Filosofa Takes a Holiday Break

Today is Saturday, 24 December 2016, and it is Christmas Eve.  Thus, this will likely be my last post until sometime on Monday, as I will be spending the holiday trying to enjoy family time and put the events of the nation, the world, out of my mind for a short time.

I’m sure many of you can relate when I say that I have not exactly been filled with holiday spirit this year. At first I blamed he-who-shall-remain-nameless-until-Monday, but then the voice inside my head said to me, “No, you allowed him to make you miserable”.  And I realize the voice is right.  I continue to be amazed by some friends who have been able to immerse themselves in the holiday brouhaha – shopping, decorating, baking, wrapping, et al, with seemingly little regard for world events.  I envy those people … sometimes.  I have not had the heart for any of this.  But for this weekend I am going to set aside my angst and be of good cheer.  My family has put up with me throughout this season, taking over many of the tasks like decorating and wrapping that I would normally have done, so they deserve my undivided attention for the next two days.

holiday-4My Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Other wish for all who read this blog is that you are able to find some peace during this holiday, that you are able to enjoy your families and friends, forget about what the year ahead may bring for a couple of days, smile, laugh and hug many times. Even let the dog lick your face … they say it’s unhealthy, but it surely does bring one a sense of “all is right with the world”. Those of us who delve into the dark side of life from day-to-day need to put it aside just for a bit, show those who love us that we truly love them back.  And maybe, just maybe, in so doing, we can regain a bit of perspective that we have lost over the past year.

holiday-5My family will again this year be sharing Christmas dinner with our Syrian/Iraqi friends, continuing as we have for the past two years, to blend our customs and traditions with theirs.  While I have picked up a few words of Arabic, they have learned to speak hundreds of English words and phrases.  Most of the time, between words and gestures, we understand one another, but when we don’t, we eventually erupt into gales of laughter! Nonetheless, we always laugh much, and love one another dearly.  This year, they have a Christmas tree and stockings, and at dinner we will eat traditional turkey/stuffing/gravy and trimmings, along with buraq, baklava, rice, and other Arabic treats.  Second only to my family, and my guy Herb, I am most thankful for these dear friends.

Happy Holiday to all, and Filosofa will return sometime on Monday, no doubt filled with her usual trademark snark!  Love and hugs to all!

21 thoughts on “Filosofa Takes a Holiday Break

  1. Hope you had a great holiday! Sorry I missed saying that earlier (well, it would have been with “have,” though). One day I’m going to be as punctual as Santa! Thanks for all the gifts you give us throughout the year!

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  2. Dear Jill,
    This is a great time to take a break from the news, by turning off the TV, except when watching classics on the Turner Classic Movie channel, listening to great Christmas music, drinking eggnog and sharing precious time with family and friends

    Enjoy your holiday traditions. Hugs, Gronda


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