And So It Begins …

dolIt took less than an hour.  Less than an hour after Trump taking the oath of office, and the official U.S. Government website had removed all traces of the Department of Labor’s report (Note that at the time I originally wrote this post, the site simply said “page not found, but since then, a pdf file has been placed on the site, though I do not know if it is the original content.) on lesbians, bisexuals, gays and transsexuals in the workplace  .  Gone also is the exposition on the threat of climate change, and in its place is a video of the inauguration   .  And this message:

“For too long, we’ve been held back by burdensome regulations on our energy industry. President Trump is committed to eliminating harmful and unnecessary policies such as the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the U.S. rule. Lifting these restrictions will greatly help American workers, increasing wages by more than $30 billion over the next 7 years.” 

Oh good … we will make more money, but die much sooner and contribute to making the planet Earth unlivable.  And the only people who will make more money are miners and oilmen, not the general populace.

The page on civil rights was replaced with a page titled “Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community“. And if you go to the “Issues” section, you will no longer find mention of ‘healthcare’, as you would have a day ago.  So, let us be clear … we have no idea now where we, as a nation, stand on issues of LGBT rights, Civil rights, Healthcare, or Climate change.  None.  The government apparently, at this juncture, does not recognize these as issues.  But take heart, because we can learn all about magazine covers which Melania has graced and also her line of costume jewelry.  Phew … for a moment there, I thought we were going to remain in the dark on the important things!

Also on the rapidly revamped government website is a brief bio of Trump’s wife containing a list of Melania Trump’s magazine cover appearances and details on her jewelry line at QVC. Free advertising … propaganda shoved down the throats of people going to their government’s website to find serious answers to serious questions?

The new “America First Foreign Policy” page made no mention of Russia or China, instead discussing the defeat of ISIS and the renegotiation of NAFTA and other trade deals. “If our partners refuse a renegotiation that gives American workers a fair deal, then the President will give notice of the United States’ intent to withdraw from NAFTA,” the page read. The same language was repeated on the new “Trade Deals Working for All Americans” page on

A reduction in the Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) annual mortgage insurance premium had been scheduled to take place Jan. 27th. In one of the first acts of the Trump administration, the cut in premiums has been suspended indefinitely. Oh yes, my friends, this is how Trump plans to enrich your lives, making sure some who are already struggling to pay their mortgages will likely lose their homes.

In other first-day news:

Low turnout

Although turnout estimates for the inauguration are not yet available as of this writing, the number transported by bus is available from D.C.’s Metro system. As of 11 a.m. Inauguration Day, Metro logged 193,000. Four years ago, there were 317,000 at the same point on Inauguration Day. At Mr. Obama’s first inauguration, the number was 513,000. Trump fans number about 1/3 of Obama fans on his first inauguration … does this tell you something? About 1/3 as many as in 2009, and around ½ as many as 2013.  Television viewer data is also not yet available, but President Obama’s numbers from 2009 will be hard to beat, and I know of only one friend who actually watched the train wreck, so it will be an interesting comparison when data becomes available.

Hillary Clinton attended the inauguration to “honor our democracy & its enduring values. I will never stop believing in our country & its future.”  While this move took great courage and is the trademark of a true stateswoman,  the crowd began chanting their tired old “Lock her up”.  These are not my fellow-countrymen and women … these are gutless, soulless, brainless heathens.

Faux News

I saw a Facebook meme earlier that said CNN’s press pass had been denied.  It sounded fishy to me, as I thought that would be a violation of the 1st Amendment that even the president would not have the power to do.  I found several sources reporting on this, but no credible sources, and it was not even mentioned on CNN’s website, so I am 99.8% certain it was a story concocted to further rile those who are already angry.  I would call it inciting to riot.  This, faux news, is NOT what this nation needs right now.  There is enough hate already going around, Trump has done or said nothing today to defuse it, and has done and said much to fuel the flames, so why the hell does some idiot-savant sitting in a desk chair in his den in Minnesota think this is smart?  There are so many positive ways to put talent and time to use, that it is a crime and a shame for people to perpetuate yet more hate, where there was already more than enough. (Note that i did find out that if it is proven a media outlet has reported faux news, something with no basis in truth, the Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, can revoke that outlet’s press pass.)


I believe strongly in peaceful protest.  I wish it were in my power to participate in the Women’s March on Washington today, as I would do so proudly.

People are angry … rightfully and justifiably so.  We are angry that an incompetent, arrogant, uneducated fool has been elected to lead our nation.  We are angry that the same fool has stirred up so much hate, has made us fear that we will be losing the rights we have spent decades gaining.  Yes, I am angry also.  But … destruction of private property, assaulting police officers, causing bodily harm to innocent bystanders … this is not the way to make our voices heard.  This accomplishes nothing and it gives the already-gloating Republicans the right to say, “Look at those damn democrats … they are unruly, violent, and have no sense.”  We are better than this.  Let us take a page from Dr. Martin Luther King’s book and pursue a path of peaceful, non-violent protest.  March, if you can, but do not hurt people or damage property.  Write letters to your Congressmen and women letting them know that you will NOT be voting for them in 2018 if they do not vote against Trump’s bad policy decisions.  Write to Trump himself.  Write to the media.  Yes, by all means, protest that which is unfair and unjust, but do not prove yourself to be as big of an ass as Trump himself is! Do the right thing, but do it in the right way!

And so it begins … with the new administration’s propaganda replacing fact-based information on the official website, cuts in programs that benefit the disadvantaged, faux news, protests and riots.  Welcome to the Brave New World of post-truth and newspeak, a world where nothing we are told can be taken at face value and there can be no trust that our government will any longer be “Of the people, by the people, and for the people.” If today’s news was any indication, we will all be kept busy trying to stay on top of the clown troupe that is occupying the White House.  Take heart … here is a countdown clock showing the years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds until this four year nightmare is over. By my calculations, that translates into some 35,040 hours.  Sigh … gonna be a long 35,040 hours folks!

60 thoughts on “And So It Begins …

  1. I knew Hillary Clinton was welcomed by Trump at the Inagural Luncheon, and received a standing ovation, but I didn’t know the crowd yelled their stupid “lock her up” chant. At the actual inaugural ceremonies Hillary didn’t say anything. I actually watched the entire inauguration thing…loved the red-hat-stupids nodding astutely at “big words” various speakers used. I felt duty-bound to force myself to watch the entire production…since I have plenty to say, and boy-cotting the inauguration ceremonies would have been counter-productive. Also…I liked the “show” a lot….the twin kids and their family did a great job on their production….and the black choir singers were great…love the high-kicking Rockettes.

    Trump is a terrible dancer, and manages to be predatory and menacing even in a simple dance. Now Mike Pence, on the otherhand, looked great in his tuxedo, his wife happy and pleasant-looking…and the two quite nicely doing their dance ….which stole the show…if ya ask me.

    I would not have missed Trump’s inauguration speech for the world….he did not disappoint: just as stupid and a-la-land as ever! I have been sick…literally feel like throwing up…ever since.

    but just watching the Deplorables in the mob was worth my time and effort— watching the actual “event” in its entirety was like punishment, but for informational purposes I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!


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  2. Jill, so the period of disinformation begins. That is extremely unfortunate, but not unexpected. His speech was very dark and off the mark. As I mentioned in my blog, he should follow the optimism of Ronald Reagan, to pick someone from his stated party. But, from his speech, he does not have a party – he is a party of one. “I, alone, can solve our problems,” is equal parts arrogant and wrong.

    By the way, don’t assume we will be making more money under this President. Several econometric firms, including Moody’s and Oxford, predicted during the campaign his policies would cause from a malaise to a recession. Yes, we have problems, but we also are near full employment, with the fourth longest economic growth periods in our country, and a stock market at an all time high. If he retrenches on global trade, that will be like throwing water on a nice fire. Global trade creates more prosperity and makes us more secure.


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    • Yes, the disinformation is likely to continue and escalate, and I just hope that he doesn’t find some way of shutting down our legitimate media. They are truly the biggest hurdle to him getting his way, and I fear his first goal will be suppression.

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  3. Here in Europe we closely listened to/read the speech he gave. Most politicians afterwards voiced their concern and worry. “This does not sound good” was the common reaction – apart from our lovely right-wing populists, who of course screeched with happiness. Sigh. – And to think there will be elections for parliament here in the Netherlands in March… Not looking forward to it!

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