A Family Affair???


kellyanne-george-3Guess who Trump has chosen to head the civil division of the Justice Department???  Never mind … my readers are all sensible people who would never in a million years … well anyway … it is none other than the husband of Miss-Alternative-Facts-Camera-In-The-Microwave Kellyanne Conway!  None other than George T. Conway III, a man of whom we mostly know little or nothing, as he has been overshadowed by his other half for the past year.

Mr. Conway, 53, would lead a department of about 1,000 lawyers that has vast reach across the government, handling issues like national security and consumer protection and enforcing federal programs and the actions of the president himself. If confirmed, Conway would immediately be in charge of representing Trump in the legal challenges over his travel ban.  It would also fall to Mr. Conway to oversee Trump’s defense in a pending lawsuit charging him with violations of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, which bans federal officeholders from accepting gifts or payments from foreign governments because of the profits his hotels and resorts receive from foreign officials who are customers. Mr. Conway will most assuredly have his work cut out for him!

Conway is currently a partner at the New York City firm of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, specializing in securities, contract and antitrust litigation, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

kellyanne-george-2While there is a law against nepotism in government, it would not affect the Conways. It says that no public official can hire a family member — including one related by marriage — to serve in an agency or office over which he or she has authority. Ms. Conway would have no direct authority over her husband were he to be confirmed, nor would the reverse be true.  Maybe there would be no conflicts of interest on the job, but can you imagine what this could do to their home life?

A quick bit of history about George.  He was involved in Paula Jones’ lawsuit against Bill Clinton in 1994, and has participated in other prominent lawsuits, including tobacco industry cases, however he has only argued one case before the U.S. Supreme Court. He is a supporter of taking voting rights away from felons, and is a member of the ultra-conservative Federalist Society.

dodoThe real question in my mind is this:  Is he as big an idiot as his wife?  I think the answer is he must be, as he, a) married her, and b) has stayed married to her for 16 years!  I wonder if she uses ‘alternative facts’ at home:  “Yes dear, I cooked supper.  Well, I did not mean I actually cooked supper, but more like there is peanut butter and jelly in the cupboard.” It should be quite interesting to see how he spins ‘alternative facts’ in defense of his new boss.  In the words of Alice … it just gets ‘curiouser and curiouser’.

41 thoughts on “A Family Affair???

  1. Oh dear, oh dear … Let us just hope he is NOT as stupid as his wife … I am not sure how much more stupidity I can bear these days … there is too much of it when I open my newspaper already.

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  2. Nepotism at least in spirit. Mr. Conway may be competent, I don’t know. But if Trump surrounds himself with people based on favors, instead of competence, it will eventually blow up in his face. Repeatedly. Perhaps that’s already occurred. Repeatedly.

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    • Thank you for the reblog!!! Yes, from what I read, his hatred of Clinton went far beyond just the Paula Jones case. You’ve heard the expression “politics makes strange bedfellows”? In this case, I think the reverse is true! 😀 Thanks again!

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    • Yes, and despite this relationship not crossing the border on the nepotism rule … Kellyanne is sooner or later going to cross the line of embarrassment and he will want to cut her loose … then what happens to his legal defender? Such a tangled web he is weaving here!


  3. “has stayed married to her for 16 years”……’Q’ …’Love is a many splendid thing!’ etc.
    My dear wife used to ask the same question in reverse about Samantha Cameron…along the lines of ‘But she’s so gifted and intelligent…. Why marry David Cameron!’
    But let’s not be too hasty, anyone can make a mistake (or a massacre of the truth for that matter…but gee that business has spoilt of my listening of the Everley Bros. song ‘Bowling Green’)

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