Are United States of America citizens going to show their senses

Sometimes, as the saying goes, we ‘cannot see the forest for the trees.’ We in the U.S. have been neck-deep in the battle for the presidency of our nation, and it is interesting to see just what that battle, and what we, look like to an outsider. Fellow-blogger Marcus Ampe is a Belgian who has written a particularly astute piece about the candidates in today’s election. As I read his post, my thought was that he, from thousands of miles away, saw our candidates and our situation much more clearly than we ourselves did. Mr. Ampe has kindly granted me permission to share his post, so without further ado, I hope that you will take a minute to read it and ponder the point of view of at least one of our European friends. Thank you, Marcus, for your illuminating post!

Marcus Ampe's Space

Only a few hours are left for American citizens to decide if they are going to remain loyal to a political party or opt for the security of their own nation and the world.

36 years ago there was a republican who shouted he was going to

“make America great again”

In 1896 the Republican Party (GOP) became dominant until 1932. In 1964 the United States of America could again find themselves a critical election with a shift at the presidential level to the Republican (GOP) presidential candidates. However, there was a gradual shift toward the GOP at the state and local levels, as Aldrich (2000) and others have found. Democratic voting remained strong into the 1970s and only slowly shifted towards the GOP as state Republican organizations systematically broadened their base in the 1980s and 1990s.

Some actor could get the people also at his political hand…

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