Jeff Sessions and Others of the Trump Team

In 1981, a Justice Department prosecutor from Washington stopped by to see Jeff Sessions, the United States attorney in Mobile, Ala., at the time. The prosecutor, J. Gerald Hebert, said he had heard a shocking story: A federal judge had called a prominent white lawyer “a disgrace to his race” for representing black clients.

“Well,” Mr. Sessions replied, according to Mr. Hebert, “maybe he is.”

Mr. Sessions has referred to the American Civil Liberties Union and the N.A.A.C.P. as “un-American” for “trying to force civil rights down the throats of people.” – Matt Apuzzo, New York Times, 16 November 2016

This is the man who is being considered by Trump for the position of either Attorney General or Secretary of Defense under the Trump administration.  He will fit right in with Mike Pence (anti-LGBT), and Steve Bannon (anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT).  It would seem that Trump intends to make his team of advisors as ‘anti-everything’ as possible.  Perhaps his administration will come to be known as the Anti.

In 1986, President Reagan was considering appointing Mr. Sessions to a federal court judgeship, but Sessions nomination was not confirmed in light of his racist remarks.  In 1996, he was elected U.S. Senator from Alabama, a position he still holds today. So now, he is being considered for one of two important, highly sensitive positions. As attorney general, Mr. Sessions would be responsible for upholding civil rights laws. As secretary of defense, he would oversee one of the most ethnically diverse institutions in the country; 25 percent of the military is African-American, Asian or Hispanic.

Sessions has been an opponent of same-sex marriage and has earned a zero rating from the Human Rights Campaign, the United States’ largest LGBT advocacy group.

This is not, I am pretty sure, what Americans voted for last week.  Or rather, it IS what America voted for, but I think those who voted for Trump, by and large, did not realize that this was what they were voting for.  Many, many of us tried to tell them, tried to explain, but they were deaf and blind.  Now the deed is done, we will be forced to live with this culture for four years, and then we will be left trying to pick up the pieces and put our country back together again.


cabinetYesterday, one of my posts included this picture of some of the people being considered for a cabinet or other advisory position in the Trump realm.  A reader from North Wales asked if I would identify each, so I will attempt to do so now.

Left to right, top row:  Michael McCaul (Congressman from Texas), Jeff Sessions (see above), Sheriff Joe Arpaio, David Clarke (Milwaukee Country Sheriff)

Left to right, second row down:  Newt Gingrich  , Rudy Giuliani , Bob Corker (senator from Tennessee), John Bolton (former U.N. Ambassador)

Bottom row:  Sarah Palin  , Jan Brewer (former Arizona governor), Mary Fallin (governor of Oklahoma), Harold Hamm (CEO Continental Resources)

I have included links to some of my previous posts, so you can read more about them.  It should be noted that several have already come onto my radar, none in a good way!  In fact three have already been given Filosofa’s Idiot of the Week award!  I wonder if Trump is using my blog to find eligible candidates for his team???  To see who else may be on his ‘short list’, check out this article in The Washington Post.

13 thoughts on “Jeff Sessions and Others of the Trump Team

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  2. Thanks for this Jill it’s been very helpful. I shall watch with interest to see what appointments are made. I suspect he owes a few debts yet.
    Perhaps if they prove unpopular the whole of the civil service can walk out citing intense provocation.
    xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

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  3. Well, it’s only been just over a week, so he has lots of time to fire them all – multiple times. How it will all turn out come January is probably anyone’s guess (including his…) Is it time to drink yet?

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    • It is PAST time to drink! I went scrounging on election night and found one, lone Samuel Adams in the back of the fridge … I drank it, then went out the next day and bought a bottle of wine! And I’m not typically a drinker … might be re-thinking that! Be thankful you are up north of the border! You can watch the train wreck without being injured, though you may get hit with flying debris! 😀

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      • Thankful every day for being Canadian for sure, although we do have our share of idiots trying to bring the Trump mentality to our fair land. We may have to build that wall and send them over!! Take it easy…


  4. Jeff Sessions has been adamantly against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which has helped thousands of defrauded and aggressively marketed to financial consumers. They helped punish Wells Fargo recently. This may be one of Obama’s greatest achievements as it is doing what it intended to do. Sessions is against it because he would rather banks and credit card companies have free license to screw customers over.

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