Da Trumpeter Changes His Mind … Again … And NOT For The Better

“Climate change is no longer some far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now.” – President Barack Obama

“People of conscience need to break their ties with corporations financing the injustice of climate change.” – Desmond Tutu

“We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.” – Unknown

My head is spinning; my eyes are aglaze … I cannot keep up!  Somebody … please … wake me from this perpetual nightmare!!!  “What is wrong?” you ask, as well you might.  Well, grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and I will proceed to tell you …

Remember back on November 25th when I wrote a post, ‘Myron Ebell Chosen To Wreck EPA’   ? I was not pleased with the choice, as Ebell is a known denier of climate change and would likely have taken a path to further damage our environment.  It must be that Trump got wind of my displeasure with his choice, so he has changed his mind and selected a different nominee for the position.  Better?  NO!

In a breaking news article that floated across my screen just minutes ago, The Washington Post reports:

“In a move signaling an intention to dismantle President Obama’s climate change and environmental legacy, President-elect Trump will nominate Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of the oil and gas intensive state of Oklahoma, to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pruitt has spent much of his energy as attorney general fighting against the agency he will now lead.

Pruit, who has written that the debate on climate change is “far from settled,” joined a coalition of state attorneys general in suing the agency’s Clean Power Plan, the principal Obama-era policy aimed at reducing the U.S.’s greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector. He has also sued, with fellow state attorneys general, over the EPA’s recently announced regulations trying to curtail the emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, from the oil and gas sector.”

In discussing current EPA policies back in September, Pruitt said, “They tend to have this approach that the end justifies the means …They tend to justify it by saying this big issue, this is an important issue.” Sheesh, Mr. Pruitt … what the Sam Heck do you think is more important than saving the planet???

Fred Krupp, the president of the Environmental Defense Fund, responded to the news by saying, “Our country needs – and deserves – an EPA Administrator who is guided by science, who respects America’s environmental laws, and who values protecting the health and safety of all Americans ahead of the lobbying agenda of special interests.”

Pruitt’s home state of Oklahoma ranked fifth in the nation in onshore crude oil output in 2014, has five oil refineries, and is home to the giant Cushing oil storage and trading hub.  The state’s natural gas output accounts for 10 percent of the nation’s overall.

One comment on the article that I found interesting: “Has someone put together a manual on how to destroy the United States of America? Trump certainly seems to be implementing it with all due haste. Oh, well, it was a great experiment in democracy.”

Trump does seem to have some perverse desire to destroy, if not the entire earth, at least the United States.  He has not made a single appointment that did not have an underlying, Trumpian agenda. Apparently Trump thought that Myron Ebell was not quite evil or stupid enough, so he went back out in the field and found somebody who may well be even worse.  I repeat what I said in an earlier post today … let us hope that Congress has enough good sense and cojones to stand up to the man.  That is about all I can say …

10 thoughts on “Da Trumpeter Changes His Mind … Again … And NOT For The Better

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  3. The claim that Trump is somehow intentionally undermining the country rests on the assumption that he gives some thought to his subsequent actions. The evidence suggests otherwise: this man is pure impulse and has no thought for the consequences of his actions. He is simply cherry-picking people who will not disagree with him. That’s as far as his little mind can go.

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  4. Maybe Pruitt can explain why earthquakes have increased dramatically in OK (due to fracking) and why the Property insurance industry is suing the fracking industry for causes earthquakes. Check out Gronda’s post on The Weather Channel’s criticism of Breitbart and Congress.

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