2nd Place Winner for Idiot of the Year … Ted Nugent!!!

First runner-up in the Idiot of the Year poll was none other than Ted Nugent!  Quite literally, I have so much information that qualifies him for this award that I do not know where to begin! To all of you who voted for Nugent, I would like to say ‘thank you for the ulcers’!  This man … this man goes beyond ‘idiot’ and into pure, unadulterated evil!  Up until now, at least I have been able to find some humour in my idiots, but I must say that this one sent a chill through my bones.

Disclaimer: There is no doubt that Mr. Nugent has said many terrible things, however, it became difficult to research his rhetoric, because many of the less-than-truthful news sources have jumped on his bandwagon and attributed quotes to him that he never actually said, or said in some other context.  So, although there are many more highly inflammatory remarks that may or may not have been uttered by our idiot, I have chosen to use only those which were verifiable by a reasonably reputable source.  Also, since Mr. Nugent has an extreme ‘potty mouth’, I have omitted comments containing  language that I felt to be too offensive.

The really sad part about Nugent is that he is apparently a quite talented musician.  He began performing in 1958 at age 10, began touring in 1967, and has recorded 34 albums and has sold a career total of 30 million records.  That’s impressive!  Or rather it would be if he had been satisfied to have such a great career and not be such a jerk. His offenses can be summed up in four categories:  bigotry, animal rights, guns, politics.  Let us take a look at each one.



  • In February 2016, Nugent posted an image (see above) on his Facebook page implying that Jews were responsible for gun control. He referred to “Jew York City Mayor Mikey Bloomberg,” among others. His anti-Semitic rant sparked outrage and gun owners called for his NRA resignation. See article in Washington Post 
  • In an interview in 1990, a few months after the release of Nelson Mandela during the negotiations to end apartheid in South Africa, Nugent stated: “apartheid isn’t that cut-and-dry. All men are not created equal.” He described black South Africans as “a different breed of man” who “still put bones in their noses, they still walk around naked, they wipe their butts with their hands”
  • Nugent is an outspoken critic of Islam, which he describes as a “voodoo religion” which “believes in world domination”.

Animal Rights:

  • Nugent owns a 340-acre hunting ranch near Jackson, Michigan, called Sunrize Acres, where it is said that the fenced facility offers “canned” hunts,  trophy hunts in which an animal is kept in a confined area, such as in a fenced-in area, increasing the likelihood of the hunter obtaining a kill.
  • Nugent, an opponent of animal rights, said in an interview, “I’m stymied to come up with anything funnier than people who think animals have rights. Just stick an arrow through their lungs.”
  • In 2006 he stated in an interview that “anyone who thinks hunting is terrible can kiss my ass.”
  • In July 2015, Nugent was one of the few to defend the killing of Cecil the lion, saying people who are upset over his death are ‘stupid’. (Guess that makes me stupid, then, because I found the murder of Cecil … the murder of any animal … heartbreaking.)
  • In a 1992 radio interview, Nugent referred to Heidi Prescott of the Fund for Animals as a “worthless whore” and a “shallow slut,” asking “who needs to club a seal, when you can club Heidi?” He was ordered by a court to pay Prescott $75,000.
  • Animal rights celebrity advocates, such as Paul McCartney, have criticized Nugent’s position for hunting. Nugent once mentioned in an interview with Bill O’Reilly that McCartney went into a tirade upon mentioning Nugent’s name, calling him a “coward who slaughters animals that can’t shoot back”.



  • Nugent currently serves on the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Despite calls for him to be removed (see above), he was re-elected this year for another 3-year term.
  • “If it was up to me, if you uttered the word ‘gun control,’ we’d put you in jail.”
  • “There will come a time when the gun owners of America, the law-abiding gun owners of America, will be the Rosa Parks and we will sit down on the front seat of the bus, case closed.”  (Huh???)



  • Nugent considered running for president in 2016. His campaign slogan was to be: “Hi, I’m Ted Nugent. I have nine children from seven women, and I’m running for president.” He never did run, and instead threw his weight behind the campaign of Donald Trump.
  • “Donald Trump should be given the Medal of Freedom for speaking his mind in such a bold, honest and straight-forward manner.”
  • He appears to despise President Obama, saying, “Obama’s a piece of shit, and I told him to suck on my machine gun.”



  • On April 17, 2012, in a Romney stump speech at the 2012 NRA Convention, Nugent said, “We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November. If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” Nugent received a visit from the Secret Service for these remarks. Following these comments, commanders at Fort Knox opted not to allow him to perform at a previously scheduled event with REO Speedwagon and Styx.


  • nugent-crazyIn a January 2014 interview at a Las Vegas hunting and outdoor trade show, Nugent said, “I have obviously failed to galvanize and prod, if not shame enough Americans to be ever vigilant not to let a Chicago communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel like the ACORN community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America”. The following month, he offered this apology: “I do apologize, not necessarily to the president, but on behalf of much better men than myself.”
  • “Michigan was once a great state. Michigan was a state that rewarded the entrepreneur and the most productive, work-ethic families of the state. Now the pimps and the whores and the welfare brats are basically the state’s babies.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but I have definitely heard enough from Mr. Nugent to spoil my appetite. In addition to his musical career, in the late 1990s, Nugent began writing for various magazines. He has written for more than 20 publications. Not only that, but the man has also written books, one of which even made the New York Times Best Seller List. The titles of his books are:

  • God, Guns and Rock ‘n’ Roll (July 2000)
  • Kill It and Grill It (2002)
  • BloodTrails II: The Truth About Bowhunting (2004}
  • Ted, White, and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto (2008).

It seems to me that there are some apt comparisons to be made between Mr. Nugent and Donald Trump.  Not quite ‘two peas in a pod’, perhaps, but they are certainly cut of the same cloth.  Imagine for a moment, if you will, what might have happened if Mr. Nugent had followed through with his plan to run for president this year!  A year ago, we might have laughed and said, “Yeah, right”.  But after the Trumptanic adventure???  Can anybody say with certainty that Nugent might not have been the candidate running against Hillary right now?  Frankly, I am not sure who would be worse … Trump or Nugent. At any rate, suffice it to say that you, readers, chose wisely and without further ado, Mr. Ted Nugent, for all of the above and more, you are hereby awarded Filosofa’s 1st runner up to the Idiot of the Year award!  No thanks are necessary.  Congratulations and I’m sure we will be hearing more from you!

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