Donald Trump Voters, Just Hear Me Out – Thomas Friedman

This morning, as I was perusing the news, I came upon this OpEd by Thomas L. Friedman writing for the New York Times. Friedman is yet another of my favourite columnists. This is a sensible, well written column, his last before the election next week, and I am sharing portions of it in this post, but I encourage you to click the above link and read the entire column for yourselves.

friedmanDonald Trump Voters, Just Hear Me Out

This is my last column until after the election, so I’d like to address the people least likely to read it: Donald Trump voters. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky and a few of them will buy fish wrapped in this column, and they’ll accidentally peruse it! Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Yes, Hillary Clinton is a flawed leader — but in the way so many presidents were. We know her flaws: She has a weakness for secrecy, occasionally fudges truths, has fawning aides and a husband who lacks discipline when it comes to moneymaking and women. But she is not indecent, and that is an important distinction. And she’s studious, has sought out people of substance on every issue and has taken the job of running for president seriously.

Trump is not only a flawed politician, he’s an indecent human being. He’s boasted of assaulting women — prompting 11 to come forward to testify that he did just that to them; his defense is that he could not have assaulted these women because they weren’t pretty enough.

He’s created a university that was charged with defrauding its students. He’s been charged with discriminating against racial minorities in his rental properties. He’s stiffed countless vendors, from piano sellers to major contractors. He’s refused to disclose his tax returns because they likely reveal that he’s paid no federal taxes for years, is in bed with dodgy financiers and doesn’t give like he says to charity.

He’s compared the sacrifice of parents of a soldier killed in Iraq to his “sacrifice” of building tall buildings. He’s vowed, if elected, to prosecute his campaign rival.

We have never seen such behaviors in a presidential candidate.

At the same time, Trump has shown no ability to talk about any policy issue with any depth. Harlan Coben’s debate-night tweet last month had it right: “On Aleppo he sounds like a fifth grader giving a book report on a book he never read.”

I understand why many Trump supporters have lost faith in Washington and want to just “shake things up.” When you shake things up with a studied plan and a clear idea of where you want to get to, you can open new futures. But when you shake things up, guided by one-liners and no moral compass, you can cause enormous instability and systemic vertigo.

But there is an even more important reason Trump supporters, particularly less-educated white males, should be wary of his bluster: His policies won’t help them. Trump promises to bring their jobs back. But most of their jobs didn’t go to a Mexican. They went to a microchip.

The idea that large numbers of manual factory jobs can be returned to America if we put up a wall with Mexico or renegotiate our trade deals is a fantasy. Trump ignores the fact that manufacturing is still by far the largest sector of the U.S. economy. Indeed, our factories now produce twice what they did in 1984 — but with one-third fewer workers.

Trump wants to make America great in ways that are just not available anymore. “What do we have to lose” by trying his way? Trump asks. The answer is: everything that actually makes us great.

While Clinton has failed to inspire, her instincts and ideas will keep us hewing to basically the right course. And however great her flaws, she is still in the zone of human decency. Trump is not.

We can never be great as a country with a president with the warped values of Donald Trump. I pray that in the end at least some Trump voters, my fellow Americans, will see that.

Friedman’s words mirror my own thoughts, but he transforms those thoughts into words far better than I could.  With only six days remaining until election day, the gap between the two candidates has narrowed to a nerve-wracking thin crack.  I still believe … I must believe, for my sanity and well-being depend on it … that at the end of the day on November 8th, qualification and experience will win the day over bluster and hot air.  As Friedman notes in his opening paragraph, few of those who most need to read these words will do so.  But I, and many others like me, will keep writing them in hopes of making even just one reader stop and think, for if we quit trying, then we have lost the war without ever engaging in battle.  Think about it.

7 thoughts on “Donald Trump Voters, Just Hear Me Out – Thomas Friedman

  1. Jill, I love Friedman was well. He has written two books that every politician and leader must read – “The earth is flat” and “That used to be us: how America fell behind in the world it created and how it can come back.”

    Wise word are written here. I just hope some read his words. With your permission, I would like to borrow a quote from your post to a future email on HRC endorsement building off my current post.

    Many thanks, Keith

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  2. I agree, they probably won’t read it. – What scares me is that in our newspapers here the tone changed from “he will never win” to “he might actually win this” and “remember we all thought the Brexit-camp would not win?” So… I am asking again… what is happening with you guys???? Oh well… at least only a couple of more days until all those questions are answered. Although the answer might not be pleasant.

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  3. Dear Jill,

    I love Thomas Freidman’s posts but he is so right. The folks who need to read this won’t. This is why every ANTI-DT individual has to vote. And sorry to those in toss up states but If you vote for anyone else besides HRC, you have voted for DT.We need to save these DT followers from themselves.

    For once, Keith’s state of N.C. is getting more attention than Florida.

    Hugs, Gronda

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