Happy Hallowe’en!

Those who are regular readers of this blog will understand why Filosofa is just not feeling the usual Monday joy and happiness this morning.  Luckily, today is Hallowe’en, so I decided to share some Hallowe’en funnies to get your Monday started with a chuckle.


How do you tell the difference between Donald Trump and a pumpkin?

They are both wrinkled, orange, and inexplicably popular in America — but a pumpkin has a thick skin.












pumpkin-2  hween-header













At 8.00pm on October 31st two fire fighters could see a fire raging in a nearby back yard.  It was clearly in breach of the rule on burning leaves after dark.  One of the firemen knocked on the door, and they both waited, each holding their helmet in their hand.  The little old woman opened the door and promptly dropped a bar of candy into each helmet.  She then told them, “Aren’t you boys a little old for trick and treat?”, and closed the door”.  The fire fighters left open mouthed.

Nora Bone was delivering a new plastic skeleton to the doctor’s office.  As she waited at the main desk Nora was aware that the waiting room full of patients was staring at her.  So she smiled and said,” I am bringing him in to doctor Henderson.”

An old lady said sympathetically, “My dear!  Isn’t it a bit late for the doctor?”



And that, my dear friends, is about as much Hallowe’en as I can take for now, so it’s time for you all to grab your cup o’ java and take the plunge right on into Monday.  Have a safe and happy Hallowe’en tonight, and don’t let any of those short little goblins ‘n ghouls give you a fright.  And remember … a smile is one of those things that feels so much better when it is shared, so be sure to share one or two with somebody today!



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