Happy Day Between Sunday And Tuesday!


{Filosofa singing horribly off-key} ♫ Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener … that is what I’d truly love to beeeeee-eeeeee—eeeeee … ’Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer wiener … Everyone would be in love with me. 

Oh!  Hi folks! Sorry about that … I guess I got lost in my thoughts there and didn’t realize you had popped in!  Just an FYI about the Oscar Mayer Weiner song … the man who wrote the song, died on September 21st last year at age 87.  I knew you would welcome that tidbit of trivia!

Welcome to another Funday Monday morning designed to ease your transition back into the real workday world after the weekend.  I hope you all had a great weekend!  I did … finally, after weeks of cloudy skies, the sun came out and the temps got up into the 50’s, so I actually went walking in the park … did about 3 miles, which surprised me.  I haven’t walked regularly since breaking my foot back in October, so I was surprised I had the stamina to go 3 miles.  Anyway, let’s get this week started off with a few chuckles and ‘awwwwww’s.  Grab your cup o’ java, tea, or whatever your preference …

Guys … you want to be real careful about your barber these days.  It seems there is a new trend out there … using a flamethrower to straighten hair! (Hey Herb … remember you were talking about finding a new barber?  🙂  )


Palestinian barber Ramadan Edwan has adopted the blazing technique instead of using blowdryers, due to the lack of electricity at his salon in the southern Gaza Strip. He begins by pouring flammable powder and liquid on the customer’s hair before setting it on fire with a lighter, He then uses a pair of combs to style the hair through the flames until the look is set. I’m not sure how many new customers this has gained him, but they say that crowds are flocking to his barbershop to view the spectacle.

Edwan is not the originator of the idea, however.  In the small village of Gulbarga in Karnataka in southern India, barber Dasharath Kumar uses a more moderate technique of styling with flames.  Dasharath combs the hair and meticulously runs the flame of the candle on the ends, giving it a unique finish. Once done, he washes the hair and deep conditions it to get rid of that pesky burnt smell. (I occasionally singe my hair while smoking and reading in bed, and it DOES stink!) 


And in Spain, there is Alberto Olmedo, a barber who … wait for it … uses both a blowtorch and … samurai swords!  You simply must take a second to check out this video! . The guy has panache for sure!  I’m not sure I would want to be the one sitting in his chair, but he certainly has style!  I have to wonder what OSHA and the FTC would have to say about this?

You all remember Groundhog Day last Thursday, right?  Apparently ol’ Phil really made some people unhappy with his prediction of six more weeks of winter (even though he’s only right 37% of the time, which means that spring is nearly here).

Tony Lapekas of Kalamazoo, Michigan, clad in a top hat inspired by the ones worn by the famous groundhog’s handlers, stood on a Kalamazoo street corner Thursday while holding a pair of signs reading, “Impeach the groundhog!” and “#NotMyWeatherMan,” the latter of which featured a drawing of a groundhog with a line through it.


And in Merrimack, New Hampshire, police said they issued an arrest warrant for the country’s most famous groundhog for failing to disclose the extent of the lasting winter. “He told several people that Winter would last 6 more weeks, however he failed to disclose that it would consist of mountains of snow!” Merrimack police said.


Yet another groundhog may be spending time behind bars … this one in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, where Mayor Jon Freund was bitten on the ear by Jimmy the Groundhog while announcing the status of his shadow!  The attack on the mayor’s ear lobe could have been just because it was breakfast time for Jimmy. It could have also been an uprising against mayors after New York City mayor Bill de Blasio was implicated in the death of one of his brethren. (In 2014, de Blasio accidentally dropped the groundhog who allegedly died, though there are conflicting reports)

Who knew that there was so much controversy swirling over groundhogs???

In the small southern California town of Thousand Oaks, there is a small newspaper called the Thousand Oaks Acorn.  What makes this small-town paper unique is a monthly feature titled “Squirrel of the Month”. Not just any ol’ squirrel can qualify to become Squirrel of the Month … there is a fairly rigid set of guidelines, according to editor Kyle Jorrey.  Squirrels wishing to compete for the honour must live up to the precedent set by past stars like:

  • A squirrel who went to truly acrobatic lengths to get food meant for birds.
  • These squirrel BFFs.
  • A squirrel who enjoyed “taunting” an innocent family dog.
  • A be-tusked squirrel who later received some much-needed dental work.
  • A squirrel named “Rebecca.”

To see these and other past winners, click here 

And now that I have provided you with a song, some humour, and some cute, furry critters to start your morning, it is time for you to rinse your cup, put your shoes on and get out there and earn a buck or two (except for those of us who are retired 🙂  )  As I always try to remind you, share that smile with someone today.  When you start feeling a mite grumpy, remember the squirrels and smile.  Remember that Filosofa is thinking about you all and wishing you a happy day!  A few funnies to send you along your way …








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