Let the Manic Monday Commence!



Good Monday Morning, my friends!  This week, perhaps more than any other, I think it is especially important that we all start the week out with a smile, some humour, and a bit of love in our hearts, so I have tried to put extra effort into my ‘Happy Monday’ post!  Grab a cup of your favourite morning beverage … no, Joe, not Vodka … and take a few minutes to chuckle.


Since winter is nigh upon us, I thought I would start with this …


Siberian snowball fights require some serious upper body strength, and a helmet. Giant frozen orbs recently appeared along an 11-mile stretch of Siberian coastline. The largest of the naturally formed snowballs measured nearly 3 feet across! News of the icy beach balls first emerged after residents in the village of Nyda, which sits on the Yamal Peninsula above the Arctic Circle, posted images to social media.

snowballs-2A village administrator said that the snowballs formed in late October after water in the Gulf of Ob  rose up onto land and covered the beach in ice. As the water retreated, chunks of the ice rolled over in the wet sand, forming orbs the size of tennis balls, bowling balls, basketballs, and even beach balls. Siberia is near record cold for this time of year, and snow cover is at around the highest level for this time of year since at least 1998.

snowball-cartoonIcy boulders have similarly appeared in Lake Michigan in recent winters after ice sheets on the lake broke off into chunks and rolled onto shore. At Good Harbor Bay, Michigan, officials said a 2013 event brought ice balls weighing more than 50 pounds! Some U.S. meteorologists use Siberian snow cover levels in October to forecast how key weather patterns will likely evolve downstream. For those of us in the northern half of the U.S. and in Canada, I’m thinking that now might be a good time to think about a new winter coat, gloves, hats, boots, and the like.

Are you smiling yet?  Oh, and speaking of smiles …

smiley.pngWe all use those cute little smiley faces every day to convey one thing or another, to indicate that something we are saying makes us happy, sad, angry, or just to be cute or in hopes of bringing a smile to somebody’s face.  What started out as a simple yellow circle with two dots and a curve, has evolved into an entire industry.  Like every other industry, there has to be a convention, right?  Hence, Emojicon, the world’s first Emoji convention, was held in San Francisco this past weekend.

emoji-3Linguists, emoji designers from tech powerhouses like Google and officials from the Unicode Consortium—the “overlords” who standardize emoji—mingled with vendors hawking smiley-face Chia pets and a multitude still struggling to cope with the fact that Apple’s update of the peach emoji is simply not as butt-like as it used to be. 🍊 😓  The event kicked off Friday with a party at an emoji-filled space. The space was filled with 😍  and  🙏  balloons, overstuffed 😜  beanbags and 💩  just about everywhere. Some attendees dressed as emoji characters.



There were also contributions from corporate sponsors like Taco Bell, who rolled in its emoji-themed taco truck, and Panda Express, whose reps were serving orange chicken and noodles (which have close-enough emoji forms) and handing out chorks, the chopstick/fork combo utensil that is definitely not an emoji but hey, even emoji conferences have to pay the bills, right?

A fun time was had by all, including this guy with his poop-emoji hat!


The German police called him the “Paddling Pool Slasher”, and it took them 7 years to finally nab him.

MAINZ, Germany — How many devastated, crying toddlers must there have been?

poolPolice believe they have nabbed the so-called “Paddling Pool Slasher” who terrorized a German community by damaging the inflatable items with knives for nearly 7 years. A 27-year-old suspect was questioned following an “extensive” police investigation involving “numerous eyewitness accounts,” authorities said.

Officials said the suspect admitted to damaging between 20 and 30 plastic pools in the Muennerstadt area of Bavaria. Local media dubbed him the “Paddling Pool Slasher.”

“The man stated that he did not plan the attacks and that he acted spontaneously,” police spokesman Bjoern Schmitt told NBC News.

His motive? “Just for fun,” police quoted the suspect as saying.

Sadly, folks, that is it for your Monday morning chuckles.  Time to hit the road, or retire to the office, toss a load of laundry in the washer, or whatever Monday requires of you. For me, it will mean putting the final touches on my Idiot of the Year post, which will be out at 5:00 this afternoon! I hope that I have helped to start your week with a smile.  Keep safe and keep on smiling … if for no other reason than to make people wonder what the heck you are smiling about.  Oh yes, and don’t forget to share your smile … you’d be surprised how much better something as simple as a smile can make a person feel!




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