Ready for the Main Event?

Blogger-friend Erik Hare, writing as Barataria, has once again hit the nail on the head in his assessment of the Trump administration, and the Russian issue. Please take a moment to read his post …. then buy the popcorn! Thank you, Erik!

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

Before the circus came to town, it was Barataria’s position that we’d all be wise to ignore it as much as we possibly can. Obviously, we don’t heed our own advice.

Then again, things are happening which may point right at the heart of the problem – the flurry of Washingtoonia that actually winds up making a difference. In the great three ring circus of government it’s time to keep your eyes firmly on the center ring – and whether the supposedly tamed bear eats the Ringmaster.

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3 thoughts on “Ready for the Main Event?

  1. Where were y’all when Obummer was destroying this country from within? He is still actively involved in the destruction in all of our well being. What does one have to say about that? There has been numerous Demoncrats involved with the Ruskies in the past. What is the current excuse for this? Players will always be played for what it’s worth. .02


  2. I’m ready for the main event. I’m sitting here waiting but perhaps I’ve come on the wrong day as nothing is happening. Surely a lawyer like Sessions must know that recusing himself from any investigation isn’t enough when he’s been caught in a lie to Congress.Surely Trump can’t allow Sessions to carry on and make a mockery of the AG’s position.
    Are the clowns here yet?
    xxx Cwtch Mawr Cariad xxx

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    • I think Sessions is on his way out the door, which will leave one less clown … or perhaps not … I’m sure they will send in at least two more to replace him! 😀 But I have to tell you … any sentence that begins “Surely Trump can’t …” is doomed from the start! Trump seems to be able to do almost anything he pleases … for now. 🙂 Cwtch Mawr!!!

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