Shhhhhh … It’s Monday, But Don’t Tell Anyone

monday-aztec-calA week made up of seven days is part of our modern global culture, but its origins date back to ancient civilization. The Greeks gave us democracy, the Romans bridges and roads but you can blame the Babylonians for the seven-day week … a week that always seems to contain the dreaded … Monday!  Now, I cannot complain too much, for I am retired, and though I do have certain house chores that are assigned to Monday, my schedule is pretty much my own and I like it that way.  But for the rest of you … I well remember the dread that would begin on Sunday evening, knowing that the work week was lurking just ahead, and knowing that it would be a long five days until freedom was restored.  So, I sympathize and have worked extra hard to try to find you some fun things to start your work week with a laugh, a chuckle, or at least a silly grin!

A monk no more

monday-monk-zenWhat do you think of when you think of a Buddhist monk?  Peace, contentment, solitude, harmony, zen, … right?  Well, just like every other religion in the world, Buddhism has a few rebels, and one such is Arsara, a Burmese monk … well, former monk, as it were. Arsara was arrested on Sunday, 05 February by authorities who had received a tip that he was transporting illegal substances.  Inside the car, the anti-drug task force discovered 400,000 methamphetamine pills.  No wonder monks are so at peace!  But wait … prompted by their find, authorities then searched the monastery – a search which turned up 4.2 million pills — worth upwards of $4 million in street value — along with a grenade and ammunition.  Turns out there were two other monks also implicated, Pyin Nyar Nanda, and  Khone Na La. I thought monks lived an austere life, so just what the heck were they going to do with all that money?  Donate it to charity?


Three monks and their stash.  Arsara is on the far right.

Soe Min Tun, the director general of the Religious Affairs Ministry, said, “It is not a very common case, but not impossible to happen. What will happen to the monk is that he will have to give up his monkhood right away and face trial as an ordinary person.” Just goes to show … (I don’t know what it shows, but if anybody can come up with something catchy here, let me know)

Samurai grandma

monday-woman-caneAn 80-year-old woman (who will remain nameless, mostly because I do not know her name), received the cane several years ago as a gift from her son (who will also remain nameless, as I do not know his name either). She used the cane to help her walk, as 80-year-old people often do.  So, imagine her surprise when she went through the security checkpoint at South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach International Airport last week and TSA agents confiscated her cane!

The woman was as surprised as any about the hidden sword, was not arrested, and was allowed to board her flight … sans cane.

I did some research and found that you can buy canes with swords inside for just under $40 from any number of online vendors.  Who knew?  I am fortunate that, as yet, I do not need a cane for mobility, however if I ever do, I want one with a sword inside!  Could come in handy when the lady in front of me at the Kroger checkout line is being too slow … a little poke in the patootie …

monday-sandcastle-kidEver build a sand castle when you were a kid?  I have not, but I have seen others do so.  Well, it is no longer just child’s play!.  Sudarsan Pattnaik just built the tallest sandcastle in the world, on a beach in India. Pattnaik’s creation, which is themed around world peace, is 48 feet tall. It features doves, scalloped edges, man-sized turrets, and a massive sand portrait of Gandhi.

The sculpture was unveiled last week at Puri Beach in Orissa, India, after four days of gritty construction work, the Times of India reports. The folks from the Guinness Book of World Records were on hand to give Pattnaik the award, previously held by American Ted Siebert.  Siebert’s castle was a mere 3.75 shorter than Parrnaik’s … I wonder if he will now try to top the new record?


Pattnaik is a professional sculptor who has a school, the Sudarsan Sand Art Institute.  Thirty of his students actually helped him build the sand castle.  Good job, Mr. Pattnaik … what’s next?

It is illegal to tow a couch in New Brunswick

Some of my readers, perhaps, have never had a bit too much to drink and done something rather stupid as a result, but most of us can probably relate to this story.

The men were just hungry, so the nearby McDonald’s seemed like a good choice.  Did I mention that one of the men was driving an ATV … towing a couch … upon which the other two men sat?  Unfortunately for them, they were spotted by an officer of the Miramichi Police Department who apparently failed to see the fun in the episode, so he put his flashing lights on and headed toward the trio.  The driver of the ATV took off like a flash … leaving the two couch-riders behind.  One story reports he also left the couch, the other that he took the couch along and dumped the riders.  Either way, the two riders, who were at least wearing helmets, were arrested, though they were commended for wearing helmets.  The driver of the ATV made a successful escape by driving over a frozen lake, and although the ATV has since been located, the driver is still at large.  No word on whether they had already received their burgers & fries or not.


On a personal note, the nuttiest thing I ever did when slightly inebriated was sled down a friend’s hilly front yard … on a garbage can lid … into a 4-lane highway.  Luckily at midnight there wasn’t much traffic.  🙂  But that was long, long ago in another lifetime.

And now, my friends, the time has come for me to get to those aforementioned house chores (did I mention I have not yet taken down and packed away Christmas decorations?) and for you to go make the world a better place by doing whatever your jobs are.  Start your day with a smile and a light heart, share the smile with somebody you come across today who doesn’t seem to have one of their own.  Smiles are rather like love … it is a renewable resource, and the more of it you share, the more you seem to have.  Have a great week, keep safe, and remember … SPRING IS ON THE WAY!!!!


NONONO … Not THAT kind of spring …. THIS kind of spring …










And this one is for Hugh …

11 thoughts on “Shhhhhh … It’s Monday, But Don’t Tell Anyone

  1. Terrific stuff! The story of Pattnaik building the sand castle “with the help of 30 of his students” reminds me of a good friend of mine (who couldn’t drive a nail) who had a student build him a deck but insisted in driving that nail so he could say he had built the deck himself “with a little student help.” One does wonder sometimes. 😆

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  2. Delightful start to the week! Have a Super One! Hugs! ❤
    I wonder what might 'turn up' in Trump Tower if searched…. 😉 and….
    You might need such a cane to challenge the pending new US Ambassador to Canada. 🤓🤓🤗🤗

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