his team pray for success…what was the other team doing? Were they praying too? Gosh, what’s a God to do? tough choice.

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  6. REALLY? There are still men out there in our so-called “Western civilisation” who have the nerve to say such things aloud? I thought dinosaurs have been extinct for a couple of years now? …. As Charlie Brown would say: “Good Grief!” (Am I not being unbelievably polite?)


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