Funday Monday!

Well, friends, it’s Monday once again, and less than two weeks now until Christmas.  I don’t know about anybody else, but I am lacking in Christmas spirit this year; I have no motivation, no inspiration, nothing.  I have managed to purchase a few gifts that lie unwrapped somewhere in my disaster of a closet.  And I did put up our lighted village and a handful of other decorations, hung a wreath on the front door, and bought holiday-scented hand soap.  Other than that, however, I have not baked the first cookie, addressed a single Christmas card, and my two forays into stores ended in disaster with some colourful language on my part and my family rolling their eyes. I am even behind on my list-making!!!  Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a consummate list-maker and am lost without my lists!  Anyway, today is Monday, 12 December 2016, I woke up alive (hopefully, anyway … since I am writing this on Sunday evening, one can never be sure) and my goal for the morning is to make you laugh, chuckle, or at least smile.

Who needs a dishwasher?

I start with a personal story from last week.  On Thursday evening, I went upstairs to fetch a load of laundry.  I have a tendency to get sidetracked, so after gathering the laundry I did a few other odds ‘n ends before bringing said basket of laundry downstairs.  I dumped the contents of the basket into the washing machine, configured the settings, popped in a Tide pod and returned to my chair and laptop.  A few minutes later, I began hearing ‘clunk-clunk … clunk-clunk’ from the direction of the kitchen.  I jumped up to check on the washing machine, which is less than a year old, so I was in a slight panic thinking something was wrong with it.  I opened the lid … no obvious problems like smoke or a gila monster, so I stuck my hand in the machine and felt around.  My hand struck something hard, something that did not feel at all like wet clothing.  I grasped the object and … lo and behold it was a coffee mug!  As it was one of my favourites, a Thomas Kincaide Christmas mug, I was happy to note that there was not even a single chip on it.  Okay, mystery solved, I took the mug to the appropriate machine, the dishwasher, and allowed the washing machine to continue washing clothing.  Back in my chair, working on the post for the next morning, I once again began hearing ‘clunk-clunk … clunk-clunk’.  Yet again I jumped up and checked for perhaps another dish, but could find nothing, so I eventually closed the lid and let the machine finish its work.  Later, as I removed the clothes for the dryer, I found the second culprit … one of my Zippo lighters!  Apparently Filosofa did not do a very good job of checking her pockets!  And before you ask, no the coffee cup was not in my pocket, but in an effort to be efficient, I had tossed it into the laundry basket to give it a free ride downstairs, as I did not have a spare hand at that moment.  Unfortunately, the lighter did not fare as well as the coffee mug, as it was once adorned with a picture featuring wolves, my spirit animal, and now it has only a small part of one lone wolf.  Sigh.  Mea culpa.


Houses for Mouses

And now on to Sweden, where mouses have houses!  Okay, I don’t really know if they have houses, but I liked the way ‘mouses’ rhymed with ‘houses’.  They do, however, have shoppes! In the Swedish city of Malmö, inside a basement window in the neighborhood of Möllevången, you may notice, if you look closely, a set of teeny tiny businesses including a bakery and a cheese-and-cracker shoppe.  This story reminds me a bit of the one I did back in March about the Gnomes who had Homes  .  The shoppes are the work of an artist group calling themselves Anonymouse MMX, who say they got their inspiration from Don Bluth, Disney and Astrid Lindgren.  Though they have built only two shoppes thus far, they say they have plans to expand the mouse shopping center soon. “They are built of things that we had laying around and also things we collected, like caps, lids from tin cans, matches, buttons, a lamp shade, Italian stamps etc.,” one of the artists said in an email. “The idea was to use things mice themselves could have collected and reused.”

funnycross-1Street Art in Madrid

You know how you’re driving down a city street, and at most corners you come to a pedestrian crosswalk?  Generally, a couple of white lines painted across traffic lanes for which motorists are supposed to stop if there are pedestrians between the lines (if, however, the pedestrians are outside the lines, it is okay to go ahead and hit them).  Well, Bulgarian artist Christo Guelov decided to spruce up the crosswalks in Madrid, Spain, turning them into colourful works of art.  Of his project, called Funnycross, the artist says, “Funnycross uses zebra crossings to intervene in the urban landscape. The metaphor “A bridge between two shores” is the starting point of this artistic intervention.”


And finally this: 

Nordstrom, an upscale department store for those with more money than good sense, I think, advertised this:


“What is this?” you ask, as well you might.  It is, folks, a rock wrapped in leather.

“Why?” you ask.  I dunno.

“How,” you ask, “did Filosofa happen upon this … um … gem?”  No, I was definitely not browing Nordstrom’s website in search of that perfect Christmas gift … JC Penny’s is more in line with my budget.  I actually happened upon it on the Snopes site while I was doing some basic fact-checking for another post.  Somebody has asked the Snopes crew if this was real or fake, and when I saw that it was, indeed, real, I felt compelled to visit the original site so I could share this with you.  Now for the real kicker … guess what this ridiculous little gem cost?  $85!!!  Lest you decide you cannot live without one of these, I have bad news:  they have been sold out since December 7th!  Apparently there are a lot of fools out there who had $85 to throw away on a bloomin’ rock!

Thus concludes my Monday morning humour, such as it is.  Some of my readers may be luxuriating in a sunny climate, but I know that some are seeing fluffy white stuff outside their windows this morning, so all of you take care as you make your way to work this morning.  Filosofa cares. And last but not least, take a little moment out of your day to share a smile or a hug … I know it means a lot to me when somebody just smiles and says, “how are you today?”

monday-4     monday-5






9 thoughts on “Funday Monday!

  1. At least it wasn’t the dreaded inkpen in the washing machine. For some reason, lately, when I’ve been efficient and combining little housekeeping chores into economy of motion exercises, I’ve been leaving odd things in the fridge. Personally, I think this is just the Universe’s way of telling me to stop doing housekeeping. Love the mouse houses.

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