My Christmas Wish …

If I have a single wish for Christmas, it is that somehow, some way, Donald Trump be stopped from becoming the 45th president of the United States.  If that wish be granted, it is all I ask.  This one ‘man’ has done more damage to this nation before taking office than any other president has in a full four-year term (yes, that is a subjective opinion and I’m sure some will disagree.). 

The latest?  He has so incensed the Chinese that on Thursday they literally stole one of our underwater drones (UUV) right from under our noses.  The drone, which had been lawfully conducting a military survey in the waters of the South China Sea, had re-surfaced, and the U.S. Naval vessel Bowditch was on its way to retrieve the drone … was actually within sight of the drone, and watched as the Chinese snagged the UUV.

Since the drone and the Bowditch were both operating legally, within international waters, and since the Chinese made no attempt to conceal the theft of the drone, most analysts agree that the action was intended as a warning to Trump, rather than an attempt to initiate hostilities.  On December 2nd, Trump spoke by telephone with Taiwanese president, Tsai Ing-wen, a move that defied nearly four decades of diplomatic practice and that was certain to draw harsh criticism from the Chinese government.  This was the first time since 1979 that a president or soon-to-be president has spoken with a Taiwanese leader, as the U.S. does not officially recognize Taiwan.  The phone call was no accident, and arrangements had reportedly been in the works for several months, even before Trump’s election on November 8th.  Further, President Obama had no notification of the call until after the fact.

China has since agreed to return the drone, further confirming that the intent was merely to send a message to the incoming administration.  End of drama, right?  WRONG!  No, Trump cannot learn to keep his mouth shut and his fingers off the keyboard, so he simply had to add insult to injury in the form of a tweet:

“China steals United States Navy research drone in international waters – rips it out of water and takes it to China in unpresidented act.”

First, look at the spelling of the word unprecedented.  This, folks, is the man that is currently scheduled to become the leader of our nation on January 20th, 2017!  Seriously?  He intentionally offends a nation for no reason other than personal satisfaction and he cannot even freakin’ spell???  The tweet was later re-issued, presumably after one of his staff caught the error.

The message itself was inappropriate on so many levels.  Given that he has no official status until after his inauguration, he had no more right nor reason than I to make such a statement.  The Obama administration was already negotiating with the Chinese for return of the drone, and Trump was not in any way involved with those negotiations.  It is very likely that his angry tweet will have the effect of worsening fears of increased U.S. – China tensions under his presidency that have grown over his rhetoric on trade and policy towards Taiwan.

President Obama, who in contrast to Trump, does understand the nuances of foreign policy and international relations, urged his successor to beware of provoking a “very significant” response from Beijing over Taiwan. It is very doubtful that Trump will heed the warning, and more than likely that he will continue to poke needles into the flesh of the beast without consideration of the eventual outcome.

Many today are engaged in holiday activities, enjoying time with family and friends, anticipating the festivities of the coming week.  I have tried … I did some online shopping last night, went out with the family today and purchased a Christmas tree, but my heart simply is not in it this year.  When asked what I want for Christmas yesterday, I responded that I want nothing, need nothing.  But there is one thing I do want more than anything money can buy, and that is to be able to go to bed at night and sleep without worrying that our nation, our freedoms, our system of government will be on a path to destruction in just over a month.  The only way this can happen is if Donald Trump is stopped from taking office.  Therefore, my Christmas wish is that something keep this madman out of the Oval Office.

16 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish …

  1. I noticed his ‘unpresidented’ tweet on Twitter yesterday. I check in on his tweets and respond to them each day just to make myself feel better. For this one, I pointed out the misspelling and suggested that if he ignores the red squiggles within Twitter, will he ignore other more substantial entities point out his mistakes as president. The post came down almost immediately and went up again with the word spelled correctly. I posted on my blog about his misspelling and his supporters quickly blamed auto-correct. Unfortunately, auto-correct only suggest correctly spelled words, so this argument is moot. I did notice that, when I type in ‘unpresidented’ on my i-Phone, it comes back with ‘unpresidential’. That is an appropriate term to associate with this orange boil on the butt of the United States.

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  2. Jill, I think you are setting yourself for disappointment. He will be the guy and we will have to suffer through it. I have low expectations, but I do hope he at least accomplishes a few good things. Yet, I must confess he has not been able to reach even my low bar.

    If he is going to respond by Twitter to every event or every sleight, then we are in for a long four years and our ambassadors will be very underpaid for their efforts to appease others. His temperament is a key weakness, but also his disdain for understanding the job and issues is concerning. To react quickly, when you do not understand or choose to understand what happened, is a recipe for making poor decisions.

    So, we will need to suck it up and make do. In the very least, it will be interesting and fodder for comedy – Doonesbury had an excellent strip today Yet, we will need to be vigilant on issues of import that impact our planet and country.


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    • Yes, I imagine you are right, but I just keep clinging to that one last wooden board in the stormy sea, hoping it will take me safely to shore. My low bar actually lies on the ground now, and he cannot even manage that. I keep reminding myself that at least it won’t be boring, but even that has lost its appeal. I will check out the Doonesbury strip, though … I could use a laugh!


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