Sue, Sue, SUE!!!

I tried … I really tried to make my second post of the day about something other than the Embarrorist, but everywhere I turn, the man keeps popping up on the radar … on a collision course, as it were, with every other blip on the screen!  So … sigh … here we are again, debunking, mocking, and challenging the words of ‘he-who-would-be-king’.  I apologize, but take heart, for tomorrow is Monday and I fully intend to keep my promise to bring smiles on Monday morning!

Two items, both involving lawsuits threatened by Mr. Trump in recent days, were begging for my commentary and attention.

Donald Trump Threatens to Sue The Times Over Article on Unwanted AdvancesNew York Times, 13 October 2016


Trump threatens to sue all the women who accused him of sexual assault: “All of these liars will be sued after the election is over.”Think Progress, 22 October 2016


First things first.  We are all aware that da trumpeter is no stranger to lawsuits.  He has been involved, either as plaintiff or defendant, in 4,000+ lawsuits during his adult life.  In June, that number was reported by be somewhere around 3,500, but ongoing reviews put the number at 4,090 and counting.  A new interactive tool  provided by USA Today provides details by category/type, such as ‘branding cases’, ‘casino cases’, etc., and whether Trump was the plaintiff or the defendant, the outcome, etc.  The data is well-organized and user-friendly, and I found it quite interesting, so take a look for yourself. I have briefly summarized the information:


Note that if you disregard the casino cases, he is the defendant far more often than he is the plaintiff (80% of cases).  That actually speaks quite loudly about his character.

While I have no idea how many lawyers are employed by Donald Trump, there can be no doubt that he man has readily available legal counsel and that filing lawsuits is one of his most frequent methods of resolving disputes.  One would hope that his lawyers would advise him against some of his more frivolous suits, but judging by the numbers alone, apparently that is not, or at least has not been, the case. It would seem some lawyer would have talked him out of these:

  • This is the man that even sued his own ex-wife (Ivana), accusing her of fraud and of breaking an agreement not to talk about their relationship.
  • In the 1980s, Trump had plans to build a tower in Manhattan that would be taller than the Sears (now Willis) Tower. When a writer for the Chicago Tribune expressed doubts that would happen, Trump sued the newspaper.
  • In the 1980s, he sued another businessman who dared to have the same last name as him. Julius and Edmond Trump were trying to buy a chain of drug stores, and their business was called ‘The Trump Group.’ “The defendants are South Africans whose recent entrance in the New York area utilizing the name ‘the Trump Group’ can only be viewed as a poorly veiled attempt at trading on the goodwill, reputation and financial credibility of the plaintiff.”

So what about the threatened suit against the New York Times? David McCraw, vice president and assistant general counsel for The Times says ‘Bring it on!’   Nothing more has been reported since McCraw answered a letter from the Trump legal team on October 13, so presumably that was nothing more than a threat to attempt to force the Times to retract their story.

g-burgYesterday, Trump held a rally in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where he said, “Every woman who lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign, total fabrication. The events never happened, never. All of these liars will be sued after the election is over.”  Thus far, that would include 11 women who have claimed that Trump sexually assaulted them in one fashion or another.  Despite promising to deliver ‘evidence’ that would dispute the accounts, Trump has come up with little in his defense.  The reality is that it is much easier to prove something happened than that something didn’t happen.  And of course there is the “innocent until proven guilty” principle, but I expect that between these 11 women, sufficient evidence exists.  Already a British man, Anthony Gilberthorpe, claims to have been in the same first class cabin as Jessica Leeds when Trump allegedly made unwanted advances toward Ms.Leeds in 1980. Given the amount of smoke in these cases, I would expect Trump’s attorneys to advise him to simply ‘drop the matter’ and try to escape with a bit of his skin and bank balance intact.

law-3Last night I was trying to think what it must be like to be an attorney for Donald the Embarrorist Trump.  First, I probably would have already either killed myself or resigned and become a dishwasher for TGI Friday’s.  But if not, if I were his lawyer today, I would let him, perhaps even encourage him, to sue everyone for anything!  ‘Why?’, you may well ask.  Because this man is on his way down … I predict a personal bankruptcy filing by the end of 2017.  He will not win the election … a venture on which he, by his own statement, has spent much money.  He is a very unpopular man these days, even among his die-hard minions, and this has had a detrimental effect on his businesses, particularly his hotels and casinos.  I firmly believe he stands to lose the fraud case against Trump University, not to mention the 70+ other legal cases that are still pending.  He really has nothing going in his favour right now, so any lawyer doing work for Trump would be well advised to get as much as possible out of him now!

Like the proverbial “little boy who cried ‘wolf'”, Trump has taken the threat of lawsuits to an unrealistic, almost laughable level.  In both of the aforementioned threatened cases, I imagine they would be thrown out if he were to actually pursue them.  It is his last-ditch effort, similar to his claims of a ‘rigged’ election, to keep his ship afloat.  However, the Trumptanic is so full of holes that it cannot possibly stay afloat much longer.  It is really too bad that the man couldn’t have just been satisfied with being a billionaire and living in the lap of luxury, but no … he wanted to be king … and it is likely to cost him dearly.

15 thoughts on “Sue, Sue, SUE!!!

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  3. Jill, great post and I love the breakdown. As we have discussed in comments and blogposts, Trump’s mentor is Roy Cohn, who as an attorney, advised Senator Joe McCarthy of communist witch hunt fame. Cohn’s advice to Trump was to sue everyone. When the Trumps were sanctioned by the Federal Government for racial discrimination in housing, they sued the government. When he wanted to sue one of his biographers, the biographer’s publisher represented him. The Donald taped an interview with the attorney and biographer without permission, negating his case which they told him as he left the room.

    Trump wants to bully with his lawsuits or threatened lawsuits. He wants to outgun his opposition, so when they get reputable counsel with money to pay for it, he will back down. If he sues these women, a few are already represented by a very good lawyer, so bring it on Donald. That is why the New York Times said bring it on.

    Many things are disgusting about this man’s business modus operandi, but to me, those 338 cases of contract and employment dispute irritate me most. These are painters, dry wallers, landscapers, electricians, plumbers, etc. who he has stiffed under his favorite ruse of bad service. Some accept less money, some go away, and some sue him. Then he counter sues them. And, then these folks eventually run out of money and declare bankruptcy.. This is the champion of the common man he tells his supporters.

    Thanks, Keith

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    • Very interesting indeed! He is more of a ‘spin doctor’ than even I thought! He can spin it however he likes to keep himself happy, just so long as he doesn’t do it from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!


  4. Dear Jill,

    DT will not file a suit. He would have to sue in civil court for defamation, slander etc. In order to prevail, he has to prove harm, loss of reputation. He has immunized his accusers when his Access Hollywood tapes became public which show him ruining his own reputation with lewd, vulgar language describing how he likes to treat women.As a public figure, the level of proof required to prevail on issues like libel, slander etc. is much more stringent than with those who are not well known.

    In addition, he opens himself up to discovery motions which allow the women’s attorneys to have greater access to more of his personal data which is something that would not be in his best interests. .Attorneys like Gloria Allred will not be outmatched by DT’S lawyers.

    In this case, he is holding a poor poker hand. Hugs, Gronda

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