Filosofa is Baaaaaack … Look Out Trumpy!

Tgiving.jpgHello All!  I returned this evening from my mini-vacation, relaxed and content.  Had a great time and now just trying to get back in the saddle both at home and on my blog!  I see that I missed quite a bit in the news, and will attempt to catch up some this week.  Thanksgiving is in just two short days, however, so don’t expect much of me until after Thursday.  This year, as last year, we are planning to share our Thanksgiving with our neighbors and dear friends, Maha, Ali and their three sons, who are refugees from Syria.  It is always an interesting co-mingling of the traditional Turkey/gravy/stuffing/mashed potatoes and the Arabic foods that Maha prepares.  And we always enjoy time spent with our friends, so it is sure to be a good time.  Then on Friday I stay home while everybody else goes shopping.  I am not a shopper and definitely not a fan of crowds, so I will be working hard on catching up my blog the latter part of the week!

Meanwhile, a bit about my trip.  I returned unscathed this time!  No major falls (I did fall once, but only once, compared to 5 times last month), no broken bones, and I did not get lost a single time!  The latter is a record for me, since I am directionally challenged and cannot read a map … I might be able to read one if I could actually see it properly, but that is a whole ‘nother story.  Anyway, H and I hiked up a mountain on Saturday.  A few things to note here.  H is an experienced hiker, has been hiking for a couple of decades, has hiked nearly 1,000 miles on the Appalachian Trail.  He has hiked mountains, rock cliffs, in rain, sleet, snow, etc.  I do well to walk 4 laps (3.2 miles) around the track at the park behind my house.  But that said, we hiked up a mountain called Pole Steeple.  It is, by almost any standards, a short hike … about a mile is all (that is a mile up and a mile back down).  However, it is rather steep for a novice such as myself.  The other thing of note is that when we started out, it was 60 degrees and the sun was shining.  By the time we got to the top, which is comprised of huge rocks (see picture below), I was puffing and panting, wheezing and gasping, the wind was howling and nearly blowing people off the rocks, and dark rain clouds were moving in at an alarming speed. The temperature had also dropped some 20-25 degrees. The view from the top was awesome, and I wished we could have stayed a bit longer and I would have taken my own pictures, but it was imperative to return to the bottom of the mountain and the warmth & safety of the car before a torrential downpour came.  We did make it down, just in a nick of time, with me whining every step that I couldn’t breathe, my foot hurt (the one I broke last month) and I was tired.  Nonetheless, it was fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  H has given me the trail name of Tortuga, which is Spanish for turtle … I can hike an average of one mile per hour, while he can hike five miles per hour without breaking stride.  Sigh … one does what one can do. The rest of the weekend we more or less just hung out, talked, played cards, and had a generally happy and relaxing weekend. I did not even look at news until this morning!

So now, I turn my attention back to the news of the day.  I am too tired tonight to address anything in depth, but I thought I’d just touch on one thing that caught my attention.

melania-barronIt seems that Melania Trump and son Barron will not be moving into the White House with da trumpeter until at least summer because Barron attends a ritzy Upper West Side private school.  Melania does not wish to ‘disrupt’ Barron’s life.  Additionally, Ms. Trump has expressed concerns about bringing Barron into the media spotlight, and she plans to “revisit the issue at the end of the school year.”  All of which I fully understand. However … this creates a huge cost that … well, guess who is going to pay for it?    That’s right … We The People … the taxpayers, hard-working citizens of the U.S.  Keeping Trump Tower as a residence for the incoming president’s family will create security and logistical hurdles for the Secret Service and the Police Department. Already, there have been serious traffic problems around Trump Tower, since Trump is using it as his transitional headquarters, which is unfair to the taxpayers and extremely unfair to the citizens of New York who have to travel in that area, since Fifth Avenue is a major thoroughfare.  Some lane closures are planned, and pedestrians will have to pass through a security checkpoint.  Come on, now!  Perhaps da trumpeter might have thought of all this before he decided to run for president?  Apparently it does not matter who is inconvenienced for the convenience of the Trump family.  Can we say “arrogant”?

sleeping-turtleOkay … that was my rant for tonight.  I will catch up on other news in the coming days, and particularly the new ‘short list’ of cabinet members and advisors that Trump has either chosen or is considering.  I see he is considering America’s #2 Bimbo, Sarah Palin for a cabinet position:  Secretary of the Interior!  Palin who ‘can see Russia’ from her home.  Palin who said North Koreans and South Koreans should be able to get along since they are all Japanese!  Palin who … oh, never mind!  I’ll get to all that soon.  So, for tonight, I bid you adieu.

21 thoughts on “Filosofa is Baaaaaack … Look Out Trumpy!

    • Thanks! Yes, nice weather would be a novelty! I will be going up to spend time with H this winter, but no more hiking until spring for me! In January or February, we will play cards and watch movies 😀


  1. One major issue that you may have not seen with this… that The Secret Service is going to have to take up residence in the Trump tower, so guess who ultimately gets that money? Donald Trump and family. What a crock ….

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    • I did see that, but in the interest of brevity I thought I would cover it at a later date. I also saw that the taxpayers will actually be paying the rent on the Trump apartment, though I have not been able to verify that through reliable sources yet. Yes, I think Mr. Trump plans to profit in more than one way from this venture. And that’s all this really is to him … yet another of his business ventures.


  2. Welcome back Jill, all bones in tact. Have a great Thanksgiving. Word from an insider is the President elect is loving all of this ring kissing stuff, plus he got mad at Guiliani for taking the spotlight off him. By the way, he is the first person who has said “Hamilton” is overrated. I look forward to his ambassadors who have to apologize for his offending global leaders who dare be critical of his efforts.

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    • Thanks Keith! I shall enjoy Thanksgiving and hope you do the same! Yes, I heard about the Hamilton situation … more about that later, but I do admire Brandon Dixon for his speech to Pence … that took some courage and everything he said was honest. And yes, Trump will need a team of “clean-up” men to go behind him and try to fix all the things (relationships) he breaks. It will be interesting, if nothing else.


  3. Great to have you back……I know the feeling trekking along with seasoned hikers…..Phew! Doesn’t get easier with age, I assure you. Anyway! Welcome back! We set off for long sabbatical next Tuesday. Preps over the next week. Be having a ‘peep’ in here…..Take Care! Hugs! ❤

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  4. Lane closures and checkpoints on 5th ~ somebody is having a laugh. That’s bloody stupid.
    What’s all this about falling? You never told me.
    I’m impressed with H, The Appalachian trail is in serious hiking country.
    Nice to read you again ❤

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