Merry Monday and a Happy New Week!

Welcome back to ….. {drumroll} …. Your favourite day of the week … {‘nother drumroll} …. MONDAY!!!!

mon-cupYou may remember that last Monday I was only able to sustain the humour for 2 skimpy stories, and I promised to make it up to you this week.  Some of you might give me a pass on that, but blogger-buddy Hugh will remember and hold me to that promise, so I, as a woman of my word, have for you today a plethora of fun and good news to start your work week out right!  So grab your cup of coffee, tea, or … no Joe, no Wild Turkey … and read on!



I have always thought that dressing animals up in human-like clothing was beyond ridiculous.  I mean, sure, they look cute, but no self-respecting dog, cat or wolf wants to be caught dead in cute little sweaters, jammies, or worst yet, slippers!  On December 1st, police officers in Bellevue, Washington, came across a rather unhappy little pooch wearing pants and a sweater.  “Is this your dog?” the Bellevue Police Department tweeted, noting that the pup “was wearing a sweater and blue pants, and was very angry.”  A responding tweet said, “Of course he’s angry. That sweater doesn’t match those pants at all!”  Poor puppy!  The dog was taken to King County animal shelter where he was fed, his ugly clothing removed, and presumably he is much happier now.  Bellevue police are still looking for the owners, however in my opinion, anybody who would dress their pup in such an ugly sweater does not deserve to share their home with a dog!  The latest tweet by Bellevue police read, “Our little friend is now in the custody of @kcpets.  If owner doesn’t claim he’ll be available for adoption, pants not included.”

The last time I was bored was in 1964.  I do not get bored, and have trouble understanding boredom in others, as there are always books to read, new things to learn!  However, it seems that these days people, especially the younger generation, become bored rather easily and need distractions, else they invent their own.  I think that must have been what happened when a group of young people on Twitter came up with #SuperSageAppleChallenge.  The “challenge” is whether or not you can use your bare hands to squeeze or twist an apple in two.

Sage Northcutt, a UFC fighter whose muscled hands make apples quake in fear, tweeted a video of himself inflicting fruity carnage on Tuesday and encouraged his followers to do the same. It apparently took hold as a fun thing to do, because when I went in search of some pictures for this piece, I found numerous websites with both written and video instructions on how to go about this rainy-day activity!  I have only two pieces of advice, should any of you actually want to try it:  1) be sure to eat the apple or make a pie out of it afterward, as you know I am against food waste, and 2) be careful … I sense this activity could result in a broken phalange or metacarpal!  The bottom picture would likely be my method, were I to try such a thing.  However, as I am still recovering from a broken foot, I shall pass on this one!

This story is for Hugh, James, and all you teachers out there!  A young college student learned a valuable lesson about CWUIPK – Communicating While Under the Influence of Pain Killers! Abby Jo Hamele, a 19-year-old student at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, had oral surgery and while under the influence of some heavy-duty pain meds, realized she was going to miss a deadline for a paper that would soon be due.  So, she did what any dedicated student would do, and sent an email to the teaching assistant, Kevin Patton:


I believe that i relmebmer you said we, as us students, would be able to send you our papers for classss for you to look at over before we turn them in to cColin if we got them to you by the 22nd of Novermber.

I unfortmately got my wisdom teeth sliced outr and have not not been reacting very well to the surgeryy nor the medicatioon i were given/ so I do not thimk that I will be able to habe my paper finisherd by Tuesday at all.

Is tehere any way I would be able to send you my paper at any later date??? I wnt to do very good on this paper you know becayse i like to do well in my classes.

please sir I workled very hard and thouught that I would be abel to finish it on timme but my doctor said I will most likelly not be normal again until at least Thanksginvg turkey. If you say no then that is okay but i would be sad and i would reallyyyy lik e it if you said yes. Thank you Kevin, my dude.

Abby Jo Hamele (pronounced hah-mil-lee) (if you were wondering)

P.S. I will answer youpr questions in class forever so theere are not any more awkard silence. and i will buy you expo markers that work (even thougjh our tuition should pay for markers that work)

love you bye

Fortunately for Abby, Mr. Patton has a sense of humour.  His response?


Beavers.  They gnaw on wood.  Wood is the stuff of which trees are made.  Beavers do not like to gnaw on aluminum, plastic, or other man-made substances.  Beavers are known to become a bit riled when the wander into a store during the holidays and find nothing but man-made Christmas ‘trees’.  Or at least one beaver did – he, in fact, became so angry that he trashed the store!  I loved the first line of the article: “Don’t you hate it when the store doesn’t have what you’re looking for?”  The pictures tell the rest of the story

The final line of the story, “The sheriff’s department tweeted that the adorable vandal is now in the care of a wildlife rehabilitator.”  Personally, I don’t think the beaver is actually in need of rehabilitation as much as just a forest with some live trees to gnaw on!

Okay, so now hopefully you’ve had a good little chuckle, but let’s take just one more minute for a bit of a human interest story out of Madrid, Spain.  On a side street near the center of Madrid, sits the Robin Hood Café, by day a typical Spanish bar: coffee and croquetas, a fruit machine, cigarette machine, and a leg of ham dozing under a tea towel on the counter. But at night, it transforms itself into a place where homeless people can dine, free of charge, at tables set with flowers, metal cutlery and proper glasses.

mon-Robin-Hood-1.jpgFather Ángel García Rodríguez, 79 years young, was inspired by the words of Pope Francis, who frequently speaks about the importance of giving people dignity, and thought, “why not open a restaurant with tablecloths and proper cutlery and waiters? People with nothing can come and eat here in the restaurant and get the same treatment as everyone else. It’s just common sense.” The restaurant, run by the charity Mensajeros de la Paz – meaning messengers of peace, uses the proceeds from breakfast and lunch paying customers to fund free evening meals for the homeless. The charity was founded 54 years ago by Father Angel.  I strongly encourage you to read the entire article here  in The Guardian – takes just a minute, but it will definitely make you feel warm and happy inside.


Okay, folks … I think I lived up to my promise to make up for my dearth of humour last week, so now it’s time for me to fold some laundry and for you to don those hats, coats, gloves, scarves and head out to the grist mill, salt mines, or however you refer to the place you go to earn a buck!  Keep safe and warm, and share a bit of humour or at least a warm smile with somebody else today.  Christmas is now less than three weeks away, and for some it is stressful, for others it is a time of sorrow rather than joy.  Remember to be kind to all, for we know not what they may be dealing with today.  Now put on those Monday smiles and leave me to my laundry!  Monday HUGS to you all!



This one’s for Herb!



11 thoughts on “Merry Monday and a Happy New Week!

  1. You more than made up for last week’s shortcoming! Many thanks — and I especially enjoyed the letter from the student. It reminded me of some of the wild excuses I heard from students who wanted to submit papers late — meds or no meds!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the beaver pictures! 😉 But I think I will stick to the normal method parting apples… with a knife 😉
    Anyway, I know this is a politics-free zone on Monday, so I won’t say anything… BUT I am quite pleased with my home country today! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes!!! I heard that yesterday and am working on a post about it, probably for tomorrow! Great news indeed, and I was impressed by Hofer’s concession … can’t imagine da trumpeter would have been nearly as conciliatory.


      • He is already working on his next career… we have elections for parliament coming September 2018 the latest – but many speculate that there could be elections next year already…


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