Survival Guide: Keeping Your Sanity Intact

A month or so ago, a new reader somehow came upon my blog, and has since become not only a regular reader, but also a friend. In addition to being knowledgeable on most any topic and having a unique sense of humour, he has a positive outlook, and that is what made me decide to share this post on my blog tonight. I found this post to be calming in the midst of the storms surrounding us all these days. Please take a few minutes to read this post by Roger, writing as heroicallybadwriter (although he is actually a quite good writer!) And thank you, Roger, for the implied permission to re-blog!


As we know in this day and age in the light of events recent and not so-recent you cannot help but wonder…..’WHAAAAAAAAT!’

Now I know most readers will think I’m going down the road of the USA Presidential Elections or the UK British Brexit referendum, which would be rational, however they are but two examples.

Let me just cite a few in my recent experience both personal and witnessed.

The ‘religious forum’ I gave up on. The fundamentalist atheist who argued I had no business believing in science and a God and had a closed mind for doing so (no kidding…It’s E=MC2 or nothing in his world)

The british comic who in his temper-tantrum (no satire, just a foul-mouthed tirade) over the US elections (his followers thought he was being witty) ranted “Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not against Americans. I like overweight mass-killers as much as anyone” (The…

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