Could This Be It?

Blogger-buddy Hugh Curtler is a deep thinker … we need more like him … and I know that he has been pondering for quite some time now the burning question that many of us ask: How could so many people have voted for a candidate so flawed, so unqualified, so unprepared, and one with a proven track record of narcissism, debauchery, cheating and lying, to name a few. Hugh has drawn a conclusion that makes as much sense as any, more than most, and I wanted to share this today. So, thank you Hugh for the implied permission (I didn’t ask, but you always say ‘yes’) to share your words and thoughts with my readers. I hope you will all take a few minutes to read this post … it is truly food for thought!


I think I am finally beginning to understand why so many people have been drawn to Donald Trump, and it is not all about the economy. It has baffled me and I have worked through several possibilities, because I do think it important to know why so many people are willing to follow someone who is obviously a seriously flawed personality. Accordingly, I have enlisted the help of an unlikely source, Arthur Schopenhauer, a nineteenth century philosopher whose book The World As Will And Idea influenced, among others, Joseph Conrad and Sigmund Freud.

Schopenhauer is convinced that the will is the fundamental feature of the human animal, indeed of all animals. As he says in this regard:

“Rather it [the Will] retains everywhere its identical nature and shows itself in the form of great attachment to life, care for the individual of the species, egoism, and regardlessness of all others, together…

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One thought on “Could This Be It?

  1. Voting for the protection of our ability to feel entitled, for the protection of our egotistical thoughts, and for the protection of ethnic and gendered preference? No matter how it’s put, it’ll always sound like a cop-out. Still, interesting read! Although I’m sure we will never really get to the bottom of how it actually happened. I’ll most likely remain dumbfounded until the day I die..


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