Gaslighting: to manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. Donald Trump is the master of this form of manipulation, as fellow-blogger Hugh Curtler so masterfully points out. Hugh is kinder to people than I am, and also more of a deep-thinker, and his post is an excellent analysis of what, how and why Trump’s gaslighting techniques seem to be effective for a portion of the population. Please take a few minutes to read Hugh’s post … what he says has much value. Thank you, once again, Hugh … both for a great post and for permission to share.


I recall years ago seeing a survey that concluded the most distrusted people in this culture are used-car salesmen (excuse me, previously-owned-car-salesmen) — followed closely by politicians. I dare say that after the recent election the ranking has switched: politicians must be in the lead, surely. Both are notorious for their lies and deceptions, though the politicians seem to be determined to set new records.

But, what precisely is a lie? We can say that a lie is a deliberate attempt to mislead. It involves intent, not just mistaken facts. When another study during the recent election showed that Trump had lied 87 times in a week and Clinton only 8 Hillary’s followers were well pleased — even though it was noted that she did lie. Now, we don’t know if it was lies, in either case, because we do not know what the intentions of the two candidates were. We

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