Da Trumpeter Goes to War Against … Wind???

If there was ever any doubt, and in my mind there never was, that Donald Trump is mentally ill, I bet even Trump supporters will not be able to dispute that by the end of this post!  This post will make you laugh, cry and snarl, all in under 1,200 words!  And then you will ask yourself yet again how the Sam Heck this ‘man’ got elected to the highest office in the land.

trump-windmillsDonald Trump owns two golf courses in Scotland.  We all know this because he has bragged about them and what a success they are, despite the fact that records show he has lost some $31 million on them in the past few years, and has made many enemies in Scotland in the process.  Trump decided that the wind turbines used to produce clean, renewable energy did not enhance the view from his golf course, and so he went on a mission to have them removed.  Not only did he wish the turbines near his golf courses removed, but he wanted all the wind turbines in all of Scotland (and perhaps the world) removed.  Now, we all know that when Trump decides he wants something, whether that ‘something’ makes any sense or not, he goes after it with … shall we say, unrelenting vigor?


Alexander Salmond

Alexander Salmond was the First Minister of Scotland from 2007-2014, during which time Trump built and opened his golf course in Aberdeen. Salmond is a man who strongly supported renewable energy, such as … well, wind turbines.  Trump, never one to be cowed, began writing a series of what Mr. Salmond refers to as ‘green-ink’ letters, lengthy letters to a politician or journalist, expressing eccentric views, to Mr. Salmond. In the letters he refers to Mr. Salmond as ‘Mad Alex’.  I can only include some snippets here, but they are actually quite hilarious, and since we all need a laugh from time to time, I suggest you read more here.

  • “Let them ruin the coastline of Sweden first”
  • “Hopefully, Aberdeen’s magnificent coastlines will not be destroyed by these monsters”
  • “These countries, who benefit from your billions of pounds in payments, are laughing at you!”
  • “Do you want to be known as ‘Mad Alex – the man who destroyed Scotland’?”
  • “Your economy will become a third world wasteland that investors will avoid”
  • “Wind power does not work”
  • “I will be your greatest cheerleader if you can change or modify your stance”
  • “Your idea of independence is ‘Gone With The Wind’”
  • “Germany has cut back on windmills … why not sell them to Scotland if Scotland is stupid enough to buy them”
  • “These monstrous turbines are extremely unpopular in Scotland and the rest of the world – there is a great uprising against them”
  • “Spoiling Scotland’s spectacular landscape with ugly turbines will cause the tourism sector to collapse”
  • “Do not be the man who destroyed Scotland – do not be ‘Mad Alex’”

trump-golfThese are but a few samples … I have not read all 16 letters published today by the Huffington Post, who obtained copies by filing a Freedom of Information request, but what I have read thus far is enough to convince me that this ‘man’ has the mind and temperament of a five-year-old child!  He vacillates between wheedling/coaxing and rude/crude during the two-year letter writing campaign.  First Minister Salmond responded only once with “I don’t expect you to support the development of offshore wind in Scotland.  But I hope this letter will help you to understand the position of the Scottish government in terms of the importance we place on this industry’s great potential.”

When his letter-writing campaign failed to produce the desired results, Trump did what he always does … he sued the government to block the turbines, kicking off an expensive legal battle. Late last year, Britain’s highest court ruled against Trump.  His response?  “History will judge those involved unfavorably and the outcome demonstrates the foolish, small-minded and parochial mentality which dominates the current Scottish Government’s dangerous experiment with wind energy.”

Last month, Trump met with Britain’s own Nigel Farage, and, never one to let sleeping dogs lie, he once again brought up the subject of the wind turbines. Andy Wigmore, a member of Farage’s delegation, had this to say about the meeting:

“He has a bugbear. He doesn’t like windfarms at all. He said ‘When I look out of my window and I see these windmills, it offends me. Nigel, Arron, Andy, you have got to do something about these windmills.’ He said: ‘Let’s put them offshore, but why spoil the beautiful countryside.’ So he has asked us to campaign about getting rid of windfarms in the way they currently stand. I don’t want Scotland, the most beautiful country ever to be sullied by these awful windmills.”

Never let it be said that Trump takes defeat lightly.  He has many “reasons” for his objection to windfarms:

  • “First of all, we don’t make the windmills in the United States. They’re made in Germany and Japan.”
  • “They’re made out of massive amounts of steel, which goes into the atmosphere, whether it’s in our country or not, it goes into the atmosphere.”
  • “The windmills kill birds.” (The man whose sons murder lions, elephants and cheetahs for sport suddenly cares about birds???)
  • “Windmills need massive subsidies. In other words, we’re subsidizing wind mills all over this country.”
  • “For the most part they don’t work. I don’t think they work at all.”

Each of the above statements has been fact-checked by Wind Power Monthly  and proven either false or mostly false.  Please check out their article, as it contains some interesting snippets of conversation between Trump and Michael Barbaro of the New York Times.

There is so much of interest on Trump’s building of his golf courses in Scotland that I may have to do a separate post on that, but for this post I mainly wanted to focus on his attitude toward wind power as a renewable energy source.  Despite the humour of some of his bombastic comments, there is a serious issue here.  We can see from this that Trump does not give up.  Ever.  He will argue, I presume, with a brick until it finally crumbles.  And his take on renewable energy and energy conservation methods that are designed to slow the progression of destruction of our atmosphere is that they are all useless and we should instead open additional mining and drilling operations for fossil fuels.  So picture, if you will, the certain-to-happen battle between Trump and Congress, or Trump and the 50 states over energy policies.

While there are some downsides to wind as a source of renewable energy, overall it is viable both economically and environmentally. You can check out the pros and cons here. About 4% of the electricity generated in the United States is produced from wind energy. In 2013, Iowa and South Dakota produced more than 25% of their energy from the wind. It is certainly not something we want to discount in terms of working toward a cleaner, healthier environment.

Trump’s bombast is humorous on the surface, but beneath the surface, he is a powder keg looking for places to explode.  He cares more about the view from his golf course than he does about the air we breathe and the future of our planet. Unfortunately, all of us, democrats, republicans, independents … all of us are going to pay the price for this ‘man’ being elected last month.  The mind of a five-year-old in a fat man’s body.

25 thoughts on “Da Trumpeter Goes to War Against … Wind???

  1. I love the look of the wind turbines. A few years ago the Kennedys and other bigwigs in New England were into blocking wind turbines from being erected or multiplied in the waters off of the coast there. I wonder what happened to that? As for The Donald, what he does is for his personal benefit, and underestimating the man is a mistake in my view…he is a very dangerous individual. Also, I suspect that many of the outrageous, ridiculous, and ludicrous ideas and intentions will not come to fruition and are tossed out into the public venues for the sole purpose of instigating followers who could not possibly care less what he says or does..

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    • Y’know … I think they are fascinating to watch and don’t consider them an eyesore at all. My daughter, on the other hand, thinks they are ‘creepy’. I don’t know whether his more ridiculous ideas (and which ones aren’t???) are serious or if, as you say, they are for the purpose of instigating followers. However, I am unnerved by his ideas that he will simply change the rules to suit him or ignore the rules. Unless Congress does its job and does it well, which they have not for many years now, this could erode the very foundation of our government. Sigh.


  2. Dear Jill,
    There needs to be a focus as to why we need to unite to resist DT and his plans.Climate change is the one issue that unites just about everyone.

    Those who are for propping up the fossil fuel industry can have DT. Everything that he has been doing from denying climate change, to denying Russia’s role in hacking U.S. institutions; appointing leaders to dismantle EPA and the Department of Energy has to do with the fossil fuel industry. This does not make America safer.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  3. Jill, good post. His comment that we do not make wind turbines in America may be news to GE who among many businesses, makes wind turbines. This is a reason I bought their stock at the suggestion of Warren Buffett. Also, as we speak, Iowa gets about 31% of its electricity from wind, followed by South Dakota at 26% and Kansas at 24%. In 2016, we have 75 gigawatts of wind power which trails China and the EU. Texas leads the way with 18 GW, with Iowa and California at 6%.

    What I find interesting is the truth about wind energy (or solar energy) doesn’t match the negative rhetoric. The newer windmills are taller than the older ones like first put in Alta, CA. The are working with bird experts to lessen the impact on bird populations, which is one reason for the new height. As for their appearance, I find them to be elegant looking. I would ask The Donald the question, would he prefer an oil derrick off the coast of his golf courses.

    We have fortunately passed the tipping point on renewable energy with the closer to par production costs. And, when the present value of all costs are measured (acquisition, transport, environmental degradation, healthcare, storage of coal ash, and litigation), renewables cost far cheaper. Although we need to move even faster, our new President-elect cannot stop the renewable energy train.

    Also, I am encouraged by groups like Conservatives for Renewable Energy and ClearPath that are adding conservative voices to the push for clean energy.

    Many thanks, Keith

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      • Hugh, it used to be that way for many. In fact, after the river caught fire in Cleveland and following Rachel Carson’s push during the 1960s, President Richard Nixon signed into the law enacting the EPA. Along with opening up China, this was greatest achievement. Now, my former party wants to take the teeth out of the EPA. Keith

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    • Thank you, Keith! Yes, I am glad we are, as you say, past the tipping point. I was reading an article about that just this morning, and it is encouraging. Even if he removes the regulations from coal, it is doubtful that the market for coal would grow much, if at all. Plus, some 76% of citizens believe in climate change and want to take steps to slow or reverse it. There is encouraging news, but it still disturbs me to know the steps he may try to take once in office.

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      • Jill, I heard an eco-energy expert speaking on NPR about two months ago. He noted what many fail to realize is Trump’s own plan to invest more in fossil fuel will kill coal off. The utilities will continue to gravitate toward the lesser cost model and when the totality of coal cost is factored in, it is not even close.

        Coal ash is the gift that keeps on giving to a utility well after the coal plant is closed. The Dan River leak was from a retired plant coal ash site. Just yesterday, Duke Energy was made aware that a pipe from a buried coal ash site was leaking chemicals into Lake Wylie on the NC/ SC border. Last year, Duke had to provide water to a neighborhood close to a coal ash site, where the chemicals were leeching into the water.

        So, the present value cost to get coal, transport coal, burn coal, and maintain coal ash which includes litigation risk, far exceeds the cost of natural gas and renewable energy. That is not even factoring in the brand devaluation for a company caught in the cross hairs of an environmental crisis. Again, where would you spend your money if you were a utility?

        Politicians, including Trump and Mitch McConnell (Kentucky is a huge coal state), have not been truthful to coal miners. Only Bernie Sanders stood up in front of coal miners and said your jobs are not coming back. And, here is what I propose in career training and transition compensation.


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        • Yes, that was one of the things I really liked about Sanders. The only problem was that there was no way he could have kept all his promises, but he had good ideas and his heart was in the right place, unlike Trump, who I really believe has no heart.

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  4. I am not a fan of Mr. Trump. But I am not a fan of wind power either. Wind farms are uneconomic, provide only sporadic and unreliable electricity, they’re bad for the environment overall, kill thousands of protected birds, and are an ugly blot on the landscape and seascape. For once I am in agreement with your President-elect. There should be no more subsidies for wind power, and no more permissions given to build new wind farms. Other than that, I still don’t much like him.
    Nice post, as always. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • I would agree that wind is not the most efficient form of energy, but I still think it is better for the environment that coal & oil. In conjunction with solar and hydro, I think it can play a role. The one that concerns me most is nuclear, as the slightest misstep can cost so many lives, and there will always be missteps. But alas … it was a good opportunity to show what a blathering idiot the man is, and you know I never miss those opportunities 😀


  5. Isn’t Salmond the man who warned Americans that they had a choice between sanity and insanity? Those who know the man well know that what you say is true. In any event, we have chosen insanity and must somehow learn to live with it — at least for the time being until the man takes that step too far…..and he will, mark my words. It’s inevitable.

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    • Yes, that was Salmond. With a few notable exceptions, like Farage, Wilders, Hofer & LePen, there seems to be more reason, logic and common sense on the other side of the pond. And yes, we chose insanity … and yes, I have no doubt that he will take that ‘step too far’ and ultimately be ousted … BUT … how much damage will be done before that happens? Sigh.


    • On second thought: isn’t Trump the last man on earth to comment about the “ugliness” of wind turbines — or anything else for that matter! (It’s always refreshing to read Keith’s comments. He can clear up any confusion with his grasp of the facts — even though those who should be reading are blind to what he has to say!)

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  6. So first he says he does not like windmills because they spoil his view – and then he says he does not like them because America does not produce them? Cool reason….. And I thought he was all for using “massive amounts of steel”? Oh… whatever… no chance in finding a shred of reason in his mind I guess. Still quite unbelievable that this guy is going to be your president….

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