Tears of Sorrow …

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 2:40 p.m. London time, a man driving a sport utility vehicle crushed panicked pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and then stabbed and killed a police officer outside Parliament. These are the facts that are verified as of this writing: At least five people were killed, including the attacker and a police officer, and 40 were wounded, according to the head of London’s Metropolitan Police counterterrorism unit. After the crash, the driver left the vehicle and approached Parliament, where he fatally stabbed a police officer. The police then fatally shot him. Parliament was locked down and a search was conducted for any other assailants in the area. The police said they believed there was only one attacker. Three people who were run over on the bridge died, and the Port of London Authority said another woman was pulled from the River Thames with severe injuries. The police officer who was killled, Keith Palmer, 48, had 15 years of service and was a member of the parliamentary and diplomatic protection division of the Metropolitan Police. Others injured on the bridge included three police officers and several French high school students.

Although the police are operating under the assumption that the incident was motivated by international terrorism, the motives are not yet known, and the identity of the attacker, as of this writing, has not been released. I hesitated to even write about this event at this time, because I have learned over the years that whatever ‘news’ is reported in the first 18-24 hours after a major event is usually not accurate.  However, given that a number of regular readers of this blog live in some part of the UK, I felt I needed to at least let them know that I am thinking of them and that my heart goes out to all.  These are scary times, and this is heart-breaking.  Hugs to Jack, Mary, and Bushka in England, Roger and David in Wales, and all who live in the UK.  I am thinking of you tonight.

I am not alone in sending my condolences.  Most world leaders have weighed in with thoughts, prayers and compassion:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her thoughts were “with our British friends and all of the people of London. I want to say for Germany and its citizens: we stand firmly and resolutely by Great Britain’s side in the fight against all forms of terrorism.”

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said, “Today marks one year since the people of Brussels and Belgium suffered a similar pain and felt the support of your sympathy and solidarity.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement that it was an “attack on democracies around the world” and Canadians stood “united with the British people in the fight against terrorism”.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said it was an “attack on parliaments, freedom and democracy everywhere” and offered his support and solidarity to the British government.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said: “Horrible images from London. The very heart of the city has been struck. Our thoughts are with the British people.”

Even Donald Trump reportedly behaved himself, calling Prime Minister Theresa May to offer his condolences and to praise the effective response of UK security services. He pledged the “full co-operation and support” of the US government in bringing those responsible for the attack to justice.

There was one, however, who could not hold his tongue.  Donald Trump Junior apparently inherited his father’s unbridled tongue and he chose this time to criticize London Mayor Sadiq Khan in a tweet:

“You have to be kidding me?!: Terror attacks are part of living in big city, says London Mayor Sadiq Khan.”  Junior was referencing, out of context, comments from a September article in The Independent, but again, he lacked context and an understanding of the entire article, and his tweet was offensive and inappropriate, to say the least.

I apologize to my friends across the pond for the idiocy of the horse’s patoot.  Again, heartfelt thoughts and hugs to my friends.


20 thoughts on “Tears of Sorrow …

  1. Dear Jill,

    This is such a frightening event. Nothing short of a miracle could have prevented a sick man like this from doing harm with virtually no warning.

    The Brits must still be in shock as a reaction to all of this devastation. But as usual there are examples of good, courageous and brave peoples who stand in the breach of horror and evil to render help.

    We morn with our brothers and sisters across the pond.

    Hugs, Gronda.

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  2. Thanks so much Jill.
    Seems as if a cross between Dunkirk and Blitz has arisen and people are not giving in. Much is being spoken of by all manner of responsible folk to let the professionals get on with the job of fighting the terrorists and to leave communities alone.
    Apparently some ‘expert’ on Fox News said London was on lock-down and in response was getting a load of ‘disagreement’ from Londoners http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/39365449/people-mock-fox-news-claim-that-terror-attack-shut-down-city

    I would call Donald Jr’s comments moronic, but folk would only accuse me of flattery.

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    • Sigh. My dear friend, I cannot begin to understand why people act or speak as they do. It seems to me that, under these circumstances, the less said, at least until all the facts are known, the better. As one who lost someone dear on 9/11, I remember how much a heartfelt condolence can mean, and how hurtful other words can be. Just a simple, “my thoughts are with you ” suffice, but so few realize that. Hugs, dear Roger.

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  3. This was a truly sad event. And what did we see from Tweeting Trump all day, radio silence. He finally tweeted that he spoke to the UK Prime Minister and that she was very strong. (Everyone is compared to him). No words for the victims. He continues to be a callous jerk.

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  4. You’re lovely, Jill, thanks for this. Good people everywhere feel the pain of others. When a friend is down is not the time to kick him or her and I am glad someone has restrained Donald Sr thus far, or perhaps, after all, he has a humane soul beneath the bluster.
    I admit to being angry that after the sadness, shock and horror came the unbidden thought – ‘oh no, what will Donald Trump do with this?’ A sad sign of how the world has become.
    Thanks, again, from the little island across the pond. We feel your sorrow too. Mx

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    • You are right … when a friend is down is not the time to kick him, and those that do so are not very good friends! In my opinion, as one who lost someone dear on 9/11, I find that the less said, the better. A simple … I love you, my heart is with you, I’m thinking of you … that is all that is needed. And for you … all of the above … even tonight I have tears on the surface as I think about this terrible tragedy and my friends across the pond. Hugs, sweet friend. ❤


  5. Your kindness is much appreciated as is that of everyone who sent messages of support. Terrorism won’t win. I just hope the ‘usual suspects’ are not set upon by the idiot element who find this a perfect excuse to attack immigrants. I stand firmly with those of any hue who support peace.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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