A Post That Isn’t

Today, feeling the effects of cold weather, the political climate, and the subject matter of my last several posts, I find that my frame of mind is just a wee bit on the sad side.  So, I thought it might do me good to write about something other than Trump and the lunacy that surrounds him.  I wanted to write about anything other than Trump.  Something upbeat and positive. But what?  Every single headline on The Washington Post’s website has that ugly word, Trump, in it:

  • Trump’s national security adviser shared secrets without permission, files show

  • Trump recruits army of business titans to do battle in Washington

  • Trump displays unorthodox style in how he made State Department pick

  • Pence plays role of Trump’s ambassador to nervous Republicans

Sigh.  Okay, moving on to The Guardian.  Human tragedies in Aleppo; genocide in South Sudan; Duterte personally killing criminals; China wary of Rex Tillerson; Yemen airstrikes; Putin’s new ghetto …

New York Times …. Again, Trump is in every single bloomin’ headline.

The Intellectualist:

  • Report: Women In Syria’s Aleppo Choosing Suicide To Escape Rape

  • Assad’s Forces Enter Syria’s Aleppo And Begins Executing Civilians

  • Trump Owes At Least $3B To Creditors, Including Chinese Gov’t

Ah wait!  Here’s one about a 73-year-old man … with dementia … shot 7 times by a police officer.  Sigh.

Okay, I give up.  It is obvious that there is a media conspiracy to keep my mood from improving today, so I shall now return to my laundry, grocery list-making, and perhaps go clean some windows or something equally fun.  Since I have cheated you out of a coherent blog post, here are a few funnies for your viewing pleasure.





18 thoughts on “A Post That Isn’t

  1. I like the the one with the boy who wants an app for shovelling snow 😉 But no snow here so far, and it does not look like we are going to get any in the next 2 weeks (that’s as far as my favourite weather-site predicts). So, no white Christmas for my boys… – As for world politics: not much room for amusement or happiness on this side of the pond either! I guess we need to look somewhere else for inspiration and/or Christmas feelings!

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    • Yes, the world as a whole seems rather devoid of holiday joy at the moment. Perhaps I need to go in search of stories about people doing good soon … before Christmas. And we did have snow on Thursday … it is still on the ground (only about an inch or two), because the temps have been around 16-20 F, (-9 to -7 C). Brrrrrrrrr ….


  2. Well that made me smile. And yeah, I getcha, it’s EVERYWHERE. I’ve really been struggling to find my ‘voice’ as a writer post-election because half of me wants to yell from the rooftops continuously, but the other half of me just has to find a reason to laugh.

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