The Pointless Death of Srinivas Kuchibhotla

Their names are Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani.  Mr. Kuchibhotla is dead now, and Mr. Madasani is wounded.  51-year-old Adam W. Purinton, apparently did not like immigrants and believed it was his right, as a white male, to take their lives into his own hands.


Srinivas Kuchibhotla and wife, Sunayana Dumala

It started in a restaurant in Olathe, Kansas where Mr. Kuchibhotla and Mr. Madasani were enjoying an after work drink before heading home.  The two gentlemen, originally from India, were both educated in the U.S., and both were engineers, employed by Swiss communication device company, Garmin.  Nonetheless, Mr. Purinton took umbrage at their very presence, and started spouting ethnic slurs, finally telling them to “get out of my country.”  Mr. Madasani finally tired of the verbal abuse and went in search of the restaurant’s manager to lodge a complaint.  When he returned to his table, Purinton was being escorted out, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief, thinking the episode was over.



But a few minutes later, Purinton returned, gun in hand, and opened fire. When the gunshots stopped, another patron, Ian Grillot, thinking the shooter had run out of ammunition, came out to attempt to subdue him, and for his heroic efforts was rewarded with a gunshot to the chest and hand. Meanwhile, Mr. Kuchibhotla lay dying, and Mr. Madasani was receiving CPR.  Their only crime was that they were not WASPs.  Mr. Purinton’s crime, however is a hate crime … it is a crime against ALL of humanity just as surely as is any terrorist attack.

Had the tables been turned … had an immigrant from ANY country shot a white man … you can bet your last dollar that Donald Trump would have tweeted until he had blisters on his tiny fingers.  But on this?  Not a single twit nor tweet.  Silence.  Silencio.  Nada. Zip. In fact, the only response from the administration in Washington came from Sean Spicer who said that any loss of life is tragic but it would be absurd to link the action to Trump’s stance on immigrants. I do not think it is ‘absurd’ at all, and neither does the Indian government.

Purinton was arrested later that day at an Applebee’s restaurant in Clinton, Missouri, where he told the bartender, “I’m on the run; I’m hiding out from the law. I shot those guys, and that’s why I’m hiding out from the police.”  Not only white and with a sense of entitlement, but also incredibly stupid. Apparently known as the town drunk, a neighbor said, “We always wondered if he might hurt himself, but we didn’t think he would hurt someone else.” Purinton has reportedly been charged with murder in the first degree and remains in jail pending a $100,000 bond.

Mr. Kuchibhotla’s widow, Sunayana Dumala, said in a press conference yesterday, “I, especially, I was always concerned, are we doing the right thing of staying in the United States of America? But he always assured me that only good things happen to good people.” Welcome to Trump’s America. The Hindustan Times carries a full transcript of her touching speech in which she seeks answers and ponders moving back to India.

The Indian Embassy in the U.S. has called for a speedier investigation and asked to be kept abreast of the investigation. Investigators have stopped short of calling this a ‘hate crime’, but I ask … what else can it be?  And, since the FBI is involved in the investigation, it is obviously being considered a hate crime. Hate crimes have become so predominant since Trump’s election that the New York Times now devotes a weekly column, titled ‘This Week in Hate’, to report and track them. This, Mr. Trump, is your legacy — a legacy of hate and inhumanity.

So where is all that anger over this crime?  Where is all that self-righteous, ‘moral’ indignation?  Where are all those indignant people who would be foaming at the mouth, including the so-called leader of the nation?  The incident has been reported, though not widely commented on, and the White House remains silent.  People get more angry and vocal when it comes to who can use which restroom than they do the murder of a good man. A life is a life.  One is no more important than another, yet it would seem that to the politicians and a large portion of U.S. society, Mr. Kuchibhotla’s life was of lesser value … hardly worth mentioning.  Is this who we have become?  Is this the same nation who once valued its immigrant population?  I do not recognize it, and I am deeply ashamed of it.

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    This kind of bigotry and hatred stuns me. I just can’t understand how some people think they are so superior that they can take the life of another. How much fear do you have to have to kill someone just for being in the country you were born in? Hugs

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  4. Here are opinions from Outside:
    1. Whether they like it or not, no matter how they slice it and dice any politician who makes sweeping generalised inflammatory statements on Race, Creed or Religion which results in death; they have blood on their hands. They are the ones who cause the incitement.
    2. Each country has its history of this type of violence (The people of the British & Irish Isles were persecuting Jews, Flemings and anyone else they could think of back in times of ‘Merrie England’). It is one of the unpleasant sides of Humanity. A politician who claims to care for the country and democracy has a duty to ensure their views are put forth in a manner which does not give an excuse for these creatures to carry out their vile acts.
    3. In my (albeit very left authoritarian, State Control view), anyone who says or conducts an act of Hate Crime should be considered a terrorist and a threat to the stability of the community, thus given the full weight of the law, even for speaking like that (Yep! That’ll scare the horses- but I hold to the principal that to Earn Your Civil Rights you must demonstrate Your Civil Responsibilities)

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    • All excellent points, and well stated. I agree with you, and especially with the last sentence … people seem to forget that with any right comes an accompanying responsibility. When leaders forget that, we are headed for trouble, as they are expected to set an example.

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          • Quite. The ‘socialist’ label used to amuse me…. He would have fitted in the moderate wing of the UK Conservative Party quite nicely….or our Liberal Party….Might have been looked on with suspicion by the current trend of the Labour Party.
            Although I could see how the honest conservatives in the US might have seen him as ‘dangerously left-wing’. (not really guys) Whereas those who tied themselves up in knots trying to find excuses when all they wanted to say was ‘We don’t want one of ‘those’ people in the Whitehouse!’….(I kept saying “come guys just say it, you know you want to!”)

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            • Yes, I always believed that more than anything, the criticisms of him were based on bias because of race/skin colour. How else to explain why so many jumped on the bandwagon when Trump started the rumours that President O was not born in the U.S.? So many just fell for that one … and interestingly, some still believe it!

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              • Yes, in these days people do like to find a respectable reason for their racism.
                Now in the UK there is a long history of Anti-Semitism. After Oliver Cromwell said the Jews could come back to the uk (having been thrown out centuries earlier), we were all very British and just ‘snubby’ and ‘look down our noses’. After WWII we had a bucket of cold water in the face, things became sensible for a while.
                But, we soon forget…
                These days those on the Respectable Right compete with each other as to who is more horrified by the Antics of the ‘knuckle dragging right’.
                (Sarcasm warning……)
                On the Left it is so much easier. Folk can say they are quite horrified about the state of Israel but are not Anti-Semitic…oh golly-gosh no!….It’s just that ‘everyone’ knows that every British Jew supports the Israeli government or secretly funds The Conservative Party or are part of some secret cabal…
                Protocols of Zion anyone?
                Some folk seem hell-bent on making a case for the restoration of the old Absolute Monarchies (there must be dozens of pretenders to thrones about the place)


  5. Makes me sad, makes me mad … What goes on in people’s mind? Who do they think they are, deciding they can just take lives? The pure arrogance of it! … Too much testosterone!!! (Sorry to all nice guys out there … I don’t mean you…)

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    • I don’t know, my friend. Entitlement based on the colour of one’s skin, religion, gender, ethnicity … I do not understand any of it. But there sure seems to be a lot of it out there. Yes, it makes me sad and mad and frustrated because unless we understand it, how can we change it? And as re: testosterone … women are just as bad as men, but perhaps less likely to go around killing people … 🙂

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  6. Dear Jill,

    The plain truth is that hate crimes spiked soon after DT became president. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, In the days immediately following Mr Trump’s election, it recorded more than 1000 hate crimes. The group said that they would normally expect to see this kind of figure over a six month period.The report said that hate crimes have leveled off somewhat but levels are still higher than pre-Trump presidency.

    “We the people should be more worried about the possibility of experiencing harm being greater because of our president vs the refugees that he wants to ban.

    Hugs, Gronda


  7. I totally agree with you, this is horrible and the bail should be much higher. Though every population, including the white people who claim that this is their country have their extremists and people who deliberately disobey the law, the truth is that most people who come to this country just want to work hard and provide for their families.

    Hell, the Mexicans who are building our pool are doing a hell of a better job than the lazy Americans who are remodeling our bathroom. We’re about to fire them because they didn’t take an extra 5 minutes to ensure that the tile was level.

    I have been called an islamaphobe on Facebook when I posts of terrorism and it annoys me that the people who call me such a horrible epithet claim to be friends of mine. Perhaps those are the people that I should block, not because I want to censor their opinions because they have the freedom to call me whatever they like, just as I have the freedom to be incensed at the Ludacris nature of such unsubstantiated childish name calling.

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    • Yes, most come to this country to protect their families and try to earn a living to shelter and feed their loved ones. We had neighbors once … a group of Mexicans who worked 10-12 hours a day, then on payday sent everything they earned back home to help their families. Like any other group, there are always going to be a few bad apples, but you cannot judge an entire race by the actions of a few. Though I do not know you, based on your comments over the past year or so, and what I have read on your blog, I have never seen anything that indicated you to be an Islamaphobe! That is the problem with labels … we all use them, including moi, but we must be very careful when doing so … a single word or phrase, taken out of context, can alter our view of a person, often unfairly. I despise labels, and yet … I still use them. Why must we label people? I have lost a number of ‘friends’ in the past year and a half, mainly because they either blocked me for my liberal leanings, or because I couldn’t take what I saw as their inhumanity, their lack of compassion for those unlike themselves. This has been a most divisive time. I am not sure if it’s good that we are seeing people’s flaws, or if we were better off when ignorant. Sigh.


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    SMH! … ‘Their names are Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani. Mr. Kuchibhotla is dead now, and Mr. Madasani is wounded. 51-year-old Adam W. Purinton, apparently did not like immigrants and believed it was his right, as a white male, to take their lives into his own hands.’
    Welcome to the New America …

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    • Thank you for the re-blog! I wish I knew how to stop all this hate, but when it is perpetuated from the top elements of government, there seems to be not much we can do. We just keep fighting it, trying to make people think and be rational, to care about others. Sigh.

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      • I know. I know what it is to have darker skin. And it shouldn’t be a factor!! And, of course, Drumpf doesn’t say anything … in my mind, he’s responsible for this as if he himself had pulled that trigger!! Damn …


  10. Even if Trump wants immigrants out of the Country there’s absolutely no reason why he couldn’t speak to the Nation and ask that they wait for the lawful way to take place and to explain that some immigrants are fully legal so it would be very nice if people didn’t go round shooting them.
    What a perfect time it would be to bring up the subject of gun control again too.
    Sorry, the alarm will go off soon and I’ll wake up. This dream will end, trouble is the nightmare remains.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

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    • Yes, my friend, the nightmare remains. And I am fairly certain I will be taking up the topic of gun regulation again within the next week or two. It’s something I do periodically, and quite probably the single most controversial topic I have tackled … which is why I do it only occasionally … 🙂 Hugs!!!

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    • Well, unfortunately several. They actually could have charged him a few times during the campaign, for example when he told a group of supporters at a rally to beat somebody up, and said he would even pay the legal fees. But now the incitement is not so direct, and even if it were … who would charge him? The racist, homophobic Attorney General? The boot-lickers in Congress? So sadly, the answer to your question is that it is not going to happen.


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