First Monday of 2017 !!!! Let the Festivities Begin!

monday-beeWelcome to the first Monday of 2017.  There will be 51 more to follow, if we are lucky.  My friend Herb mentioned the other day that in our brave new world of newspeak, perhaps weekends will cease to exist and every day will be called ‘Monday’.  But this is supposed to be a happy, get-the-week-started-on-a-positive-note post, so we will save ponderance of Herb’s prediction for another day.

Since I have several new readers, let me reiterate that about a year ago, a friend asked if it would be possible for me to lighten up and not post about politics on Monday mornings, as Mondays were hard enough without having to read my snarky political commentary.  I agreed, and it is now a regular feature of this blog that on Monday mornings I will write of funny, happy, and feel-good things … no politics allowed!  Some weeks that is easier than others, but I always try.  And with that said … let us move along so I don’t make you all late for work!

frozenI begin with an Italian orchestra director, one Giacomo Loprieno.  Loprieno had just finished conducting a Thursday performance of “Disney in Concert: Frozen” when he lost his cool (pun intended … frozen … cool … get it?).  Apparently he was miffed by the fact that several families had left the performance early in order to avoid heavy traffic, and he suddenly lashed out to all the children in the audience, “Babbo Natale non esiste!”  Which translates into “Father Christmas does not exist!”  Which was rather the wrong thing for him to tell this group of youngsters, as many burst into tears.
giacomoLoprieno was immediately replaced by conductor Marco Dallara, and in an apparent attempt to make up for Loprieno’s outburst, a photo was on exhibit of Dallara hugging a man dressed as Santa outside the auditorium and the producers had Santa sit in the audience for the Friday afternoon performance.

Three days later, however, Loprieno is apparently still angry, according to the rants on his Facebook page:

“So this 2016 comes to an end. For your fault I’m going through the new year’s eve on infojobs looking for a new job, why? Because I told the truth, or that that fat scumbag in red. It’s just a bloody invention of coca cola. Now, my dear parents listening, merrily go [Bleep] you and your children friendd who play with the Ipad. Happy new year”

“2017. A new year. A New Christmas. Yeah, because there is not enough to get the kids to “Christmas 2016″ you Italians hypocrites bums and gullible already getting ready for the next, and maybe you’re already thinking about bs to say to your horrible children. ” now he’s back in Lapland!! 1!1!1!” ” He’s with the elves to prepare the gifts for the next year!! 1!!” Pathetic liars.”  – Translated from original Italian

I’ve always heard that great artists are more temperamental than average, but this???

panda-snowmanRegular readers will remember that I cannot resist a cute critter story, and this YouTube video  of a Panda and a snowman gave me my first actual laugh of 2017!  Zoo keepers at the Toronto Zoo made a snowman for their favourite panda, Da Mao, to play with.  I think Da Mao was actually attempting to snuggle with the snowman, but if it was a wrestling match, I’m fairly certain the snowman won!  This video is a must-see!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am ready to put the holiday season away!  I’m not normally a Grumpy Grinch, but this year I have been, and being a creature of routine, I am ready to get mine back!  But for those of you who wish there was still some holiday magic left to celebrate, never fear!  There are still 16 holidays left in January, and the first one is today!

  • January 2ndHappy Mew Year For Cats Day. Just another excuse to prove that cats rule.

black cat and glass of red wine

  • January 4thHappy Dimpled Chad Day. I have a friend named ‘Chad’ and he has dimples, so I should post a card on Facebook for him. But actually, the ‘dimpled chad’ this holiday refers to is when someone attempts to punch a hole in a sheet of paper, but the cutout remains attached and leaves just a dent. Why this has earned its own holiday is a mystery to me.
  • January 9thNational Clean-Off-Your-Desk Day. I’ve always said that a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind, so I shall leave mine alone, thank you.


  • January 9thNational Thank God It’s Monday! Day. Oh but I shall have fun with this one next week! That is, if I still remember it a week from now.
  • January 10thNational Poetry At Work Day.  It’s about encouraging you to see the poetry in your everyday tasks, and putting those fuzzy feelings into verse. Um … yeah, right.
  • January 11thNational Learn Your Name In Morse Code Day. To find out what yours is, go to the Morse Code translator.  Mine is: .— .. .-.. .-.. / -.. . -. -. .. … — -.  I’m sure this will come in handy … someday … for something …
  • January 12thNational Hot Tea Day.  My daughter and my Brit friends will appreciate this one. For my part … I’ll stick with coffee.


  • January 13thBlame Somebody Else Day. I know some for whom this is an every day occasion.
  • January 16thNational Nothing Day.
  • January 17thJudgement Day.  Note that this comes less than a week after Blame Somebody Else Day.
  • January 17thKid Inventors’ Day. You are supposed to encourage your kid to make something on this day. How about “Make your bedroom get clean!”?
  • January 23rdNational Pie Day. Surely I do not need to explain this one to you?
  • January 25thA Room Of One’s Own Day. On the anniversary of author Virginia Woolf’s birthday remember to make a personal space for you and only you.
  • January 28thLocal Quilt Shop Day. I know my friend Silvia will appreciate this one!
  • January 29thCurmudgeons Day. Finally, a day created with ME in mind!
  • January 30thInane Answering Message Day.  No comment.

Holidays courtesy of Mental Floss.  Personally, I think that with the exception of Curmudgeons Day, they are all a bit of a stretch, but I did find humour in it, at any rate.

So, on that note I shall take my leave and let you all get started on this first Monday of the new year.  Enjoy it while you can for reasons that I cannot state here, else I would be breaking my own rules.  If you cannot live by your own rules, you’re pretty much doomed.  If I have made you smile just a wee bit this morning, I hope that you pass it along, or ‘pay it forward’ as it is called today.  You just might make your own day a little bit brighter, as well as somebody else’s.  Keep warm and safe, have a decent day, and KEEP SMILING!  Do it for Filosofa!






20 thoughts on “First Monday of 2017 !!!! Let the Festivities Begin!

  1. I have seen the panda video – it is GREAT! My boys loved it too. 😉 To avoid the hazards of the first Monday of the year, we drove off to a mini-vacation yesterday… 😉 So at the moment I am in Belgium, enjoying a few days “somewhere else” 🙂

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  2. I am preparing for the Poetry at Work holiday. I’m planning on dedicating a poem to my co-workers (or as one blogger recently purposefully typo’d it “cow-orkers”). I’m already thinking of words that rhyme for them. So far I have: itches, witches, stitches, snitches, riches, ditches, hitches, pitches…

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  3. My suspicion is that Giacomo is a frustrated artist! Imagine if you are really talented and ended up leading an orchestra for a Disney extravaganza!! What a come-down! Anyway, thanks for making Mondays more bearable — though, as a retired fart Mondays are pretty much like any other day!

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