New Year 2017

Well, folks, 2016 is rapidly winding down.  I have heard from so many people who have said they cannot waitnew-year to see it gone, and surely next year must be better.  I have serious doubts.  I was planning to write my usual ‘New Year’ post, reflecting on the year just passed and sharing my thoughts and hopes for the coming year.  I may yet do so in a day or two, but for today, I am sharing the post I wrote welcoming in 2016, because when I went back and re-read it, nearly everything in that post mirrors what I would say today.  I find it difficult, at best, to even begin to predict what 2017 will hold for any of us individually, or more importantly, for our nation and the world as a whole.


Hello 2016!

I do not quite understand why it is, but most of us welcome in the new year with great hope for the next 365 days, almost as if we believe that the slate we were using for the past 365 days was wiped clean at the exact moment the ball hit bottom in Times Square, and we are now starting afresh with new hopes, new dreams, a clean slate on which to write a new story, a better one.  Okay, okay … I am not going to be the one to dash those dreams, those ethereal images that you are seeing with such joy.  Life will see to that soon enough, probably when you awaken in the morning and turn on the news, pick up the morning newspaper, or boot up the computer.

Do you make resolutions at New Year’s?  I do not, so I am always curious about people who do.  Oh sure, I hope that I can do better at certain things than I have in the past, but that is pretty much a daily hope of mine.  Do people who do make resolutions start thinking about their resolutions a week in advance?  A month?  I once had a friend who made his resolution on the morning of January 1st … same resolution every year … when he awakened with a massive hangover and resolved then and there to quit drinking, effective immediately.  His resolution usually lasted for about 12 hours.  Have you ever made a resolution and actually kept it throughout the year?  I don’t think I personally know anybody whose resolution was anything other than a dim memory by January 31st, so I am curious if some people who do make resolutions actually do manage to keep to them.

I do not make resolutions, but I think about, based on the past year, what the year 2016 might bring.  It would be lovely, and I am sure some say this is their hope for the new year, to think that within the next twelve months we will see peace and prosperity around the world, an end to wars in the Middle East, an end to racism and bigotry in our own nation, more love and tolerance, less hatred toward our fellow man, and an end to the highly annoying facebook memes that attempt to compress complex socio-political issues into a single sentence.  Who wouldn’t love to see an end to ISIS, Boko Haram, al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations?  These are dreams we could all share, even if we are divided on who should be the next president of the U.S.  But sadly, just like the person who buys a lottery ticket and goes to bed dreaming of a new home, a new car, and telling his boss “I quit”, when we look back a year from now, I am pretty sure those problems will still exist, others will have joined them, and people will still be … well, human.

Filosofa is not a cynic, contrary to what you may think.  I am actually known in my circle of friends as quite the optimist … annoyingly to some.  But I am a pragmatist, a realist, and as such I do not live in a world of dreams.  One of the readers of this blog commented yesterday that we need to say to ourselves, “okay, the world is a mess … now how do we fix it?”  I like that attitude. So, while I do not make resolutions, I do have hopes.  Unlike hopes for world peace, an end to all war, etc., my hopes are that people will start asking themselves “what can I do to make the world a little bit better?”  And then start looking for answers.  The answers are all around you, if you just realize what the question is.  Many years ago, my answer to this question was, and still is, to treat everybody as human beings.  These days, I try to make a difference by writing, in hopes that I might be able to make just one person think about things that matter.  Most of us, realistically, are not in a position to bring about world peace.  We cannot all be Mother Teresa or Gandhi.  We cannot all be leaders of nations.  But we can make small differences within our own small spheres of influence, in our community, in our neighborhood.  We can volunteer one day a month at a homeless shelter or food pantry, we can help a neighbor who is struggling, we can donate unwanted clothing or food items to the poor.  We can find ways to fight violence without resorting to more violence.  We can talk a little bit nicer to people, say “good morning” and “thank you so much” to the young person who bags our groceries.  Think that doesn’t make a difference?  Think again.

So my hope for the new year is that we all try very hard to find the small things that we can do to help people we come into contact with every day.  No, it will not end the conflict in Syria, it will not eradicate Iran’s enriched uranium supply, and it will not remove Donald Trump from the presidential race, but a lot of little deeds add up to making the world just a little bit better.  You can be part of the problem or you can be part of the solution … your choice.

In closing, I wish each and every one of you a year of peace within your own family and circle of friends, good health and that you be able to meet all of your needs.  Happy New Year!

There are some things I would add, but overall, last year’s post pretty much sums up my thoughts today as I reflect on the past 12 months and consider the next 12.  While I have fewer hopes for the coming year than I would like, I still find hope in small acts of kindness and love, so I will be on the lookout for more of those in the coming year.  I will also be my usual snarky self, rebelling against things I see as wrong.  I will certainly continue with my Idiot of the Week posts, and my ‘no politics Happy Monday posts’.  What else?  Who knows … I will take my direction as it comes to me.  Meanwhile, my wish for all my readers in the coming year is that you find peace and happiness wherever you may, appreciate those who love you, and remember to find something to smile about, something to be thankful for, every single day.  Love, hugs and kisses to you all, and thank you all for making this blog a special place for me.  I treasure each and every comment.  Happy New Year!



12 thoughts on “New Year 2017

  1. Wow! That was an incredible New Year’s post you had for 2016. The New Year is always a time for renewed hope, isn’t it? I guess that counts the most even if our dreams or resolutions are never fulfilled.

    Have a wonderful 2017, Jill. Happy New Year!

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  2. Happy New Year! Kismet, the cat, is napping on my toes as I write, so there’s one bit of thanks, to you and to him. There’s a good program on Amazon and a bottle of outrageously expensive-but-worth-it Irish whiskey, both beckoning and trying to steal me away from the joys of unpacking all these icky boxes from Kentucky. I’m thankful that most of the bugs I am finding are dead. There was one live spider, but yay, not a huge or poisonous one. The foot of snow we received is gorgeous, if you don’t have to be driving, which I don’t. See, since you are posting that you are a cranky pragmatist, I’ll post positively positive things in this comment. That’ll confuse the hell out of the gods of fate for 2017.

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  3. Happy New Year to you too! A little under 3 hours for us to go until 2017 … let us be hopeful it will be a good one! I do like the odd numbers 😉 although both my boys and myself were born in an “even year” … Maybe it is the un-orderly nature of odd numbers that draws me to them … 🙂

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