Open Letter To Women Who Support Trump

Dear sister-in-womanhood,

This morning I heard that some 30% – 35% of you still plan to vote for Donald Trump in the November 8th presidential election.  I was, needless to say, appalled.  I do not understand why any self-respecting woman would even consider casting a vote for the most misogynistic character ever to be seen in the public eye.


I have a number of female friends who claim they will vote for him, and I have asked several of them to please explain their reasons to me.  The responses have not been enlightening.  I have been told that it is “none of [my] business,” I have been informed that he “tells it like it is,” that he will “make America great again,” and a host of other slogans used by the Trump campaign.  But all of that tells me nothing. Actually, it does tell me something:  it tells me that these women are parroting what they hear rather than thinking for themselves. Yet, I am still left without an answer to my question.  So, I turned to my old friend, the Internet, for answers and here is what I found:

  • Many believe Trump is different from the one presented on television screens nationwide
  • Many pointed to Trump’s successful and popular children as the measure of his character
  • Some said he reminded them of their own fathers or husbands
  • Some said they saw Trump in themselves
  • Others said that gender should have nothing to do with voting for president
  • A few said they think he will change his tone and demeanor if elected
  • Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee explained that “women are used to being talked about in demeaning ways.”
  • Even former girlfriend Rowanne Brewer Lane, who earlier described a ‘debasing face-to-face encounter’ between herself and Mr. Trump in 1991, says she plans to vote for him. She says his ‘soaring ambition’ is what draws women to him.

After a couple of hours spent digging for answers to my question, I am still in the dark as to why any woman would vote for Donald Trump.

women-3For centuries it was believed that women were not intelligent enough to vote for elected officials, that they were best suited for raising children, cooking, and maintaining a clean household.  They did not need a college education to do those things, did not even need to know how to read well, and thus they would never understand political processes and matters of government.  I thought we had risen above that myth.  Perhaps for some of you, the myth is the reality.

To respond to some of the reasons listed above, I would start by saying that he may be a different person in private than in public … most of us are.  However, it is the person we see in the media that we are being asked to vote against or for, and that public persona is ugly and ‘nasty,’ inside and out.

His children are successful because they inherited their money and their success … they are riding on daddy’s coattails. And frankly, dear sister, if wealth is your only criteria for success, I am ashamed to call you ‘sister.’  They are just as cruel and inhumane as their father.

If Donald Trump reminds you of your father or husband, then God help you, poor woman. The same if you can see any elements of Trump in yourself.

While gender, like race, should not be the only criteria for selecting the president, it is certainly an important consideration.  Do you like only earning 80% (or less) of what a man who is doing the same job earns? Do you like being turned down for jobs or promotions because you are a woman?  Do you like men telling you what to do with your body, your health?

women-4.jpgDonald Trump will not change his tone or demeanor if elected.  Leopards do not change their spots; evil people do not suddenly become decent humanitarians.  If you seriously believe he will change, please contact me via email, as I have a beautiful bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.

women-2And as for ‘women are used to being talked about in demeaning ways’, I say bullshit!  I can speak only for myself, but the one thing I have not encountered in any major way is being demeaned because I am a woman!  I have been criticized for things I have done, or views I hold, but I cannot recall ever once being demeaned or criticized because I am a woman. To any woman who is ‘used to’ this, I say you need to re-assess your friends, relationships, and perhaps your own sense of self-esteem!

I will never forget one day, many years ago, answering the telephone and hearing a male voice say that he was calling about the boat for sale.  Well, we did not even own a boat, much less have one for sale, and I told him that.  He said, “Are you sure?”  Yes, I was sure.  After a pause, he said, “May I speak to your husband?”  Apparently, he either thought that being a woman, I was too stupid to know whether there was something as unnoticeable as a boat in the driveway, or he thought I was lying to him, or he thought hubby was maybe hiding the boat from me!

For many years, women fought for the right to vote, then for equal opportunities in education and the workplace, and more recently for women’s healthcare and the right to make our own healthcare choices.  And yet, 30% of my fellow women are willing to throw away all that we and those who went before us have fought for in the last two centuries!  I am ashamed.  If you, as a woman, are planning to vote for Donald Trump, I do not hate you.  I pity you, and I have no respect for you.  And I hope that, if you have daughters, they will grow into stronger, more intelligent women with a higher sense of self-esteem than their mothers.

20 thoughts on “Open Letter To Women Who Support Trump

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  3. This is indeed one of the great mysteries of this election — and there are many. One reason, I suspect, is that for some women the abortion issue looms large: they worry that a Democrat will nominate a liberal judge to the Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade will continue to “haunt” their lives. Trump has promised (among other things) to choose a conservative judge and “throw out” Roe v Wade. This would be a nice magic trick, but I do think many fall for the rhetoric because of their strong hope that this will happen. We all tend to believe the things we want to believe — to a greater or lesser extent. But that many women: truly astounding.

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    • Yes, we do tend to believe what we want to. I try to be fair, but even I find that sometimes I will skip over an article that takes a point of view I do not like. I try not to do that, but I am only human. However, what I don’t get about the abortion controversy is that nobody is forcing anybody to get an abortion. It is about each individual woman being able to make the choice that she feels is right for her. If a woman is against abortion, then fine, she doesn’t have to have one. So … perhaps I am obtuse, but I still just don’t get it.


      • As I understand it, the chronically devout insist that abortion is not about choice, it’s about murder, pure and simple. In many cases those who take this position are single-issue types who can’t see the forest for the trees. I can see these people, men and women alike, supporting Trump despite his many flaws simply because they think he will nominate the “right” person to the Supreme Court and swing things their way. Talk about tunnel vision!!

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  4. I don’t understand this phenomenon at all. Perhaps the women who are still voting for Trump like to be subordinate or are voting they way their husbands tell them to. I didn’t think we lived in a country that still had pockets of this 1950’s mentality. I now have an overwhelming sense of calm. I travel 45-50 weeks per year and knew that I would not be home this year for election day. Before I left on this week’s trip, I filled out a mail in ballot and sent it in. I have now voted. It doesn’t matter at this point if my chosen candidate turns out to be the anti-Christ, my vote is in and it has taken away the vigor in my political arguments. My decision has been made and I wait eagerly for November 9th.

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  5. Jill, there is a Conservative woman and former Washington staffer who often speaks against Trump on CNN and Fox and she is vilified. Her main thesis is we have stood up for misogynistic comments made by GOP male candidates for years and then her party nominates the most misogynistic man out there to represent them. She asks why aren’t these men standing up to this womanizer? She adds they have had plenty of chances to do so, but have failed all women.

    If these women who support Trump believe he is their champion, they are not paying attention to what he says relative to his history of womanizing and sexual harassment and assault. If these followers, men and women, think he is their champion and will fight for them, then ask them why he has exploited so many people like them to build his empire.

    But, here is the question you may want to ask them. Why did a couple of these women who come forward before the Billy Bush or the Howard Stern tapes became public knowledge eerily describe what Trump said he liked to do before they heard it? And, while you are at it, ask them if they are aware that Trump faces four major lawsuits after the election, irrespective of whether he wins or loses. Three are for alleged misrepresentation to students of Trump University and one is for alleged rape of a thirteen year old girl.

    My strong guess is far too few people are aware of these lawsuits. Plus, if they say Trump will sue these lying women, mention there attorneys said “bring it on.”

    This man is a poor excuse of a human being and should not be president.

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  6. Dear Jill and friends,

    This goes under the heading of a mystery. No, I don’t get it. I have been knocking on doors to get democrats out to vote early. In one case the democrat family moved and I was talking to a woman who said she would be voting for Mr. Trump. I asked why out of curiosity. She told me that she is a one issue voter. She is voting for the person/ party that is totally pro-life.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  7. The story about your “boats or sale” is hilarious. Or rather, sad. Both. As for women who plan to vote for the brass instrument: some things are just beyond my comprehension. I have given up trying to understand – I just file them under “mysteries of the universe”, next to the people who enjoy horror movies. 😉

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    • No, I really don’t. But I am most puzzled by women who are so blinded by him, because he has put them down over and over. He hasn’t put men as a group down, so there is a bit of difference there. I am equally puzzled by any African-American, Hispanic, Muslim, or LGBT person who would vote for him after numerous criticisms of those groups by Trump. White males seem to be the only group he has not put down.

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