And The Winner For The Idiot Of The Year Award Is ….

Well folks, the results are in, all votes have been counted, and here is the final tally of the “Vote For Idiot Of The Year” poll:

Donald Trump 27%
Ted Nugent 15%
Michelle Bachmann 12%
Sarah Palin 8%
Martin Shkreli 8%
Gavin McInnes 4%
Sheriff Joe Arpaio 4%
Mike Pence 4%
Katrina Pierson 4%
Ann Coulter 4%
Pat Robertson 4%
Kathy Miller 4%
Rudy Giuliani 4%

The #1 Idiot of the Year was not surprising, but what did surprise me was that I expected his percentage of votes to be much higher. ย #2, Ted Nugent, also did not surprise me. ย #3 surprised me a bit, but she is certainly deserving of being a runner up to the 2016 Idiot of the Year, none other than Mr. Donald J. Trump!

I will be working on posts about these three, which will be published soon … the final dates will be announced within two weeks, as I am still debating on a few details.

Please note that allย results are final, the voters have spoken, and I do humbly and absolutely accept the results of this poll! ย I shall not claim the poll was rigged, I shall not contest the results, and I shall not sue anybody!


Stay tuned!


11 thoughts on “And The Winner For The Idiot Of The Year Award Is ….

  1. No law suits?? You’re no fun at all!! (No surprise about #1 but I am impressed that your readers feel strongly aboutMinnesota’s own Michelle Bachmann — one of our more embarrassing decisions!) Thanks for doing this: it was fun.

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    • I was surprised about Bachmann, also. I had fun doing this … glad you enjoyed it. It was the first time I had used the polling feature and it took some time, but I enjoyed it. I want to do another … just not sure of the topic yet. Help me think of something! ๐Ÿ™‚


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