Duckspeak – Part I

OH NO … OH NONONONONONONO!!!  While it is certainly not the most dangerous appointment Trump has made in the past six weeks, it may be the most detrimental to our health and well-being, and it is the one most likely to drive us all to become either ax murderers or alcoholics!  Yesterday, da trumpeter announced the appointment of Kellyanne Conway as ‘Counselor to the President’.  NOOOO.  Do you realize what this means?  It means that most all information coming out of the White House will come via Ms. Conway!  It means we will be looking at her face on a daily basis, and hearing her ‘newspeak’ explanations that make no sense.  It also means she will be, as the New York Times so aptly described it, the “Trump Whisperer”.

conway-2Ms. Conway is a bimbo, no less than Bimbos #1 – Michele Bachmann, and #2 – Sarah Palin.  I do not use this term lightly, and only use this term to describe a person once they have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are incapable of intellectual thought or speech.  Kellyanne fits that bill perfectly.  Additionally, as I have stated about Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Ben Carson and others, she has sold her soul down the river for money, fame and power.  How do I know this?  Consider, now that she is firmly planted into the Trump circus train, some of the things she has said about her newest love in the past:

  • Conway stated that Trump had “actually built a lot of his business on the backs of the little guy” and has a history of “not paying contractors after [they have helped him] build something,” adding that “the little guys have suffered” because of Trump. – February 10th
  • Conway praised anti-Trump messaging, saying it’s “gotten better” because people are “starting to talk about victims of Trump University, victims of Trump in Atlantic City.” Conway also continued highlighting Trump’s hypocrisy in claiming that he is “for the little guy,” when really he has built his business “on the backs of the little guy.” – March 8th
  • Conway criticized Trump’s failure to release his tax returns, saying, “I would like to see those be transparent.” She also castigated Trump’s “unpresidential” rhetoric, referencing the time when he “insulted [his opponents] as ‘lying Ted’ and John Kasich ‘who eats like this slob.’” – April 25th
  • Conway reprimanded Trump for using “the p-word” at a rally, language she characterized as “unfortunate for children,” and claimed that voters “will think thrice now when they go into the ballot box.” – February 9th
  • Conway mocked Trump’s complaints after he lost the Colorado primary that “the system is rigged, the system is corrupt,” saying, “You can whine and complain all you want,” but “you didn’t know the rules.” She also attacked the Trump campaign’s claim that Colorado winner Sen. Ted Cruz used “Gestapo tactics,” saying “there’s no place in politics” for those comments. Conway also denounced Trump ally Roger Stone for attempting to intimidate delegates, saying Trump should tell him “to cut the crap.” – April 13th
  • Conway rebuked Trump for lobbing “personal insults at somebody’s wife” as well as for his accusations that Cruz was “committing a felony and breaking a law,” adding that such a comment reveals “the danger of just saying things that aren’t true.” – April 6th
  • Conway disavowed Trump’s suggestion that there should be some form of punishment for women who have abortions, arguing that he had “upended” decades of work by pro-lifers, and she implied that real pro-life candidates “would have gotten [the question] right the first time.” She also criticized Trump’s “free earned media coverage” and said, “If you live by the media questions, sometimes you have to die by the media questions.” – March 30th

And then on August 17th, she was made Trump’s campaign manager.  I found it incredible at that time that he would hire somebody who had previously criticized him, given his thin skin. And now she is to be one of his “assistants to the president”.

Cosmopolitan magazine claims that Kellyanne is “very well educated” because she graduated magna cum laude from Trinity College in Washington, D.C., earning a degree in political science.  Sorry, but that does not make her intelligent.  Michele Bachmann has a law degree, and she still thinks that Paul Revere rode to warn the British!

In addition to Conway, Trump also announced the remainder of his communications staff:

  • White House Press Secretary: Sean Spicer, the RNC’s communications director since 2011 and chief strategist since 2015
  • Director of Strategic Communication: Hope Hicks, press secretary for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign
  • Director of Communications: Jason Miller, senior communications advisor for Ted Cruz’s 2016 campaign
  • Director of Social Media: Dan Scavino, former general manager of Trump National Golf Club

orwell-1I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again now (and probably many, many times over the course of the next year) … the news coming out of the White House will consist of psychobabble, newspeak, and double-speak.  At least perhaps with an entire communications team we won’t have to read his ignorant tweets.

(Stay tuned this afternoon for Part II, as the new communication team is already sorely tested trying to explain Trump’s tweet on nuclear proliferation)

4 thoughts on “Duckspeak – Part I

  1. Jill, I have watched her as a guest on Bill Maher’s show before. I did not agree with much of what she said, but I did not find her to be untruthful. Since she has been working with Trump, trying to explain away his inane comments or propensity to treat truth as a commodity, she has become as untruthful as he has. She is not as smug as Sean Spicer is, but she is very good at not answering direct questions, just like her boss. Keith

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    • I actually felt sorry for her back in August when she first became his campaign manager, as she seemed overwhelmed by the task of having to go behind him and put a spin on his maniacal rhetoric. But, she seems to have made the glove fit quite nicely, and now I see her as just an extension of him.


  2. Trinity College is in Hartford, Connecticut. Trinity Washington University is a women’s college in Washington D.C. which is not even rated by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni — as far as I can see. And a Political Science major is not highly regarded when it comes to instilling critical thinking skills (those majors score low on the LSATs). And a “Magna Cum Laude” degree doesn’t mean that much any more — and it is not “highest” honors, either. So, her academic credentials are suspect it would appear.

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