Open Letter to Donald Trump – #3


06 February 2017

Dear D. Trump;

This is my third … THIRD … letter to you, and frankly I am getting tired of writing to you.  I have much more important things to do, but you are not heeding my message, thus forcing me to continue trying to help you to understand the needs of the nation you so badly wanted to represent.

Today I read yet another of your self-deluded tweets: “Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election. Sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting.”  I would like to clarify and set you straight on this issue, as you are so entirely out of touch with what the people in this nation want that you should not be sitting in that chair you are sitting in.

The polls that show your approval rating at 35% – 40% are likely quite accurate.  Have you not noticed that there are protestors in every city protesting your Islamophobic ban on Muslims and the fact that you have threatened to take affordable healthcare from 20 million people?  Do you not read the people’s responses in the Op-Ed sections of the newspapers, on Facebook, in blogs, and even on your very own Twitter feed?  Do you not see when you turn on your television and there are thousands of people holding signs that read “IMPEACH TRUMP!”? What DO you think when you see these things?  How can you still believe you represent the will of We The People, when you do not even see us, let alone hear us????

Since you have proven that you have no clue what the citizens of this nation want and don’t want, I have compiled two lists for you.  Please cut these lists out and put them where you will be certain to see them on a daily, or preferably hourly basis:

What Americans DO Want:

  • Strong environmental protections including cleaner, renewable energy sources, protections for land, air, water and wildlife
  • Affordable healthcare for ALL
  • A reasonable immigration policy that affords asylum and opportunities for all refugees, regardless of national origin or religion
  • Laws that promote equality for all, including African-Americans, Hispanics, Middle-Easterners, and the LGBT community
  • Higher tax rates on large corporations and wealthy individuals such as yourself
  • Cordial and productive relations between the U.S. and our allies, such as the UK, EU, and Australia
  • A government that respects the press and the important role they play in helping us maintain our democracy
  • Sensible gun regulations that include background checks and competency testing
  • A president and a Congress that answer to the people, not to the lobbyists such as the NRA
  • Freedom of choice and options such as Planned Parenthood to assist us in making healthy, sensible choices
  • An improved educational system that includes a solid liberal arts program, and affordable college for ALL
  • A prison system that focuses on rehabilitation rather than retribution
  • Transparency in all areas of government, especially those that apply to the environment, human services, education, communication and national security

What Americans Do NOT Want:

  • Pipelines such as Keystone and Dakota Access which will cause damage to the environment
  • Additional military spending when we already have the highest annual military expenditure in the world, and there are many humanitarian issues that could benefit from that money
  • A Supreme Court that leans heavily in either direction
  • Federal lands destroyed by logging, mining and drilling
  • Laws that allow for the discrimination of any group of people for any reason
  • Increased use of fossil fuels that damage the earth and surrounding environment
  • A ‘wall’ on the U.S.-Mexico border that would hurt both our economy and that of our ally, Mexico
  • A nation that favours one religion over others
  • Steve Bannon to have ANY role in government
  • Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, as she seeks to destroy our public schools
  • An authoritarian government where the president thinks he is a dictator

In short, Don, we do NOT support virtually any of the positions you have taken or announced your intent to take thus far.  If you truly wish to be president of this country, you will put aside your own ego, choose advisors who have the knowledge and experience you so sorely lack, and listen to the people.

While I am on that subject, let me be perfectly clear.  In light of your daily rant today, I understand you said that the media are ‘covering up’ terrorist attacks.  You know better than that, and I know better than that, and 90% of Americans know better than that, so why on earth would you tell such a monumental lie?  Let us deal with some actual facts here, instead of your post-truth, alternative facts. First, according to Representative Jerrold Nadler and verified by PolitiFact, since 9/11, 94 people have been killed in the U.S. by terrorist attacks, but not a single one was perpetrated by a terrorist from any of the seven countries on your list. 94 people in 15 years is far from the massive problem you claim it to be, and FURTHERMORE, the large majority of jihadist terrorists in the United States have been American citizens or legal residents.  Second, the media could not cover up a terrorist attack if they wanted to … and why would they want to?  It would be more coverage for them?  Use your head for something other than putting that really bad toupee on, please Don.

One last piece of advice.  Ditch Bannon, Spicer and Conway … you do a good enough job of making yourself look foolish, but with their help, you are coming across to the majority of us as a total buffoon.  If you don’t straighten up, you will have the shortest term of any president since William Henry Harrison in 1941 who died of pneumonia just 32 days after his inauguration.

I hope that you find my advice to be useful and that just for once in your life you will listen to somebody who is literate, educated, and relatively knowledgeable. Please also refresh your memory by referring back to letter #1 and letter #2.

Writing to you is getting extremely tiresome and frankly I have enough problems of my own without having to spend my time doing this.  I close with one final thought:  as I see it, you owe me approximately $28,076.45 for many nights of lost sleep, breakage of dishes, a hole in the plaster of my wall, a possibly broken toe, and the time I have to spend correcting your lies for others.  I will accept either a cashier’s check or money order.  Thank you.


Jill E. Dennison

14 thoughts on “Open Letter to Donald Trump – #3

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  2. I’m personally using President Orangutan
    One I ask if I can use your list of what we want as a scaffolding to develop a platform, moving in the direction to either redefine the party or establish framework of a party that leaves the fringe myopic uncompromising zealots to their equally pathetic fat cat, back scratching, pay to play selves and create something inspiring reasonable practical and pragmatic? A party to make America great again like before they made it great again. When I lived in Australia there was a strong enough Green Party that in order to obtain support for legislation concessions had to be made pulling policy center and more diversely covered public needs. GD bicameral system of black or white thinking.

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  3. Just today on Twitter he spouted off against Nordstrom for dropping his daughters products causing their stock to plummet and then he went on to post an article showing 40 ‘fake news’ stories. The article was from a proven fake news site. I’ve stopped responding to each stupid tweet with a smart-ass remark of my own, fun though that was. I now simply respond with the hash tag #impeachDonaldTrump. I’m trying to get it trending.

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    • The man is a bloomin’ eejit, as some of my friends would say! I saw the one about Nordstrom. Tonight I read that his pick for the vacant Supreme Court position had the gall to criticize him over his comments about judges … I’m betting he won’t like that one bit! I love your idea about the #impeachDonaldTrump hashtag! Gotta try that one out! 🙂

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