♫ It’s The Most Wonderful Day Of The Week ♪

monday-coffee-starbucksWAIT … MONDAY AGAIN ALREADY???  Did not we just have Monday a few days ago?  Ah well, I needed to come up out of the rabbit hole for a breath of fresh air anyway, so let us all grab a nice steamy cup of java and see if we can find something to chuckle about!

London’s Heathrow Airport has been especially busy this week … with critter issues!  Two stories crossed my path today about critters causing consternation among the Brits at Heathrow:


First there was the mouse that grounded an airplane.  A British Airways flight to San Francisco was grounded for around four hours after the plane’s crew announced there was a mouse on board. Now why this was such a huge problem, I don’t understand, but apparently it is against regulations to fly with a mouse on board.  All passengers were forced to leave the plane while authorities (presumably) captured the mouse.  The passengers, though no doubt not particularly happy, had some fun tweeting and twitting about it:

  • “Just had my flight to SFO cancelled because of a mouse on board the plane. Could it not get a visa??”
  • “I’m going to sell this to the movies. It can be the slightly more pedestrian prequel to snakes on a plane. Maybe this is what lured them on?”

And this Facebook post …


Then the very next day came the tale of some 600,000 eels.  Yes, eels.  You know … slimy snake-like critters that slither around, mostly minding their own business until some hungry dude decides to eat one of them in his sushi.  An unnamed 64-year-old man was caught trying to smuggle the eels through Heathrow from Spain to Hong Kong, where, presumably he had a buyer.  The eels were considered to be worth some £1.2 million ($1.48 million USD).  While considered an Asian delicacy, the European Union has a ban on the export of glass eels, since their numbers have dropped by 90% in recent years, and they are considered an endangered species.  The man was arrested, and is out on bail pending an August trial, while the eels were sent back to Spain, from whence they came.  No word on whether there was any trauma or injury to the poor little eels.

Now, I never owned a wedding dress … the one time I got married, we met at the Justice of the Peace office during our respective lunch breaks, so I was in a business suit, and he was in jeans.  Perhaps that does not make me the best judge of what a ‘real’ wedding or wedding dress should be.  But … I really always thought something silky, with long lace sleeves might be nice.  However, Diane Nguyen had other ideas.  Perhaps it was always her dream to get married in a Taco Bell wearing a wedding dress made of … burrito wrappers!


Apparently Taco Bell was running a contest called ‘Love & Tacos’. On Valentine’s Day Taco Bell announced the chain will hold weddings at its Las Vegas Strip Cantina location and offered one lucky couple the chance to compete for a free trip to be the first couple married at the restaurant. The prize includes airfare for six to Las Vegas, a room at the Planet Hollywood hotel, a catered dinner at the Cantina, professional wedding photography and videography and various Taco Bell branded wedding extras. To enter, all you have to do is upload a photo or 30-second video to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #LoveAndTacosContest that explains how Taco Bell figures into your love story. The contest ended on Feb. 26 and the winner will be announced on March 16.


No word yet, of course, on whether Ms. Nguyen is the winner, and since I have not see the other entries, I cannot say, but I certainly cannot imagine an entry any more original than hers!  Best of luck, Ms. Nguyen!  Even those who do not win can get married at the Taco Bell Chapel for just $600!  A bargain … I guess …


A person really ought to clean their car more than once a year.  I said the same to my daughter today when I tried to use 3 separate bottles of hand sanitizer in her car, and all three turned out to be empty.  But an Australian man surely learned this lesson when cleaning out his car, he discovered a winning lottery ticket … that was 414 days old!!!  The drawing, held on 09 January 2016, yielded four winners, one of which was this unnamed man from Newcastle.  The man was lucky that in Australia, lottery tickets don’t expire as quickly as they do in some other places, and he was able to cash in his ticket for $1,020,496.38 — or $781,108.34 in U.S. dollars.  Euromillions tickets expire after 180 days, and in the U.S., some Powerball tickets expire as early as 90 days, but in Australia they are considered valid for up to 18 months.

In a similar story, an Oregon man in the U.S. found a lottery ticket he had purchased in January 2016 while cleaning his home office this January, found it to be a winning ticket to the tune of $1 million, and had just 8 days left until it expired!  Needless to say, he wasted no time getting to the lottery office the next morning!

Let this be a lesson, folks … clean stuff!  Else make a place for your lottery tickets and check them weekly.  I haven’t bought a ticket for years, but when I did, I always stuck them on the side of the refrigerator using a refrigerator magnet so I wouldn’t lose them. Can you imagine finding an old ticket, a winning million-dollar ticket, only to find it expired the day before!

Judith Armstrong of Madison County, Georgia, is a vegan.  That means she does not eat animals or byproducts of animals, such as eggs, milk, butter.  All well and fine, to each his own, but she got a bit carried away last month when she saw a truck loaded with live chickens, and she rammed the truck with her car.  Not a bright thing to do, but then she rammed the truck yet again!  And then she left the scene.


The driver of the truck contacted police, described the car, and as luck would have it, the front license plate had fallen off the car, so police were easily able to locate Ms. Armstrong.  But … she refused to let them into her home, and speaking to them through a window told them she crashed into the truck because she is a vegan.  Eventually she was arrested and now faces charges for hit and run, aggressive driving, driving under the influence, and obstruction.  Happily, I am able to report that not a single one of the chickens was injured.  But … they were on their way to the “processing plant”, so … 😥

Monday-smile.pngAnd that’s a wrap for this Monday morning, dear friends!  Yes, sadly it is time for you to go do whatever it is you do on Mondays.  But take heart … another weekend is just around the corner, and … in exactly two weeks, it will be the official start of SPRING!!! Oh yes … one last thing … I challenge you to spread as many smiles today as you can.  Smile at the lady at the drive-thru, smile at your co-workers, even smile at your boss!  Either you will make them feel a bit better, or they will think you’ve lost your mind … either way, it’s all good!  Have a safe and smiley day!

'Actually, the guy I was chasing got away. But thanks for pulling over - you're better than nothing.'










"When I yell 'CLEAR' that doesn't mean you."




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