Recount: A Waste of Time and Money

I have kept quiet about the movement to recount votes in certain states that were very close.  I have kept quiet for a good reason, and would continue to do so, however I think it is important that this issue be brought under the microscope, since many seem to be getting their hopes up that a recount will change the outcome of the election.  Further, this is creating a false hope that is only going to add to the angst most of us are feeling and further divide the thinkers from the lemmings, a chasm that is already far too wide.

First, the facts.  Green Party candidate for president, Jill Stein, has called for a recount of the votes in Wisconsin. Ms. Stein has raised about $7 million in donations to pay for the Wisconsin recount and is also calling for recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan.  I am unclear about Ms. Stein’s motive, as she does not stand to benefit. If voter fraud were to be determined to be a factor in all three states, and if a recount changed the results from Trump to Hillary in all three states, then it would add 46 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s tally and remove them from Trump’s side of the board, effectively changing the outcome and we would likely inaugurate President Hillary Clinton on January 20th.

But before your hearts start racing and the adrenaline kicks into overdrive, let me just say this:  It ain’t gonna happen, folks.  Yes, you heard me.  As much as I would love to see almost anything happen to keep Donald Trump from taking office in just under two months, I have to face facts, and so do you.  There is no wide-scale voter fraud and a recount will only accomplish two things:  cost money, and further divide the nation.  The majority of people in the U.S. voted for Clinton, that much is true — she won the popular vote by more than 2 million votes, or 1.5%.  However, because of the way the electoral college system functions, Trump won the most electoral votes and will, barring something that I do not presently foresee, take office in January.  Period.

Was the election unfairly affected?  Yes, of course it was.  The FBI and Russian hackers, possibly ‘encouraged’ by the Republican Party and/or Trump himself, made a mountain out of a molehill regarding the non-scandal of Ms. Clinton’s email server and when Trump jumped on that bandwagon, the election was unfairly swayed.  But that does not change anything.  It does mean that we need to seriously consider some new campaign rules for future elections, but it does not change a damn thing for this election.

The danger in the brouhaha surrounding the recount issue is that those of us who are in the NeverTrump camp will get our hopes fueled … and then dashed … once again.  I don’t know about you folks, but I cannot take too much more of the emotional roller-coaster ride.  The other danger is that Trump is using this to further his propaganda campaign and is riling the masses yet again.  Mr. Thin-Skin is offended and perhaps even frightened by the threat of a recount and is lashing out – the only thing he seems to know how to do.  Laughable?  Sure, but again, it riles the masses.  At the end of the election, most agreed that it had been the most contentious election in our lifetimes and that the most immediate thing was to begin to heal the rift, what I call the ‘great divide’.  But now it feels more as if salt is being poured into the wound instead of a healing balm.

Make no mistake … if I thought for one minute that a recount stood even a slight chance of changing the results, I would be 100% in support of it, no matter the additional trauma it wrought.  But I think that we are opening up a Pandora’s box and that at the end of the day, we will all be the losers.  Already we are seeing the results of riling the man of thin skin and small hands, as Trump Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway delivered a threat to prosecute Hillary Clinton if  the recount takes place.  (An irrelevant aside, but I was sickened when Ms. Conway, in the same interview, stated that she thought Trump had been ‘incredibly gracious and magnanimous’ to Ms. Clinton.  Pass the cyanide.)

Many have been critical of President Obama for refusing to support the recount, however I believe he was right and did what he felt he had to do.  I am sure he, too, wished it could be different, but as always, President Obama is doing what he believes best for the country as a whole.

The recount effort has already begun in Wisconsin, however I do not see that Ms. Stein or Ms. Clinton will be in a position to fund recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan, particularly if, as I believe, the results of the Wisconsin recount yield little.  The best thing we can do at this point is accept the fact that Trump will be inaugurated on January 20th, and continue our fight against, not the man himself, but his terribly wrong policies and even worse choices of ‘advisors’.  We need to gather our resources and use them where they stand the best chance of making a difference. Let us turn our efforts where they are needed, and not fuel the fire that brings out the hate, the worst in the lemmings, for they are dangerous when riled. We are all going to have our hands full chasing down the racism, and all forms of bigotry that have been unleashed. We will be kept busy trying to make our voices heard on the many environmental issues that Trump and Ebell plan to defy.  And so much more will require our attention in the coming months. Let us not waste our time, resources, energy and emotions on a lost cause.

6 thoughts on “Recount: A Waste of Time and Money

  1. The angle I have not heard on this issue is that there might be voter fraud on both sides. Furthermore, the same media that criticized Trump when he said that he would question the outcome of the election unless he won is now supporting the recount effort on many networks. This country is in such a confused state right now. Trump is the future president for better or worse. If he does the horrible job that we think he will, he will be a footnote in history and may or may not last 4 years.

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    • Yes, our norms have been toppled on their head and I do think we are all confused … maybe a bit scared of what the next few years will bring. I agree with you that he will likely do a terrible job, and I will not be surprised when Congress announces that impeachment proceedings are in the works. However that, of course, would leave us with Pence … who might exhibit more ‘presidential’ behaviour, but still … is a bigot and perhaps not even much better, just quieter, than da trumpeter. Sigh (I do that a lot lately)

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  2. Dear Jill and friends, This is the rare event where I respectfully have to disagree with your arguments.

    I have been arguing in favor of the vote recounts/ audit even though I fully comprehend that this will most likely not swing the election results in HRC’s favor.

    I argue that some of us would simply like to take advantage of this opportunity while the Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is asserting her right as a presidential candidate to request a vote recount/ audit in the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, in order to uncover any and all vulnerabilities to our voting systems. For example, voting machines can now be forensically evaluated for possible manual tampering and computer experts can also check for hacking attempts on computerized voting machines.

    I’ve been pointing out that most of us want to know how susceptible our vote is to being altered and if flaws are discovered, what is being done to protect our rights to having an easy and secure access to the ballot box with the reassurance that any ballots cast will go to the voters’ intended candidates.

    There are highly esteemed computer experts out there, pointing out the inadequacies of our nation’s voting system. I would like to have access to facts which this voter recount/ audit can provide. One of these experts, Professor Andrew Appel of Princeton has testified on this subject before the U.S. congress in September of this year.

    This is some of his testimony:

    ” My research and expertise is in software verification, applied computer security, and technology policy.”

    ” As I will explain, I strongly recommend that, at a minimum, the Congress seek to ensure the elimination of “touchscreen” voting machines, immediately after this November’s election; and that it require that all elections be subject to sensible auditing after every election to ensure that systems are functioning properly and to prove to the American people that their votes are counted as cast.”

    ” Since 2003 a significant part of my research has been on the technology and security of the equipment we Americans use for elections: voting machines and election administration computers. On the topic of election machinery, I have written 5 scientific papers and 37 short articles, taught two courses at Princeton; and done expert forensic examinations and given sworn testimony in two court cases in New Jersey.”

    ” In 2009 I demonstrated in open court, in the Superior Court of NJ, how to hack a voting machine. There are cyber-security issues in all parts of our election system.”

    You can Google the following for the complete text: (PDF)Written testimony of Andrew W. Appel – Oversight and Government ……/2016-09-28-Appel-Princeton-Testimony.pdf…

    Hugs, Gronda


  3. You are spot on. This will simply keep the wound festering. It is time to accept what has happened and move on. Stein has threatened to take Michigan to court for refusing to allow a recount. What is her problem???


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