Trumping The Environment

today I share this post from blogger-friend Hugh Curtler about a recent poll asking people for their opinion regarding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) … an agency that is in serious danger once Trump assumes office. I got a jolt when reading this post, and I think most will! Please take a few moments to read this post in full, as it reflects the current thinking of citizens of this nation on one of the most important issues of the day.


A recent online story about a Reuters poll that reflects the views of many Americans with respect to the environment is of considerable interest. It said, in part,

Some 39 percent of Americans would like to see the E.P.A., the nation’s top environmental regulator, “strengthened or expanded,” while another 22 percent hope for it to “remain the same,” according to the poll. Just 19 percent said they would like to see the agency “weakened or eliminated” and the rest said they “don’t know.”

Among Republicans, 47 percent wish for the EPA either to “remain the same” or be “strengthened or expanded,” while 35 percent want it “weakened or eliminated”.

The online poll of 9,935 people was conducted Dec. 16 to Jan. 12 and has a credibility interval, a measure of accuracy, of 1.1 percentage points.

“Trump is a businessman, and that’s all he thinks about … what will make money,” said…

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