**Furaha Jumatatu …

As we spiral toward the November 8th deadline for the you-know-what, it becomes harder and harder for me to slip out of the ‘serious-stuff’ mode and inject my Monday morning post with humour and good deeds.  But I think it is important to start the week out on a happy note with a smile, perhaps even a chuckle or two, so I shall proceed …

I WANT This Little House!!!


If any of my readers will build this tiny little ‘guesthouse’, I will come visit you and never leave!  I will even bake you cookies on rainy days!  “Hemmelig Rom,” which translates to the “Secret Room” in Norwegian, is a guest house for photographer Jason Koxvold’s vacation home in upstate New York. The single-room cabin, completed in 2015, is lined with more than 1,000 books, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a cozy reading experience.

First it was an AK-47, and now … WHAT???

Now, with all that time spent in my cozy little guesthouse, enjoying the warmth of a nice warm crackling fire in the tiny woodstove, I am probably going to get thirsty, so my thoughts may turn to a little glass of … Hello Kitty wine???  Yes, you heard right, folks.  The special vino is available in select locations in California and online. It comes in three varieties: Sweet Pink, Spumante and Sparkling Rosé. What’s more, they come in bottles with Hello Kitty on the labels.

hk-wineThe drinks are quite popular on the internet, but less so in the U.S., it seems, as they are available at only a handful of specialty wine and grocery stores in California. Only one restaurant in the country serves these Hello Kitty wines: Antonello Ristaurante in Santa Ana, California.

First there was the Hello Kitty AK-47, which I wrote about   in June.  And now wine.  Look, I have a granddaughter who was a huge Hello Kitty fan when she was younger, and I have nothing against her (Hello Kitty, not the granddaughter … though I have nothing against her either), but using a child’s toy as a marketing gimmick for adult things, such as alcoholic beverages and semi-automatic weapons … is just wrong, and more than a little creepy!  I will not be drinking Hello Kitty wine in my nice little guesthouse!

A Deserving Winner …
powerballJames Lapeze, a 72-year-old man from the city of Central, Louisiana, suffered severe damage to his home in August when extreme floodwaters swept through the area.  You can imagine Mr. Lapeze’s joy last week when he discovered he had won the $1 million Powerball!  “I checked my numbers over and over again. I even had my wife check them because I really couldn’t believe that I won!” It is rather nice, I think, to see something good happen to someone who is genuinely in need.  Mr. Lapeze plans to pay off the mortgage on his home and retire.  Enjoy, Mr. L!


pumpkin.jpgThis morning I found the following letter on my kitchen table:

Hey there, friend.

We’ve just met but I’m your pumpkin. Maybe you bought be at the grocery store or at the produce stand down the block. Maybe you found me in a patch amongst many other pumpkins. And you chose me. I’m really happy about that.

I’m not too big. I’m heavy. I’m round. I’m orange. I look so cute on your doorstep or window sill or dining room table surrounded by other decorative gourds.

But something you said, sometime between the cash register and loading up the car, made me feel very confused. You mentioned that pumpkins are your favorite fall vegetable.

But I’m a fruit. I have always been a fruit. A deeply misunderstood fruit.


It really hurts my feelings that you would be so lackadaisical with your food labels. For underneath this hard, orange shell is a soft interior that begs to be noticed and loved for what it is.

Frankly, my fruit status has been apparent for a while now.

I contain seeds. I am sweet.

In a week or two, you might scoop me out and cook my seeds with salt and herbs, leaving my fleshy body, cut in creative shapes, to rot on your doorstep. Pretty hard to think about now that it’s coming from me, huh?

My point is, don’t let the salty goodness of my seeds — which, I agree, are delectable — fool you. I have been, and always will be, a fruit.

I may not look sweet, but underneath this tough exterior is a sensitive produce begging to be pie. Or perhaps combined into a cheesecake. Doesn’t that sound nice?

I’m not telling you how to live your life. Just think of it as food for thought.

That’s just a little produce humor for you there. I’m a clever little squash.

Happy fall,

Signed, Your pumpkin.

P.S. I have no idea where pumpkin spice came from but it has nothing to do with me. Just stop.

Well, folks, that is about as good as it gets for this particular Monday!  Hope something here at least gave you a little grin, and as always, I hope you pass along a smile to someone who really needs it today.  You can even send a li’l smile to Filosofa if you so choose … I need one!  Love and hugs to you all, and I wish you a fabulous Monday and a great week to follow!



**The title language, by the way, is Swahili.

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