In Memoriam: Remembering Those Who Transitioned In 2016

I recently stumbled upon a blog titled ‘Thought Provoking Perspectives’. I have only read a few posts by this writer, John T. Wills, but I like what I see. Today I am sharing, with permission, his post providing a very comprehensive list of those public figures, politicians, musicians, actors, etc., who died during 2016. I have seen many such lists in the past week or two, but this one is the most comprehensive I have seen. Some I had forgotten, and some I don’t recall hearing about. The list is long, and that is to be expected, as the ‘baby boomer’ generation is aging. Some I had barely heard of … others, like Elie Wiesel, Shimon Peres and John Glenn were bigger-than-life figures to me. Please take a moment to read Mr. Wills’ post – I bet there are some you weren’t aware of! Thank you, Mr. Wills, for this post and for your permission to share it.

Thought Provoking Perspectives

thLooking back at the year that was and remembering the long list of people that were famous, known nationally, and recognized; 2016 saw the deaths of an unusually long list of political titans and sports icons, famous musicians and Hollywood greats. There was the boxer nicknamed The Greatest, the musician known as Prince, the revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.

– Muhammad Ali, the heavyweight boxing champion who transformed himself into a global hero, died June 3 at 74. Ali, who fought a high-profile battle with Parkinson’s disease, died of septic shock.

– George Michael musician, front man for the group Wham.

– Natalie Cole, musician, daughter of the great Nat King Cole.

– Maurice White, songwriter, producer and founder of Earth, Wind, and Fire.

– The death of Fidel Castro, the cigar-chomping despot who ruled Communist Cuba for nearly half a century, sent shock waves around the world. Castro died Nov…

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