Protecting the Grey Wolf is Protecting Our Public Lands

One blog I recently began following, Nomad Advocate, is written by Travis Deaton, an adventurer, humanitarian and advocate, as his by-line says. He is doing some excellent volunteer work to preserve our national parks and wildlife. Last night, his post struck a chord with me, and I feel compelled to share it today. Under the new administration in Washington, some 3.3 million acres of public land may be sold in the near future for the purpose of mining and drilling. Not only would this destroy some of our most valuable resources, but poses a significant threat to the wildlife on and around that land. Please take a few minutes to read Travis’ excellent, well-researched post. Thank you Travis for all the good work you are doing, and for permission to share this post!

Nomad Advocate

The United States Congress has already introduced legislation to sell off 3.3 million acres of public land, the White House has already appointed a pro-drilling, anti-federal land head to lead the Department of the Interior, and this current 6th Mass Extinction is still raging onward. It can be easy to think of conservation of land and conservation of wildlife as two separate entities, but often times they are tightly correlated. Take the grey wolf and preservation efforts here in the U.S. Grey Wolf populations have a substantial impact on the environment and positively impacts dozens-hundreds of other species. The United States Congress has introduced legislation to remove ESA protections from wolves in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Wyoming, in an attempt to expand their land-grab from the American people. Why would Congressional Republicans and a drill-hungry White House care about wolf protections?


Wolves have a large territorial pattern so any efforts to…

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2 thoughts on “Protecting the Grey Wolf is Protecting Our Public Lands

  1. Dear Jill,

    We will simply have to fight the Trump administration on so many fronts.

    It the fossil fuel industry is left to its own devices, to drill wherever it wants, “We the People” will not have any clean waters, clean air to breath, beautiful lands to peruse and enjoy. More animals and their habitats will be at risk.We will have more states like OK which has been subject to multiple earthquakes.

    This is fight worth pursuing.

    PS Congratulations on passing the number 500!!

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes … there are so many fronts … it is like trying to put out hundreds of fires, and new ones keep cropping up. Or, like those trick birthday candles that keep re-lighting after being blown out. I read a comment by some commentator the other day who said, “Being president is supposed to exhaust the president, not the citizens!” And thanks! I couldn’t believe I hit 500 when just a year ago I had under 200. I have my blogging friends to thank! Hugs!

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