The wind is at our backs now, with red states leading the way

In the current administration, where we all fear that fossil fuel output, dangerous and destructive oil pipelines, and coal mining will return to their heyday, at a devastating cost to our environment, my blogger-friend Keith has positive news on renewable energy sources and their continuity in spite of Trump and Pruitt! Please take a few moments to read Keith’s post and drop him a comment to let him know you appreciate a bit of positive news! Thank you Keith, both for the post and the unspoken permission to share!


While our President is not a fan of wind energy (having unsuccessfully sued the Scottish government to stop an offshore development) and has made some climate change is a hoax comments, rather quietly, renewable energy continues to move up the charts. Solar energy is going like gangbusters with double-digit growth in production and jobs, but wind energy has surpassed hydro energy as the largest form of renewable energy in the US. What is interesting, most of the growth in wind energy is occurring rather quietly in mostly red states.

From an American Energy News article last week:

Texas has more than 20 MW of installed wind capacity, or nearly a quarter of the market. Iowa is the second-biggest wind state, and Oklahoma overtook California for third place at the end of 2016.

 The first offshore wind project in the United States also came online in the fourth quarter…

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9 thoughts on “The wind is at our backs now, with red states leading the way

  1. You’d think Trump would be shouting the achievements of the renewable energy lobby from the rooftops but I suppose that might suggest no need for fossil fuels at a time when he’s going to be selling off land for just that purpose.
    xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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    • Au contraire! Here are a few of his comments about wind & solar power: “They want everything to be wind and solar. Unfortunately, it’s not working on large-scale [False]. It’s just not working [False]. Solar is very, very expensive [False]. Wind is very, very expensive [False], and it only works when it’s windy [False]. Someone might need a little electricity — a lot of times, it’s the opposite season, actually. When they have it, that’s when you don’t need it. So wind is very problematic [False] and — I’m not saying I’m against those things. I’m for everything. I’m for everything.” Get the picture? Sigh. I’m trying to work a deal to trade him to Canada for a year, but so far no luck. Sigh. Cwtch Mawr!


      • Good response. He can lie and beat on his chest, but he cannot change the economics. The production costs are close to on par, but when the present value costs are factored in including acquisition, transport, environmental degradation, water opportunity cost, healthcare and maintenance and litigation, solar and wind are far more economical than coal and more economical than natural gas. Here is a key reason on coal – once burned it leaves piles of ash sites that exist for multiple decades; they leak into the water system and when a breach occurs, they overflow a water system, both causing litigation. It is the gift that keeps on giving, negatively. So, where would you want to invest your money, Mr. Trump?

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        • Agreed that he cannot change the economics … but … he can lie about them, and many will ignorantly believe whatever he tells them. That, I think, is the challenge that we must all face and overcome.


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