I Need a Vacation!!!!

caesarFriends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ear … oh wait …. That isn’t it.  That was that Mark Anthony dude in Shakespeare’s play.  Anyway … Merry Christmas to all and to all a good … no … that isn’t it either.  Apparently the stress of the last several weeks has caused a few screws, nuts and bolts to come loose in Filosofa’s poor brain.  The only hope I can see for it is … a vacation!

That said, I will be taking another short hiatus.  I am leaving on Friday morning to go spend the weekend with my dear friend, H, and will not return until Monday evening.  I had hoped to have a few posts in reserve to schedule for the weekend, but it has been a busy week, packing away Hallowe’en decorations, cooking extra meals for the girls to eat in my absence, dealing with a bit of croup, preparing for my trip, and I do not have any extra posts written.  I may yet get next Monday morning’s post written, but if I don’t, I hope you will all forgive me.  I will be back to writing on Tuesday morning, though next week may be skimpy because I am chief cook and bottle washer for the Thanksgiving festivities here. But I shall return, snarky as ever, on Tuesday.

fem-touchH has a new apartment, and I am planning to help him out by taking a few odds and ends to add a bit of a feminine touch, a bit of ambience to it!  He just shook his head and moaned when I told him that.  Men!  Anyway, we are hoping to get a short hike in on Saturday.  Now, you may remember that in October when we went hiking I managed to break my foot, which is still a bit gammy, as my Brit friends might say.  I am hoping to return home this time with all limbs intact!  I am also hoping that I do not get lost for two hours in the middle of no-man’s land this time! However, if I have any mishaps, I will surely tell you about them, assuming I am not in traction, in jail, or some such thing!

Everybody have a good weekend and try to keep smiling, despite the news.  In fact, I might suggest that you avoid the news for a few days, as I will be doing.  (Though I will likely sneak a peek once or twice). Hugs and love to ALL!


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