My dear friend Senam, whom I call little bro and he calls me big sis, because we have that sort of a friendship, wrote a post today that spoke to me. It is a very short post, but has a depth that touched something deep inside. Senam is a young man in Ghana, just finishing his final year at university this year, but sometimes he is wise beyond his years, and this is one of those times. Please take a minute to read his post and think about his WORDS. Thank you, li’l bro, for a timely and thoughtful post, and for permission to re-blog.

Stuck In Perpetual Soliloquy

I have been thinking about words lately. About how much power they have: to empower or dishearten; spread happiness or despair; create or destroy.

I have also been thinking how often times, like a child who doesn’t know the difference between a knife and a piece of plastic toy, we wield our words carelessly especially at those closest to us, sometimes inflicting irreparable damage.

But what has most transfixed my thoughts is the paradox of words: at the most inopportune times, words either fail us or are not just enough. At those times, words are nothing more than wisps of smoke floating away in the wind, disappearing into nothingness.

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4 thoughts on “WORDS

  1. We all need to think about not just what we say but how we say it. Words are power and I’m not sure they ever turn into wisps of smoke that disappear because those same words may be repeated by someone else in a more meaningful way to enfold, caress, hug or just support you.Words can be leaned on, can give you belief in yourself can warn someone against harm or against causing harm. Words can ensure you know you are loved and this is their greatest power.
    xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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    • You are right in that they never quite just blow away, though sometimes we may wish we could set them afire. But words do have remarkable power and can be used to life someone up, or make them feel awful. I have been guilty of both, and though I try to choose my words carefully, I sometimes speak out of anger and regret it soon. As I keep telling people, the word once heard can never be unheard … though it may be forgiven, I know from experience it keeps replaying at times. Cwtch Mawr, my dear friend!

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