What Does Putin Want?

Warfare has taken on many personae throughout history, from the spears, shields and swords used in ancient Greece and Rome to the hydrogen bomb used by the U.S. to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II. More recently, the world has seen the ‘new and improved’ version of nuclear weapons, though thankfully they have not been used to eradicate cities or nations … yet. But it may well be that nuclear weapons are not needed to wreak havoc and cause mass destruction. Perhaps all that is needed is … a computer? Today I am sharing a comprehensive post by fellow-blogger and friend, Robert Goldstein who has done a great deal of research and his post deserves … nay, NEEDS … to be read and pondered by us all. Please take a few moments to check out his post, and also some of his links. If you have been following the news about the Russian government hacking the DNC in order to manipulate our elections, you will find this post chilling. Thank you, Robert, for the hard work you put into this, and for generously permitting me to share it!

Art by Rob Goldstein

I assume Putin has strategic goals and chooses his weapons wisely.

I wanted a logical explanation for why Putin would choose
Information as a weapon of war.

I ran a search on Google and found the 2016 NATO Defense
College Handbook of Russian Information Warfare

It is exactly what I wanted.

After I read it I fully understood what the CIA means when it says
Russia hacked
the 2016 US election.

I also understood why some in the Intelligence Community
call it an act of war.

The most disturbing analyses in the handbook is the one that explains
why Putin chooses the media as his new battleground.

A page from the 2016 NATO Defense College Handbook of Russian Information Warfare A page from the 2016 NATO Defense College Handbook of Russian Information Warfare

The attack is protracted and subtle.

People don’t realize they’re under attack until it’s too late.

A page from the 2016 NATO Defense College Handbook of Russian Information Warfare A page from the 2016 NATO Defense College Handbook of Russian Information…

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8 thoughts on “What Does Putin Want?

  1. Thanks for another interesting share Jill.
    And once more I’ve been inclined to add my British perspective to the post.
    I’ve been recently reading a history of the Czars and an amount of Late Middle Ages European history; it’s surprising the number of resonances.
    And meanwhile we….ah well…we had out time on the historical stage, it is now for us to bow out. (Once upon a time both Sweden and Poland were powerful states on the Baltic & Mid-European stages)

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  2. Most informative…..Yes! One cannot expect Russia…or any other major country in the World to lie down and accept what it perceives to be a threat to its security/sphere of influence. Balance of Power is essential for overall world security. Hugs!

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  3. Of course it may be that Putin is destabilising the US so they won’t be able
    ( or with Trump just won’t) to come to the aid of Europe as Russian troops on the borders with Europe make their move. Russia never liked losing it’s satellite states and would like them back.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    • Agreed, my friend. I have long believed that Putin’s ultimate goal was to re-establish a Soviet-style empire once again, and I have not changed my thoughts on that, especially in light of recent events. I have deep concerns, which I have not yet written about, regarding what happens to our European allies in the event of a Trump-Putin alliance. It is a topic that, like a spider’s web, has so many twists and turns that I am unable to view the full picture. But I will always love my Welsh friend! I am so tired of the global scene these days … I am ashamed, some days, to wake up and call myself an American. Sigh. 😥 Many big hugs, dear David.

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