An Immediate Crisis

Erik Hare of Barataria fame has hit the nail right on the head. No commetary from Filosofa … just read Erik’s post! Spot on and thanks, Erik! (Here, by the way, is an annotated transcript of the press conference to which Erik refers)

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

You realize weโ€™re less than one month into this circus, yes?

After a press conference today the problem at hand should be obvious to absolutely everyone โ€“ the President has a severe mental illness. Nothing else matters at this point. There will be many sentences written, many hours of panel discussions, and hundreds of facebook posts shared going around this simple and obvious fact. But like the vast majority of our politics, it will be irrelevant.

The only thing which matters at this time is the peril faced by the United States, and indeed the world, because so much power is in the hands of someone obviously not well.

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10 thoughts on “An Immediate Crisis

  1. Erik isn’t the first person to come to that conclusion nor to put it in writing.Those close to the Orange Man must be afraid for their positions if none have the courage to remove him on health grounds and replace him with the malignant and medically inept VP.
    Perhaps he would change a lot of the President’s advisers and appointments, depending of course on how much the DeVoss family contributed to his campaign would see whether education was still to suffer.
    xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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    • Ours is a tangled web indeed. I have never seen a press conference quite like that one, and hope hever to again! I do not like Pence, but at this point, he is beginning to look pretty good … I guess it’s all relative. Cwtch Mawr, dear David!

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