The Morning After …

Good Morning!  For those who may be wondering … yes, I did watch the debate last night.  It turned out to be not as much of a train wreck as I had anticipated, which I greatly appreciated.  That is not to say it didn’t have its moments, but overall it didn’t make me cringe too much, and I did get a few chuckles from it.  I watched it on my laptop, live-streamed on The Guardian’s website, and about halfway through I covered the left side of my screen (the side that Trump was on) with a sheet of paper, as I couldn’t take looking at him and his facial contortions any longer.


Much better with Trump’s face hidden!

I will write further about it either for this evening’s post or Friday morning’s.  However for this morning, since I am writing this post-debate at 12:15 a.m., I do not have the time or energy to do all the fact-checking and reviewing in order to write sensibly about the debate for this morning’s post. Unless I want to stay up all night.  I don’t. So I will write a short post for this morning, and save the debate news for a bit later on.

I really liked an article by Greg Sargent of The Washington Post on October 17th.  The title of the article was:

REVEALED: The vast international conspiracy to stop Trump, in one chart

“The chart below represents the actual stated beliefs of the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States.

It is now clear that as a loss looms, Donald Trump will only escalate his rolling claims that the election is rigged against him. The conspiracy now includes the media, numerous women who allege inappropriate sexual advances, their friends and relatives, immigration officials, international bankers, and elections officials across the country.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted that “the election is absolutely being rigged” on Hillary Clinton’s behalf, not just by the news media, but also “at many polling places.” Trump had called on his supporters to monitor the polls in “certain areas” (wink, wink) where “bad things happen.”

The New York Times reports today that elections officials in both parties are rushing to reassure voters that the election won’t be “rigged,” and some fear violence. Anecdotal reporting and polling suggest many Trump voters believe his claims.

If Trump loses, he’ll likely continue to tell millions of supporters that the election was stolen from them, perhaps to maintain or monetize his following. Imagine Trump as a conspiracy merchant in the mold of Glenn Beck, who famously sketched out hallucinatory conspiratorial charts only he could understand.

In that spirit, I have created this chart, to help you keep track of the evolving global conspiracy to stop Trump.”


The details of each group of conspirators are in Sargent’s article, so be sure to follow the link to read more!

By the way … thought you might enjoy seeing the current electoral projection map by FiveThirtyEight as of tonight!  They are projecting Clinton with 343.9 electoral votes to Trump’s 193.4.  270 are needed for a win.  Lookin’ good, folks!

electoral map 10-19-2016.png

I apologize for such a short post, but it is now 2:00 a.m., and I hear my bed calling, so I promise to return with more about the debate and some of the more interesting moments, as well as the pundit’s take on it later on.  Meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy a bit of debate-related cartoon humour.


15 thoughts on “The Morning After …

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  2. I’m beginning to wonder if the third election didn’t seem as bad because our expectations are so low now, well, as John Oliver said, look up, waaaaay up, and you’ll see the rock bottom we were at last week! Looking forward to your post!!

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  3. Jill, Gronda used a line that was used to define Rick Perry. Trump is “all hat and no cattle.” Whining is not an endearing quality as most people will attest. It reminds us of a child who did not get his way. That is also an apt description of this 70 year old man. Keith

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  4. Sargent’s piece points to the very thing you and I are both most worried about: the aftermath. This man will simply not go away! But the cartoons at the end of this post win the day!! We really must not forget how to laugh!

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  5. Love the cartoon with Trump in the baby chair… although most babies behave more reasonable than he does 😉
    The debate is big on all the news site here too… mostly they say that Hillary “won”, that the debate was not as ugly as had been feared, and that Trump already hints at not accepting the outcome of the election if he looses (big surprise).
    Ok…. Three more weeks to go? And then hopefully Mr. Trump will disappear into his Trump Tower again. Or is that too optimistic???

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    • Less than three weeks! Two weeks and five days! 😀 And yes, dear friend, that is WAY too optimistic! I fear he will make his presence known for several months, perhaps even a year after the election. And he will definitely leave a bad taste in our mouths for a long time even after that. But alas … I have peppermints to kill that bad taste! 😀


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