The Russians are not coming. They are already here.

In basic journalism or writing classes, we are taught the five ‘W’s: Where, When, Who, What, & Why. While all these are essential to a good story, the most relevant and interesting is almost always the last one … WHY? Fellow-blogger Eric Hols, writing as Middle Man, has written an excellent post posing the ‘why’ question to the Russian connections we have all been avidly following in the news for weeks now, and I think he did a nice job summing up that all important question: WHY? Please take a few moments to read his post … it will give you some food for thought! Thank you, Eric, for permission to re-blog.

Middle Man


I know some of you may be weary of the drip drip drip of political posts from your friendly neighborhood Middle Man. But this business with the Russians is deeply concerning and goes beyond politics for me.  I have made a few simple observations and asked a few reasonable, serious questions that deserve answers and quickly.

1.) The Russians have been confirmed to have interfered in our election for the benefit of Trump. There is no evidence that this interference affected the outcome of the election, but that is beside the point.  They wanted Trump.  Why?  This is not new for Putin and Russia. They have done this before in other European countries, always with the intent to have a candidate elected who is sympathetic to Putin’s agenda, which is to strengthen Russia’s global influence.  Does anyone really believe Russia did not attempt the same thing here?

2.) There are…

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9 thoughts on “The Russians are not coming. They are already here.

  1. This is a very intelligent and interesting post. And once more I find myself drawn into the narrative. Whereas a lot of the themes are (in very long term history) ‘nothing new’ in Europe the implications within a US context are far more serious; adding another layer of strain to an already tension ridden circumstance.

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  2. Perfectly reasonable questions requiring clear answers. I’m sure quite a few senators would like to know why Jeff Sessions thought he could get away with lying to them and why he thinks that just recusing himself from any investigation into Russian hacking is enough of a price to pay.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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