Monday, Monday … Can’t trust that day …


Good Monday Morning!  I know you are all happy to have the weekend over and done with and get back to work, household chores, and whatever else comprises your normal Monday-Friday routine!  Right?  Right?  Um … I am not hearing the joy in your voices.  Oh well … on with the show!

The past year has seen a decline in human kindness, for reasons that we all know and I won’t go into here.  Suffice it to say, it is a breath of fresh air when we see news of a true ‘Good Samaritan’.  Such was the case last week in Gresham, Oregon:

GRESHAM, Ore. (KATU) – A community member is getting praise from people living in the Gresham area after he stopped to help a man reattach his prosthetic leg.

Jodie Moore says she was across the street on Tuesday afternoon when she saw the Good Samaritan make a U-turn on 162nd Avenue and stop to assist what she describes as a neighbor in need.

“He started helping a gentleman who was hopping. At first we didn’t know what he was doing,” said Moore. “Then we noticed he was trying to help get his leg back on.”

She said that after the men shook hands, the driver got back into his truck and took off down the road.

“It was a beautiful thing, and you see so many nasty things out there. So, I just wanted to share it,” Moore told KATU News. She shared the photo on Facebook, saying, “You are awesome. So happy we witnessed your generosity.”

Personally, I would love to know the story behind how the man’s leg came off and why he was hopping down the street while trying to re-attach it!  But at any rate, two thumbs up to the anonymous Good Samaritan!


Who knew that in New York City they hold an annual Hallowe’en Dog Parade?  The dogs are all decked out in costumes.  It’s actually rather cute, though I am basically opposed to putting clothing on animals … their fur, except perhaps hyena’s, is generally more beautiful than anything humans can create.  But the costumes are cute and the event looks like fun.  You can check it out here .


And speaking of doggies … did you know that there is a new app that will set you and pooch up on a double blind date?  It is called ‘Doggy Double Date’ and already claims to have over 25,000 users.  The lead on their website  reads:

It’s hard enough being single and finding that special person, but to find that special person who also loves dogs as much as you do makes it just that much more challenging! That’s why we created a place for single dog lovers to unite! Meeting another dog lover takes the typical first date awkwardness right out of the equation since there’s instantly something to talk about. And if you both bring your dogs on your first date, then the focus can be shared with the dogs and not 100% on an potentially awkward situation (since we all know how that can go).

pooper-scooperPersonally, I find the whole idea of finding a date via the internet a bit strange to begin with, but this is … too much.  Seriously, guys ‘n gals … if you are a dog lover and want to meet other dog lovers of either gender, all you have to do is go to a local park on a Sunday afternoon!  Be sure to take your pooper-scooper!

dumbWhat do a shovel, electric leaf blower, chainsaw, fertilizer, pecan tree, and prom dress all have in common?  They are among the items stolen by Skyler Anderson, 26, of Choctaw Beach, Florida.  She was caught red-handed when the true owner of the items, Randall Brown, saw her walking through his yard carrying his rake and a garbage bag.  Another one of those not-so-bright criminals!


Okay, folks … tighten those nooses … er, neckties … scrape the ice off the windshield and head on out the door for yet another fun & exciting day at the salt mines … er, happy workplace!  I wish you all a safe and happy Monday and really hope you will give somebody, somewhere a reason to smile with you today.  Maybe even give a hug to somebody who looks a little down.



8 thoughts on “Monday, Monday … Can’t trust that day …

  1. This Monday was especially hard as we just had a week of holidays…. now getting the boys to wake up was not easy! Especially now that it is getting rather dark in the mornings…. And roughly two more months to go, with every day getting a bit darker…. 😦 But let’s look at the bright side of it: a gloomy autumn days is the perfect excuse for: hot chocolate milk! 🙂

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