Encourage a No vote on the AHCA

As Trump is is bullying and threatening our elected Representatives in the House, demanding a vote be taken today on his terrible healthcare plan, it appears there will not be sufficient votes to pass it. Fellow-blogger Keith has drafted an excellent, short piece that he posted to his representative’s website today, and I recommend that anyone who wishes to “just say ‘no'” to this bill use it as a guideline to send a message to your own representative! Thank you, Keith!


The following is an email posted to my US Representative’s website today.

As a retired benefits actuary, consultant and manager, I encourage you to vote no on the AHCA vote today. The CBO says the modifications made do not alter the expectation that over ten million people will lose coverage. Plus, two hospital groups, two Doctor groups and the AARP have all recommended a no vote.

As a benefits professional, my strong recommendation is to improve the imperfect ACA. It is disappointing that my former party has highlighted the negatives of the ACA, while downplaying the many positives.

I would recommend the ACA be improved with a few changes:
– fully fund the risk corridors to reimburse insurers for adverse selection, the absence of which drove premiums up and forced some insurers out of the market,
– introduce a public option in areas that have no competition,
– encourage the…

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16 thoughts on “Encourage a No vote on the AHCA

  1. Apparently the President ‘blamed’ the democrats….
    Well, umm…Mr President, looking at Democracy 101; that’s the way it kinda works, y’see that’s why they are in …Opposition…. well…gee…why they don’t agree with you.
    Lesson 1, as it were.

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    • I guess I need to do some research on that. I have heard several say that it is not working well in the UK and also in Australia, though I have not heard much about Canada’s universal healthcare. What is the main complaint?


      • Jill, many thanks. National health insurance is in place in most every major western country. Like any major effort, nothing is perfect and the imperfections are highlighted. Here, Medicare works reasonably well and is national health insurance coverage for the retired and disabled people. Medicaid is complex and works better in some states than others, but can be burdensome, even when it works well. If you talk to a doctor or pharmacist, they hate Medicaid. Yet, if you talk to someone in need, Medicaid is a Godsend. I am sure other countries have headaches as well.

        Thanks, Keith

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